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Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Sep 11th 2009

If you’ve been looking for new and inspiring rugs, you should check out some of the new rugs at Natural Area Rugs. Some of my favorite rugs that I would highly recommend are the Essence Hemp Hand Knotted Jute Area Rug and the Fairford Hemp Hand Knotted Jute Area Rug. These rugs are beautifully handcrafted and stitched. Aside from being handcrafted they are also made from the best and softest materials available. These two carpets are made from 100% Jute (Hemp) which has an incredible softness on the feet and is twice as durable as cotton.

Another aspect of these new rugs that I really love is that they’re eco-friendly. Hemp has been a strong and durable material used by the green movement for many years before the trend hit the streets. All of these Jute Rugs are earth friendly and look great in any home or room. For the environmentally conscience consumer, Natural Area Rugs offers a huge selection of natural flooring for any room in your house. I love using these rugs throughout my house because I known they are the highest quality on the market and by purchasing them I’m helping the environment. These rugs are modern, chic and exclusive for the in-style consumer.

If you want to know my top choices for earth-friendly rugs at Natural Area Rugs check these out:

Florentine Hemp Hand Knotted Jute Area Rugs Franklin Beige Hemp Hand Knotted Jute Area Rugs Century Brown Hemp Hand Knotted Jute Area Rug Century Natural Hemp Hand Knotted Jute Area Rug

These fine, earth-friendly rugs are guaranteed 100% hand-knotted Jute and are curling resistant. Due to their self-bound-binding, these rugs can be used for years on end without any curl developing around the edges. This is an excellent feature for the consumer who is shopping for high quality rugs that they will keep for years to come.

I love all these rugs because they’re made from 100% Jute and are hand made. There are no machines or cheap, synthetic materials to devalue the quality and skill. Artisan work needs to be celebrated and enjoyed. When you pick one of these natural rugs from Natural Area Rugs, you can rest assured that each rug was made by carpet specialists who treats their job as an art. These rugs are perfect to add to your home décor. They’re modern, eco-friendly and guaranteed 100% hand-knotted Jute.

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