Choosing an Area Rug

Choosing an Area Rug

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Jun 27th 2019

So you have finally come to the decision that you need a rug for that empty space on your floor.  While looking around, you have noticed that there are so many prices, colors and styles that the decision of what to buy will be a tough one.  At Natural Area Rugs, we understand the situation you are facing and as such, have put this short guide on choosing a rug together.

There are typically three ways to make pile rugs – by machine, hand tufting, or hand knotting.  There are positives and negatives to each type. 

Rugs made by machine are created by a machine that is computer controlled or by a punch card system.  This means that rugs made like this can have lower costs and be produced much more quickly.  That being said, the color and detail is often less vibrant and the materials are limited to those which can handle the stress of the machines.

Rugs that are hand tufted are made by punching each yarn through a sheet of fabric by using a tufting gun.  After the rug is finished, a second piece of fabric will be glued to the back of the first one in order to hold all of the yarns in place.  These take more time to make and tend to have materials of higher quality.  They can also be more detailed and colorful.  Drawbacks are that they can be lacking in detail and if they aren’t done properly, there can be issues with durability.

Rugs that are hand knotted are the cream of the crop when it comes to the world of rugs.  There are ancient techniques that are used when making these rugs.  They can have an unlimited amount of color variations and designs and can actually be an investment for your home.  These rugs tend to be created on a vertical frame that is known as a “hand knotting loom”.  The makers stretch columns of threads from the very top of the loom down to the bottom.  These threads are known as warp threads and they create the actual foundation for the rug.  They are also what creates the fringe ends (if there are any) to the rug and play an important role in the longevity of the rug.  Then they weave and knot until the rug is complete.

Each rug made in this fashion can take up to an entire year to make.  Once it is finished, it will be sheared in order to create a surface that is uniform.  Then it will be hand washed and dried in the sun.

Understanding the types of rugs there are is half the battle when you are shopping for one.  Knowing which type you prefer will drastically narrow your options for you, making the process easier.

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