DIY At-Home Rug Repair: 4 Repairs Tips You Can Easily Do

DIY At-Home Rug Repair: 4 Repairs Tips You Can Easily Do

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Apr 1st 2021

Rugs are great for home decor and have many life-saving properties but like most precious things it needs proper care and maintenance. However, an area rug goes through so much every day, it’s only obvious if they start showing some wear and tear. Don’t ignore the signs! You can do some DIY fixes to repair the rugs at home. You must know some rug repair techniques to make the most out of your rugs and stair treads. Here are some regular fixes for rug repair.

Edge Repair of Area Rugs

Notice any fringes on the edges? It is the most common damage rugs face; especially wool rugs. The fringes start to come undone, and slowly the rug unravels and shrinks. Pay attention to the small signs. You can knot the loose threads at home with a little care and attention.

Note: Never use a machine to fix the loose ends. It can make your situation even worse. Your rug needs delicate hands.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Use upholstery thread, sturdy enough to hold together a thick rug.
  • String through the warp and weft matching the back of the rug to hold the ends together
  • The less yarn on a rug, the less likely it is to be fixed. So act fast.
  • Sew your thread through until you cover the frayed region and tie off the knots.

Back Tears and Puncture Repair

OMG, there is a small hole in the back of your rug! A punctured rug should be noticed easily. Don’t waste time on this rug repair as it’s easy to fix but can become a larger issue if delayed. There’s a low-budget option of covering the puncture. Use adhesive tape such as Duct tape to cover it up. Simply brush off the dirt and debris from the portion of the rug and place the tape. Brushing off dirt is a must as it will ensure an even application and a better hold.

If you notice some fibers popping up, push them back in before applying the tape. The duct tape will catch the treads and prevent them from further damage. For double-fabric-sided rugs, however, you should push the displaced fabric through the cut to the proper side and tie off the holes with upholstery thread.

Repair Loose Backing

The backing of the rug can come off as a sign of damage. You can easily repair that too at home. Here’s what to do,

  • Cut a piece of replacement backing
  • Apply a thin layer of hot glue systematically from left to right on the damaged backing
  • Press the edges together until the glue dries

The natural rubber backing of rugs tends to crumble and break down over time making them difficult to clean or vacuum. If the rubber backing is coming off altogether or from many places, it’s a definite sign that you need a new rug or, replace the rug pad altogether.

Rug Repair Ideas for Braided Rugs

Hand-braided rugs are the most precious and offer reversible usage in most cases for twice the wear and tear. They have a unique texture and look gorgeous on a hardwood floor. However, If the stitches in between get damaged, here’s how to fix your braided rug,

  • Pull apart the entire weave
  • Uncoil the damaged area and pull out the broken stitches
  • Replace the damaged material and braid them back together. Everyone knows how to braid right!
  • Sew the coil and edges together with linen thread tightly.

Natural braided Rugs come in different threads. You can buy matching treads online or from a hardware store to fix the rug.

Tip: Use Rug Pads to maintain your area rug for a longer time and delay all the rug repair needs. You can also use carpet accessories like a rug gripper or binding tape to prolong your rug’s life. Bind your rugs at home or get a bordered rug for that matter. 

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