Create Fashionable Rooms with Shag Area Rugs

Create Fashionable Rooms with Shag Area Rugs

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Aug 26th 2019

Shag rugs used to be popular in the 60’s when they were used to create that psychedelic style that was all the rage. Now, they are making a comeback in a form that is more contemporary. Shag rugs are characterized by the pile that is linger than an inch. This type of rug is amazingly soft and will add depth to the style of your home interior because of its texture that is uneven. It doesn’t matter if your shag rug is constructed from leather, cotton or a wool, they are a great option when you decide that you want to make a major fashion statement in your home.

Decorating Tips for Shag Rugs

Formal Living Room? Add polish to it! Shag rugs that are solid colored and simple can give your modern living room a texture that is luxurious. If you want a room that looks as if it would be perfect in a magazine devoted to interior design, pair your white leather sofa, chrome accents and acrylic coffee table with a shag rug that has a light color. Skip using a slipcover for your sofa and opt for a sheepskin rug that you will drape over your overstuffed chair for a piece of furniture that looks like a work of art with its chic look and texture.

Cozy up your bedroom. If you have a home with floors that are made from wood, plush shag rugs are just as functional as they are fashionable. If you have bedding that is solid, a shag rug with a pattern or a simple design will look great while it will also be a more comfortable way to begin your day. Wrought iron and solid wood bed frames will look great on a cotton shag rug that will also serve to protect your floor from scratches.

Make that den more stylish. If you want a den that is cozy, decorate it with a wool shag rug. Wool shag rugs come in a wide variety of styles and shapes as well as in a vast array of colors. If you want your den to have a look that is more edgy, try a shag rug that is made from leather. These rugs will give you the identical texture that is high impact while not shedding.

Brighten your children’s bedrooms. If you are looking to give your children’s bedrooms a feel that is more playful, look for those shag rugs that are available in pastels or nein colors. You can even use it to make a reading area by putting it in a corner and using it in conjunction with beanbag chairs and pillows.

As you can see, shag rugs are versatile and can be used to create a fashionable look in any room.

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