Best Sisal Rugs of 2021

Best Sisal Rugs of 2021

Mar 19th 2021

Table of Contents:

  1. Overview
  2. A brief overview of Sisal rugs
  3. Types of interiors where Sisal rugs can fit in
  4. The discerning difference between Sisal and Jute natural area rugs
  5. How to clean a Sisal rug?
  6. 10 must have Sisal Rugs
  7. FAQs


Every proud homeowner wants to make a statement with the quirky, statement pieces that they flaunt in their décor. Irrespective of what the overall budget is, interior enthusiasts always try to escalate the vibe of their space with a well-designed and seamless décor that speaks volumes about their taste. Designing a space magnificently means keeping everything perfect from head to toe in a room while matching the elements with the ambiance.

Do you know that your flooring is the first thing that captivates the attention of your visitors when they visit your space? You can blow all your money on your flooring with the expensive tiles and timbers to bring in a polished look, but you cannot always match your flooring with the evolving theme in your room. That’s when a stunning rug comes to the rescue. Undoubtedly you cannot uproot your flooring entirely, but you can always get a rug that matches your interiors.

Talking about rugs, have you ever heard of the natural fiber rugs that are in the hype now? Ranging from jute and wool to sisal and seagrass there is a myriad of variety when it comes to natural fiber rugs. However, let’s talk about the best sisal rugs in 2021 now.

A brief overview of Sisal rugs

Several reasons make sisal rugs an excellent choice for your home. The natural fiber in Sisal is durable and provides a beautifully textured feel. Whether you love eclectic, contemporary, traditional or rustic homes, sisal rugs can always blend in your space. Their neutral shades and subtle appeal complements every furniture along with adding character to your space.

When you pick a sisal rug, you are selecting beauty, versatility, timelessness, and durability all at once while embracing the warm earthy colors and the arresting textures. Sisal features a beautiful array of neutral colors ranging from the golden luster and satiated brown to sand-colored tan that can be a delight for your choice of color palate. Whether it is conventional, minimalist, or modern, the natural tones of the Sisal fiber enrich any design and style while adding elegance to any room.

The natural sisal rugs are an excellent alternative to create an audacious statement and bring a rustic and sophisticated charm to your home. You can experiment a lot with the shades, colors, and textures because you will have a neutral tint on your floors with a sisal rug. Besides, sisal rugs are crafted from the long leaves of the agave plant resulting in a stiff, strong fiber that lasts for decades. If you are trying to find a rug or carpet for any high-traffic area like your living room, foyer, or your commercial space, then sisal rugs are your one-stop solution. The best sisal rugs in 2021 are durable, brilliant and yes, they don’t burn a hole in your pocket while stunning eyes.

Types of interiors where Sisal rugs can fit in

If you have done your homework about the best sisal rugs in 2021, or you are fond of natural fiber rugs, then you probably already know that sisal rugs are perfect to lay the foundation for any space. They can handle high traffic and they don’t clash with shades because they are neutral. They can work with any aesthetic. No rug or carpet can beat the versatility of sisal rug because they fit into any design or style. The color of sisal rugs allows for design flexibility and the rugs can be customized. They are soft to touch and they impart a warm feeling because of their inviting tone. There is more to Sisal rugs than what you see on the surface. To widen up your idea about sisal rugs, here are some décor ideas with which Sisal rugs will look like a treat for the eyes!

  • The Minimalist

When you hear about a minimal home, do you picture the all-white walls with some plants and an accent seating arrangement and pendant lights? Well if you are picturing that then you are right! The minimal décor is probably one of the least demanding interiors that involves experimenting with different shades of whites or blacks. You can choose an off-white, beige rug for your minimal décor and it will make your black tiles or the timber on your floors look premium.

  • The Scandinavian

If you have a lot of shabby chic furniture in your home and you love to layer up everything in your interior with your creativity and imagination, then welcome to the world of Scandinavian interiors. This group of interiors demands playfulness along with the discipline to distinguish between what’s right and what’s not to fit between the lines. If you cross that line then you are in the Boho world. So better stick with a Sisal rug, because it is great to experiment on. It will be like your blank canvas on which you can experiment with your design and themes that you have in your head!

  • The Nordic

Nordic homes are in the trend now because people are mad about how the top celebrities are following the Nordic trail. The subtle shades, sheepskin cushions, fireplace mantels, and everything work so perfectly together with an inviting appeal, that it feels like you are in some kind of fairy tale. Well, even for a Nordic ambiance, the best sisal rugs in 2021 work marvelously. They also have a subtle color with a mix-and-match texture that makes it the start of your Nordic homes.

  • The Bohemian

Executing the perfect Bohemian décor means letting your heart and soul do all the work. You need to throw in several aspects, magical hues, significantly different aspects to work together in synchrony. The Boho décor is the right epitome of free-spirited living and so is a Sisal rug. It looks like it is straight from nature’s laps. So you can add a rug to your floors, add a plant, add some of your colorful furniture, mirrors or baskets, and Voila! Your bohemian space will be ready to go!

