Brighten Homes with Decorative Sisal Rugs

Brighten Homes with Decorative Sisal Rugs

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Oct 10th 2019

Carpets and rugs have many uses to home decorators. They can be used to soften the feel of a room and make the floors comfortable to walk on. They can be installed to muffle sounds and make a work space or living space quieter. Carpets come in many colors and can add a variety of looks and feelings to a room, and area rugs are often used as accents to add color and interest to a single-colored floor. However, not all carpets and rugs are created equal, and when you're choosing an area rug for your home. Natural Area Rugs recommend our line of elegant and durable sisal rugs for a number of reasons.

Sisal Area Rugs are Beautiful

Sisal rugs are woven from natural fibers harvested from the sisal plant, a type of agave plant native to warm places like Mexico and Brazil. Like most natural materials, sisal has a warm and authentic beauty that synthetic fibers just can't quite duplicate. Its natural color is soft, neutral beige that complements a wide variety of home design themes. Sisal also takes dye very well and can be colored with a variety of lovely shades and hues to match any color scheme imaginable. Our sisal rugs are weaved with a variety of patterns ranging from a simple, tight weave to more complex square or diamond patterns. We take pride in making a gorgeous product for your home, but there is so much more to our sisal rugs than their stunning looks.

Sisal Area Rugs are Durable

Most people have had the unpleasant experience of dropping a treasured decorative item due to clumsiness or sheer bad luck. In the course of an average home life, things can be dropped, bumped and spilled with varying degrees of unfortunate results. Natural Area Rugs is dedicated to creating a product that can withstand the wear and tear that comes with being part of a lived-in home. Sisal fibers are resistant to spills and stains, making them ideal accents for dining rooms or kitchens. Woven sisal is naturally durable, making it ideal for high-traffic areas in your home. After all, what's the point of having a rug that you can't step on? Our rugs are a practical product as well as a beautiful one.

Sisal Area Rugs are Earth Friendly

Sisal, as a plant fiber, is an easily renewable resource. While synthetic fibers must be created in factories which can involve harmful chemicals, sisal grows just like any other plant without harming the earth. It also doesn't contain any chemicals or residues that could harm your family. People with allergies will find that sisal rugs don't aggravate their condition the way synthetic rugs sometimes do. They are easier to clean and keep free of dust and other allergens.

A Lovely and Sustainable Choice

We at Natural Area Rugs are proud of our sisal rugs and hope that you make this simple, natural and utterly gorgeous material a part of your home decor.

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