How To Clean A Sisal Rug

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Dec 31st 2015

Over the past years, an increasing number of consumers are choosing natural materials in their interior decorating. Wall-to-wall carpeting made from synthetic fibers used to be popular, but that is no longer true. People now prefer a more natural floor covering, and sisal rugs are a popular choice.

What Is Sisal?

Sisal is a fiber that comes from the agave plant. The fiber is strong and durable. It is stretchable and resilient. It is used traditionally to make rope and twine for the farm and marine industries because the fiber does not deteriorate with constant exposure to salt water. Because sisal is practical and attractive, it is being used more and more in consumer applications.

The Popularity Of Sisal Rugs

People like sisal rugs for a number of reasons. Sisal offers advantages that synthetic rugs are often not able to provide.

Sisal rugs support a healthier home. Synthetic carpets are thick and can trap allergens that are hard to remove. This can cause health problems for people with allergies. In addition, synthetic fibers often contain chemicals that further exacerbate these allergies. Sisal rugs are free of chemicals. They are thinner but stronger. That means fewer allergens will get trapped within the fibers. People who are allergic to synthetic rugs often do not have a problem with sisal rugs.

Sisal rugs are made from a renewable and sustainable material. Synthetic carpets are made from petroleum byproducts, and petroleum is not a renewable resource. Sisal is also completely biodegradable. Therefore, it is much better for the environment.

Among rugs made from natural plant fiber, sisal is one of the toughest. It is naturally resistant to moths, bacteria and rot. It has a long life, so it is a better value for your money.

Sisal has a lovely natural color that can complement a broad range of interior styles. In addition, the fiber also takes dye very well. Sisal can be bleached or dyed to any color beautifully, which makes it extremely versatile in matching the color theme of any home.

Care And Maintenance Of Your Sisal Rug

Sisal is very easy to clean and maintain. Because the fibers are coarse, dirt does not cling to it like how it would stick to thin synthetic fibers.

Vacuuming is the best way to keep your sisal rug looking clean and to extend its life. Dirt and debris tend to just rest loosely on the rug's surface. Therefore, all it takes is a few passes of the vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment to vacuum the dirt off of the rug.

Spot Cleaning Your Rug

If you spill a liquid on your sisal rug, you must tend to the spill immediately. Any solid material will need to be scraped up with a dull knife or spatula. Use an absorbent white cloth to blot the spill. Avoid using a rubbing motion because that will work the stain deeper into the rug and make it even more difficult to clean. Rubbing will also spread the wet stain to the adjacent areas. Therefore, it is best just to blot and lift as much of the liquid as possible.

If the stain was caused by tomato sauce or red wine, dampen a white cloth with club soda, and dab the stain. This will neutralize the stain and make it easier to clean. Allow the rug to dry.

If the stain is still visible after the above methods, you can blot the stain with a cloth that is dampen with a little bit of mild soap. Then, rinse off the soapy solution by blotting with a cloth dampen with clear water. Avoid getting the rug too wet. Finally, blot the area with a dry towel to pick up any remaining moisture. If necessary, dry the rug with a fan or hair dryer.

You can also find carpet cleaners that are specially formulated to spot clean sisal rugs. Do not use any other type of carpet cleaner because the detergents might not be compatible with sisal.

If you feel your sisal rug requires an overall cleaning beyond basic vacuuming, use a dry cleaning process. You should never steam clean or use a wet shampoo on your rug because that will saturate your rug with too much water and increase the risk of shrinkage. Excessive water can also distort the shape of the rug. If you plan to hire a professional rug cleaning service, make sure that the crew is experienced in cleaning sisal rugs.

Sisal rugs do not follow any fads. They are versatile and timeless. They have an organic beauty that cannot be replicated artificially. With regular maintenance and proper care, sisal rugs will retain their beauty for many years of enjoyment.

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