How to Design Sophisticated interiors With Sisal Rugs

How to Design Sophisticated interiors With Sisal Rugs

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Nov 11th 2019

If you are looking to add some class in your home, an area rug might be one way of doing so. At Natural Area Rugs, we are one of America’s leading natural flooring distributors, and we import only natural materials for our top-quality rugs. We have a vast selection of both traditional and unique colors, designs, and styles. We use traditional rug-making methods that produce sophisticated and high-quality products for our customers. One way you can bring this into your home is by using sisal rugs. We are your source for custom sisal rugs, and our products will give your interior a certain level of sophistication. It will add to your décor, as well as enhance your flooring and wall colors.

How To Design Sophisticated Interiors With Sisal Rugs

Practical and Stylish

If you have wood flooring in your home, a circular sisal rug under a dining room table will keep your floors intact, and protects it from stains. These rugs also complement fully carpeted rooms. In addition, our natural sisal rugs are handcrafted by our artisan rug makers, and have a surged cotton border with a non-slip latex backing. It is made from some of the finest materials and it is Earth-friendly. It will add a warm and inviting feeling to any home, and give any room a stylish and contemporary look. 

Back to nature

Sisal is a fiber that is derived from cactus-like plants in China, Brazil and Africa. We use only premium sisal, which is known to prevent dust and static. These fibers can be combined with wool fibers to make a beautiful sisal wool rug. This a great natural option which will create rugs that resist stains, is non-flammable, and that are suitable for high traffic areas in your home. If you have toddlers or pets in your home; having spills or accidents are inevitable. Therefore, these rugs can help you prepare for these situations.

Moreover, these types of rugs are environmentally-friendly, and are available in stylish weaves and color choices. Our custom sisal rugs are made with only the purest, high-quality sisal and are available at everyday low prices. 

Sisal rugs are a practical and affordable flooring choice not only for homes, but for offices as well. We offer fine textures and colors that will give your home or office some class. Our custom-border sisal rugs augment the color of your room, and will make your flooring stand out. Furthermore, our pre-made borderless or self-edge finished sisal rugs will give your room a heightened level of simplicity and elegance.


If you decide to move or upgrade, sisal rugs are easy to move and easy to change if you are wanting to coordinate with a new room. These area rugs are an efficient way to dress up areas in any large room. If you decide on two sisal rugs, you can choose different styles which will create one room into two different seating areas.

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