How to Shop for Rugs in 2021

How to Shop for Rugs in 2021

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Mar 25th 2021

You stepped in 2021 with hope! Things will return to normal, life will become better and healthier, so on and so forth, there are many. Everything starts from you and the fundamental institution of life, i.e., home. A positive ambiance instills a positive attitude in life. You might have been told this many a time. A positive attitude makes you more responsible. If you are looking for rugs to add to that positivity, here are tips to make the right as well as responsible choice.

Choose Pantone Color of 2021

Colors have a deep association with our psychology. Though rugs lie on the floor you can’t overlook their presence once you step inside. Nothing could be the better choice than Pantone colors of 2021 - illuminating (bright yellow hue) and ultimate gray colors. Both evoke hope and optimism after the tumultuous year. Bright yellow is a reflection of hope that comes out of the cloud (difficult time). Shop for rugs containing the right colors and bring energy and motivation to move forward bravely.

Do Your Bit for the Environment

Be the change you want to be. The great leader who proved it right with his inspiring journey doesn’t need any introduction. We can’t imagine our existence without this environment, so it’s better to act now than wait for others. Shop for rugs that are made out of eco-friendly materials like seagrass, jute, sisal, etc., and help in reducing the carbon footprints and non-biodegradable wastes. Remember, you are the best role model for your kids!

Mind the Surroundings

Coordination is the key to a happy life. The texture or color of the four walls, ceiling, and furnishing items placed inside, and draperies covering the windows contribute to the aesthetics of your home or office, and so will the rugs that you are going to buy. There must be coordination amidst all. Each of the components must complement the rest. This coordination elevates the elegance quotient further. Shop for rugs that fill the gap naturally. Natural Area Rugs has a vast collection of carpet rolls to meet your needs.

Check Fabric Quality

The raw materials used in the rugs define the experience you get from the rugs. Sisal, seagrass, treads, and jute – nature has awarded each plant with distinct properties. Their leaves, roots, and in some cases their whole body contributes to the making of rugs. Take note of the components and their properties when shopping for rugs. They should not just add to the beauty but also provide comfort to your feet and protection to your floor.

Return Policy

What if a shipped rug has some defects, it’s a wrong product or it simply doesn’t meet your expectations? Read the return policy in detail to know your rights as well as responsibilities. We want you to love your Natural Area Rugs offer a 30-day RISK AND HASSLE-FREE RETURN policy. It’s a no-questions-asked type of policy. You have to fill up a return request form and submit it online.

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