How to Add Drama with an Area Rug for Living Room?

How to Add Drama with an Area Rug for Living Room?

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Mar 25th 2021

The living room is an important space in your home. It not just influences your mood but also makes the first impression on visitors coming to see you. Home interior is everyone’s subject. At Natural Area Rugs, we receive a lot of queries regarding rug ideas to make a dramatic difference to the home ambiance in a budget. If you are one of those who want to add brownie points to home décor with the right area rug for the living room, continue reading.

Bring the rustic, country vibes to your beautiful abode Some design repetitions are simply awesome! This regular clean design with geometrical shapes and patterns is bound to capture every eyeball. The type of materials can vary and so does the price, but one thing remains constant - fiber softness. Sisal and seagrass are common plants to produce soft fiber. It makes it easy for weavers to create the design. The binding of the border is important to protect the opening ends of the fibers used. The border in the above illustration though has a simple unicolor fabric, it gives a distinct look to the area rug for the living room.

Give your floor a zigzag touch

Zigzag seems like a simple pattern, but the combination of peach and white or any other contrasting colors can make the pattern look captivating. Inspect the color used in the surroundings before you pick the color for your area rug for the living room. At Natural Area Rugs, you can opt for a zigzag rug or any other rugs made up of different materials.

Make a difference with circular braided rug

"ELSINORE" BEIGE BRAIDED JUTE RUG Inspired by the Alpina painting ideas of Indian origin, this circular area rug for the living room is a good differentiator to your ambiance. The above design in the image has multiple concentric circles, but there can be more choices with designs of leaves or flowers. Artists often customized it as per the theme of festive seasons. The rug price depends upon the complexity of the design and the selection of materials.

Wool takes rug arts to a new level

"HERMOSA" CUSTOM WOOL RUG The softness and availability of more color options make wool a perfect choice for producing area rugs for the living room with intriguing design choices. The above wool rug illustration has just a single color, but more colors can be involved as per the design requirements. The shape can also vary from rectangle and square to round and oval and another polygonal shape.

A touch of luxury to your living room

"REAGAN" POLYESTER SHAG RUG Luxury is a dominant parameter in the interior designing space and is gradually becoming an insuperable aspect of contemporary rugs too. This Reagan shag area rug features an incredible softness that everyone, preferably you kids will enjoy barefoot. Choose the polyester area rug by color, thickness, shape, and other criteria as per your wish. Reagan is a polyester fabric so durability is unquestionable too. You can have different

Hope you found these vibrant ideas to augment the beauty of your living space useful. Comment your thoughts.

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