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Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Jul 25th 2006

Beverly Hills, California (PRWEB) July 25, 2006 –- Amidst a world of online business fraud and schemes, has continued to maintain a supreme level of integrity in its business practices. is America’s leading provider of imported natural fiber rugs and carpets made of materials such as sisal, seagrass, wool, bamboo and jute.

“With customer satisfaction gaining increasing importance in ecommerce, trust and site-relevance are important to many consumers who don’t want to be taken advantage of in a hacker-infested cyberspace,” Natural Area Rugs President Moe Kermani said. “ operates all transactions through Yahoo’s secure checkout system and has been building Internet trust for many years.”

The following recent buyer’s experience is one of the many success stories skeptical buyers are experiencing while shopping at

The Internet site was very well designed with the wealth of information and the ease of use. This company impressed me from the moment I placed my order. At that point I hadn’t seen the weave of the rugs anywhere in the stores, and I was nervous to buy from a Internet company, so I expressed my concerns in the comments field. One day later (on a weekend!!!) I received a call from Tigi??- sorry, I am not sure about spelling. She offered to send rug samples to me and in the meantime, place the shipment on hold, until I am sure, that I like the rug samples. Though I live on the East Coast, samples were in my mailbox 3 days later, attached was a discount coupon. My credit card already was charged the full amount of purchase, but the company still credited me with the discount, when I called to confirm the order. The package arrived exactly, when the e- mail indicated it would. The rugs ( I bought 2) were packed perfectly well for the long trip from California to the East Coast, they were perfect, additional information was attached as to how to care for rugs, very thoughtful! Overall, it is one of the best experiences I had buying from Internet. People were personable, they care about their business and their customers. I will buy from this company again very soon ( I received another coupon with my shipment!)Thank you to all at the Natural Area Rugs for your good works. -Lyudmila Huggins Newport RI, Jun 06

Most consumers are afraid to purchase from online companies for very important reasons. Most online stores drop-ship items through third-party vendors and if the shipment is late or the item arrives in poor condition, the customer is stuck with a bad product.

“In order to bypass this unnecessary annoyance, is the direct importer and manufacturer of all its products and ships directly from its warehouse in Los Angeles,” Kermani said.

Most customers prefer to pay two to three times more at department stores for rugs and carpets because if there are any problems, they can return the item directly. Most online carpet dealers guarantee 100 or even 120 percent customer satisfaction, but when it comes to actually returning an item, the process can be frustrating. The buyer must request a return authorization number—which might never come, and if it does, restocking fees are applied so the customer never receives full credit.

Every day, more and more techniques for Internet shopping standardization are being developed to provide shoppers with seamless experiences with genuine companies. is not only a leader in the flooring industry, but also in ecommerce integrity. Most online stores will not display customer feedback because these stores have had many negative transactions which will lead the customer not to buy at that particular store. encourages customers to read the feedback posted on each page of its website.

You can shop at to find high quality sisal rugs, seagrass rugs, mountain grass rugs, bamboo rugs, jute rugs, bamboo shades and other great products by visiting the company’s website at

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