How to Clean a Jute Rug

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Dec 31st 2015

Jute is a very popular choice for area rugs and floor coverings because it is more durable than cotton but is still very soft. Rugs made from jute are sturdy and can stand up to wear and tear. They are also frequently woven thick, which creates a cushiony feel when you step on them. Another great thing about jute rugs is that they are eco–friendly; they are made of a material that is 100 percent biodegradable and is highly sustainable since jute plants grow very quickly.

Make Your Rug Last With Regular Vacuuming

One of the many advantages of jute rugs is that they are good at hiding dirt because dirt normally gets trapped in the weave of the rug. It is tempting to think that means the rug doesn't need attention, but these rugs need to be vacuumed regularly. It is recommended that you vacuum a jute rug at least once a week, although twice a week is best.

Using a strong brush-suction vacuum is the best way to ensure that all dirt and soil is pulled out of the rug's fibers and weave. You'll need to vacuum from several different directions and make multiple passes over the same area. However, be careful not to have your vacuum sit on top of an area where the rug is bound, such as along the side of the rug. You should also vacuum in the direction that the rug is bound so you don't pull up or undo the binding.

What To Use And What To Avoid

While regular vacuuming is a must, you should never shampoo or steam clean a jute rug. Jute is very absorbent, so liquid can make the rug shrink or pucker. Additionally, water may cause jute to discolor. If the rug is dyed, it may cause color to fade, and if the rug is uncolored, it may turn it yellow or brown.

It is so important that jute rugs are kept away from water that you are not even supposed to keep them in areas that have high humidity. If something spills on the rug, you should blot it immediately. Be sure not to rub the stain or it will just grind it into the fibers. Should you notice a stain after it has dried, you can use a dry extraction carpet cleaning system. These systems are available in most hardware and big box stores.

If you spill something acidic, such as red wine or tomato sauce, on your rug, you can dab at it with club soda to help neutralize the spill. If your rug gets wet as a result of a spill, once you've soaked up the fluid, you may want to use a hair dry to ensure the rug is completely dry.

Preventing Stains and Discoloration

Since jute is so absorbent, it tends to stain easily. However, you can have your rug treated to help prevent fluids from being able to soak into fibers, making stains less likely. There are several treatments available that work similar to the way that Scotch Guard does to protect regular fabrics. These treatments can help repel liquids, but they do not provide 100 percent stain protection. Even with a treatment, you'll still need to deal with spills immediately and keep the rug in an area that is not humid or damp.

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