Changing Rugs When the Mood Suits You

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Sep 1st 2006

Occasionally, someone will come into our store and have a difficult time making up their mind as to what rug to buy for a particular room.

Sometimes they're not sure if a particular rug is always going to suit the mood they want the room to project. Sometimes they're uncertain as to whether a particular style will always blend in they way they want it to. And sometimes they just like to change their minds and do something different every few months.

If you've had the above problems, or if you have any other reason you might want to switch from sisal to bamboo, or from bamboo to seagrass or mountain grass, changing th e rugs in a room on occasion is a great idea.

Maybe the season's changing, it's getting cooler and you want to switch from jute to a warm wool area rug.

Whatever the mood, season or reason, switching out your natural area rugs on occasion is the perfect way to change the look, the feel or the mood of a room.

Many interior decorators are increasingly finding this to be a great way to give a room a "new" look from time-to-time, without having to completely redo the room.

So if you happen to be someone who likes to change things up from time-to-time, or just can't make up your mind, try buying several different styles of our quality area rugs, and switch them out as the mood suits you.

Remember, you can view samples of all of our natural fiber rugs online, or, if you're in the Beverly Hills area, stop by our store. We're ready to help you and offer decorating suggestions.

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