Eco-Friendly Bamboo Cleaning Tips

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Apr 6th 2010

Bamboo area rugs are beautiful, eco-friendly and very versatile. After purchasing your bamboo area rug you’re left with the responsibility to care and maintain it. You probably bought a bamboo area rug because of its color, texture and durability and you’ll want to properly take care of it to keep it looking like new. The good news is that it doesn’t require much attention as other area rugs. Following a few basic steps can maintain your rug making it last a lifetime.

The easiest way to maintain it is to shake it out every day. If you don’t have a lot of foot traffic in your home or if the rug is in a room that doesn’t get used often, you can get away with shaking it out once a week. You can also use a vacuum to get up any loose debris or dust. The best type of vacuum to use on a bamboo area rug is a shop-vac. A shop-vac is very powerful and doesn’t use brushes or a spool – just air suction. If you have a traditional vacuum it’s best to use the arm extension than to use it upright. If you’re having difficulty getting some particles up, you may want to use a dust broom to loosen the particles that are stuck.

Rotate your bamboo area rug every six months to diversify the foot traffic pattern on the rug. Simply take the rug and turn it clockwise one turn. That means that the rug won’t repeat the same foot traffic pattern except every two years. This is an essential point to keeping your bamboo looking brand new.

If there are spills or other stains that make their way onto your bamboo area rug, clean them up immediately with a dry cloth or paper towel. Blot the stain to remove as much liquid as possible and then use a second dry cloth to press firmly on the stain. This will suck out as much of the spill as possible. While bamboo is semi-water resistant, you don’t want wet liquid to rest on your rug. If the stain isn’t liquid and is stuck to the bamboo, use a spoon to pull it up and then clean the area with hot soapy water. Use a hair dryer to dry the affected area quickly.

A few general tips to care for your rug is:

  • Rug pad extends rug life and protects floors.
  • Use rug indoors, away from high moisture areas.
  • To avoid fading, do not expose rug to direct sunlight.
  • Blot spills immediately using a dry absorbent cloth and do not allow water to soak rug.
  • Vacuum regularly to maintain best appearance.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals that may damage the rug.
  • Do not pull loose ends. Clip scissors to remove.
  • Turn carpet around occasionally to equalize wear.
  • For hard-to-remove stains, professional rug cleaning is recommended.

You can also practice preventive measures to keep your bamboo area rug looking new. Keep your bamboo away from direct sunlight all day. If the rug is in an area that gets some sunlight exposure, that should be fine. You want to avoid excessive direct sunlight. If you use the bamboo rug outdoors, keep it stored indoors and keep your rug away from rain and highly humid areas. Keeping your bamboo area rug dry is essential to maintaining the longevity of the rug. Wipe your carpet down with a non-toxic, non-abrasive cleaning solution once a week to keep it dust free.

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