Different Uses of Shag Rugs: Shag Rugs to Accent

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Mar 29th 2011

Shag rugs are one of the best ways to add the perfect accent to your home. Instead of spending a lot of time and money trying to paint your home, buy new furniture or remodel, use shag rugs to accent the various rooms in your house. Shag rugs will draw attention to themselves because they are highly noticeable and stand out because of their high pile and warm appeal. Use shag rugs to transform any room in your house without spending a lot of money.

Shag rugs come in all different shapes, sizes and styles. Whether you want to create a minimalistic room or an ultra trendy and modern room, you can accomplish this by adding a few shag rugs. The best places to add shag rugs are underneath your living room or dinning room tables or to use them as a through rug. They're perfect for hard wood floors and carpet alike.

In a room full of bright and busy colors, a rug of neutral color and understated design would fit in well. If the room has softer colors, a contrasting rug with bold colors and an intricate design would be better suited. Discount rugs can also be used to enhance and accentuate the existing design or color theme of a room. If you are just starting to decorate a room, a great discount rug will give you the centerpiece you need to plan the rest of the decor around it.

Shag rugs are not very difficult to take care of. Depending on the amount of foot traffic you have in your home, you should vacuum your shag rug at least once a week. Before vacuuming the rug use a broom to loosen any build-up that's pushed down into the rug. The vacuum should be set to the highest setting so it doesn't end up sucking in the high pile and wrapping around the spool in the vacuum cleaner. You can also remove the spool or use the vacuum arm attachment to not flatten your plush shag rug.

If you feel like your home needs a little freshening up then you need to consider adding a few shag accent rugs throughout your house. They will give your home a new, modern and fresh feel without breaking your bank account. Shag rugs are the number one way to modernize and update the atmosphere in your house. They have the ability to make a room fun and energized or slick and classy. Choosing the right color for the room is half the battle.

Dark colors such as deep greys, dark browns and various shades of green will add a sense of class and sophistication. Brighter colors such as red, blue and organs will add fun and excitement to a kid's play room, a modern living room or fun bar room. Shag rugs shine in any room and can add a unique personal touch. Using a shag rug is the easiest way to transform your home.

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