Sisal Carpet: Can You Use It on Stairs?

Sisal Carpet: Can You Use It on Stairs?

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Feb 26th 2019


Natural Area Rugs brings different types of sisal floor coverings, each one providing you with natural fiber embellishments of the highest quality and style. Going with our sisal rug solutions will allow you to use them in a range of different interiors and create an organic, natural atmosphere. Yet, you might be wondering whether you can use a sisal carpet on stairs for an additional layer of texture and level of safety.

Sisal stair coverings from our collection will undoubtedly elevate your home decor and make your space safer for your family and pets. Since our sisal rug solutions are great for high traffic areas, you’ll be able to admire them for years to come. You don’t even have to worry about your allergic reactions because our sisal rugs are allergy-friendly. If you decide to cover your stairs with our treads, you should also know whether jute or sisal is better and what they bring to the table.

How To Clean a Sisal Rug Naturally

Whether you go with our charming sisal stair treads or pick chic area rugs, you need to preserve the appeal and durability of your sisal embellishments. This requires you to clean and maintain them properly on a regular basis. Luckily, sisal stair treads from Natural Area Rugs selection are extremely easy to clean since dirt, allergens, and other toxins don’t cling to their fibers.

Cleaning your sisal rugs and stair treads will be quite effortless as long as you follow a few essential tips. Also, you can always check the National Center for Healthy Housing website to find out how to clean the rest of your floors and home the healthy way.


For an instant fresh look, you just need to vacuum our sisal stair treads and rugs. Since dirt and allergens don’t stick to sisal fibers to tightly, you’ll be able to remove them easily. However, you shouldn’t use a beater bar - you just need to use a strong suction vacuum and go over your sisal floor coverings several times. Our beautiful sisal rugs will last even longer if you do this regularly.


Our sisal area rugs are resistant to mold growth, which makes them an extremely healthy solution. The main reason behind this is the fact that you should avoid exposing natural fiber area rugs to too much moisture. This means that you don’t have to wash or steam clean them. Instead, you should have them dry cleaned and that’s it!

To freshen up your sisal rugs, you can use a damp cloth or spray your sisal rugs with clean water. Make sure to use as little moisture as possible when cleaning sisal rugs from our selection to protect their long-lasting quality.

How do you clean an outdoor sisal rug?

When it comes to outdoor sisal rugs, the cleaning process is quite similar. However, since they’re exposed to more dirt, you might need to clean them more frequently. This will help you prevent dirt build-ups and keep our enchanting outdoor floor coverings in great condition.

In addition, you should also be careful not to expose our outdoor sisal rugs to extreme weather conditions. Exposure to harsh sunlight and rain will damage sisal rugs from our collection regardless of their quality and durability.

How do you get stains out of sisal rugs?


Sisal stair treads and carpets from Natural Area Rugs selection are naturally stain-resistant and easy to clean. If you ever happen to spill something over them, you don’t have to panic because you’ll be able to clean them easily. However, you still need to clean the spills properly and carefully.

    • Blot liquid spills. As soon as you spill something, you need to remove the spill by blotting it. Make sure to use a clean white cloth to blot the spill. Cleaning it from the outside inward will prevent it from spreading.
    • Scrape solid spills. Use a nail file or dull knife to scrape solid spills from the outside inward.
    • Use club soda for red stains. If you spill red wine or tomato juice over your sisal rugs, dampen a towel or cloth using club soda and use it to remove the spill.
  • Dry your sisal rugs. If your sisal rugs become wet, make sure to let them dry properly. Placing them over a piece of furniture and keeping them elevated will help them dry faster.

Natural Area Rugs guarantees safety, quality and style

Choosing our sisal rug coverings is bound to elevate your home and introduce more texture to your interior. If you choose stair treads from Natural Area Rugs, you’ll increase your household safety levels while also giving your space an authentic, organic flair. All of our sisal floor coverings are completely natural and sustainable, so they’re the perfect choice for creating a healthy living space. What’s more, since we offer both ready-to-ship and customizable solutions, there’s no doubt that our sisal rugs are like no other. Contact us today!

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