How to Keep an Area Rug From Bunching Up on Carpet

How to Keep an Area Rug From Bunching Up on Carpet

Posted by Natural Area Rug on Jun 4th 2020

The right rug can impart style, texture, and a visually appealing element to a room. But when it bunches up and folds in irregular places, the look is less than desirable.

In this article, we’re sharing a quick and easy fix to this annoying problem. Here’s how to keep an area rug from bunching up on carpet.

3 Reasons to Use a Rug Pad to Prevent Rug Bunching

One of the simplest ways to solve the problem of rug bunching is to purchase a non-slip rug pad. These durable pads go underneath your area rug and prevent it from folding and bunching up in certain areas. Here are some of the key benefits of slipping a rug pad beneath your area rug.

They Shield Your Carpet From Damage

Rug pads provide a layer of protection between an area rug and the carpet it rests on top of. If you have a vibrant rug and a light-colored carpet, the possibility of color transfer from the rug arises. The addition of the rug pad mitigates the risk of color transfer.

Another potential issue is the transfer of stains from the rug that could sink into the carpet. This issue depends on how absorbent the rug material is. If spills or stains do occur, a rug pad protects the underlying carpet from exposure.

They Keep Your Rug in Place

When discussing how to keep an area rug from bunching up on carpet, rug pads are a prime solution.

Getting rid of bunches reduces the likelihood of someone tripping and falling over the uneven floor. It also simplifies the cleaning process. For instance, if your rug constantly bunches up as you vacuum it, it’s difficult to ensure it is fully cleaned. Furthermore, a smooth, even rug is much more visually appealing than a wrinkled one.

They Increase the Longevity of Your Floor

It might surprise you, but a rug pad can help to preserve the carpet beneath it because the rug pad provides a buffer between the rug and carpet. As people step on the rug, the pad absorbs some pressure, so the carpet beneath springs back up more quickly.

Additionally, the fabric of a rug pad allows for airflow between the carpet and rug, which prevents mold or bacteria from growing. So, rug pads are also a healthy choice.

What Type of Rug Pad Works Best?

Much like rugs, rug pads come in a variety of different sizes and materials. When it comes to selecting the ideal rug pad, keep in mind that not all rug pads are suitable for carpet.

Felt rug pads tend to work best on carpet. The fibers attach to those in the carpet to keep the rug in place. When shopping for rug pads, search for rug pads that indicate they are designed for hard surfaces, like hardwood or tile floors. Most felt rug pads indicate that they are designed for carpet.

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