Home Décor Buying Guide: Picking the Perfect Area Rug

Home Décor Buying Guide: Picking the Perfect Area Rug

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Feb 10th 2020

Every room in your home can use an area rug. That being said, there are things to consider beyond simply the pattern and color of a natural area rug. When choosing the ideal area rug, you will also need to consider your family dynamics, space and lifestyle.

The following tips will assist you in determining which natural area rug is ideal for your home and yourself.

Home Dcor Buying Guide

Typical Rooms for Area Rugs

If you have limited floor space in your bedroom, get a natural area rug and center it under the bottom end of your bed allowing it to cover the bottom and side areas surrounding the bed. If your master bedroom is one that is very large, you will easily be able to fill that floor space while also completing the décor in the room with a natural area rug that is both complementary and practical.

A great place for a natural area rug is in a nursery. In this room, a natural are rug can truly add to the overall décor. While doing that, it can also ease the tired feet of a parent walking and rocking baby to sleep while also providing a soft place on the floor for baby to play. If you have hard floors in the nursery, go with a larger rug and a rug pad to both keep crawling babies safe and to insulate he room from echoes an excessive noise.

In the family or living room, it is critical to choose an area rug based on the amount of foot traffic these rooms get. The more durable the natural area rug is, the better.

When it comes to your dining room, having a natural area rug underneath the table will look great. However, the dining room is one room where choosing the perfect area rug is essential. Look for natural area rugs that are repellent to stains, easy to clean and that have darker patterns or colors.

Before you go out and just buy the first natural area rug you find, take a minute to look at the room it will be going in. What type of foot traffic does the room get? What is the size of the room and what type of décor is showcased in it? What colors in a natural area rug would complement these colors and what size should the rug be? Additionally, what type of fiber should your natural area rug be made from?

When you have all of the answers to these questions, head on over to Natural Area Rugs and take a look at the massive selection that is available. When it comes to area rugs made from natural fibers, they are the only place to go.

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