  • The contemporary

Pleasing the eyes of a contemporary fan is probably the hardest thing to do. Every element in a contemporary home needs to be perfect as per the demand of the ambiance while justifying the theme of the home. A contemporary home involves fewer elements dancing to different songs. You can call on all blue, all white, all-grey, or even all-black, there is no definition of a perfect contemporary home other than perfection. To meet the demands of such stringent interior norms, a sisal rug is an exquisite choice. It adds the minimal attraction that it should and of course, it has a neutral tone that blends with almost all sorts of hues. That’s what we call a contemporary delight!

  • The rustic

At the end of the day, everyone goes to their home to breathe out the exertion of the day and get a good night’s sleep. Home is the place to unwind and some people love to live the vacation life in their home. If you are one of them and you want to make your home look no less than a holiday paradise, then you should definitely go for a rustic theme. Sisal rugs are a great option to match with the rustic themes because they add the casualness and the calm, tranquil feel in your home, making it feel like an escape from the concrete jungle where you dwell.

  • The vintage

Vintage-themed interiors are often difficult to match because they hold a lot of texture and elements. You need to match the regal feel, the traditional aura, and yes the antiquity that they demand. But no one laid the rule that you have to get one heavily designed or embroidered vintage carpet. You can also throw in a plain Sisal rug to create a coherent vibe of euphemism. Trust us it will look great if you have hardwood floors, or you are using a lot of heavily designed intricate furniture.

The discerning difference between Sisal and Jute natural area rugs

Most people go for jute carpets when they can’t find sisal rugs, and vice versa. A lot of individuals think that there is no particular difference between these two rugs as both of these are natural fiber rugs. Well, they are massively wrong. Jute and seagrass rugs aren’t similar in any leaps or bounds. They are different.

For one, jute and sisal come from different sources, which make them different in shades and textures. Jute comes from a plant stalk, whereas Sisal is extracted from the leaves of a cactus. This also contributes to the texture as sisal has a rough texture than jute and it is also more durable than jute.

Because of its durability, sisal is often used in areas that are prone to withstand more foot traffic like in the commercial regions and in the living rooms or porch. Some people use sisal for minimal outdoor use as well. On the other hand jute is a bit on the softer side and is used in areas that involve less foot traffic as in bedroom or study. The prices for jute and sisal vary as well. So, jute and sisal are in several ways poles apart.

How to clean a sisal rug?

Though Sisal rugs are anti-static, they do acquire stains and spots sometimes. Think about when your pet peed or pooped on your beautiful carpet, or when you dropped ice cream or spilled coffee. The stain is usually difficult to remove as the tints last for quite a time and besides that when you are not seeking professional help and DIYing the cleaning process, cleaning a sisal rug can be exhausting and time taking. This is why to make it easier for you, here’s a guide on how to clean your sisal rugs. Have a look!

  • If you want your sisal rug to last for quite a time then the first tip that we would give is to vacuum it daily. It will keep the dirt and dust off and make your rug look as good as new.
  • Even after daily vacuuming, no one can predict when you are going to get a stain on your carpet. In case, if you get a stain, then you can always rely on the spot treatment process. For it first blot the region where you got the stain. In case if you have any solid over the stain like chocolate or mud, we would advise scrapping it off with a blunt knife. Then dip a paper towel in your liquid cleaner and dab it slowly on the stain. Then again dip the towel in water and dab it on the stain to wash the detergent. Repeat until the stain fades away and then finally blow dry.
  • If you have kids or pets in your house and they have peed or pooped on it, then you need to do a special treatment to remove the stain along with the foul odor. In that case, you should supplement your cleaner with vinegar and lemon to fight the smell away. What you need to do is mix equal portions of white vinegar and water with a tablespoon of lemon juice and rub this solution on the spot post the detergent treatment. When the stain and smell vanish, blow-dry your rug. Simple as that!

10 Must have Sisal Rugs

Sisal rugs are stealing the spotlight in the world of interior designing because they are stylish, eco-friendly and yes comfortable while being in your budget. If you have made up your mind to get a sisal rug for your home then here are the best Sisal rugs in 2021:

1. Resort Custom Sisal Rug


The Resort Custom Sisal rug has a vibrant shade of beige with red borders. With an aesthetic appeal and a plain, light, earthy tone, the resort custom sisal rug is no less than divinity on your flooring. It gives your space a more rustic, tribal texture with a hint of coherence.

2. Moda Custom Sisal Rug


Have you ever thought of getting something for your floors that can make you feel like you are walking on pure gold? Well, if yes then the Moda Custom Sisal rug is your ultimate choice. With a beige shade and stunning black borders, the carpet looks like brilliant molten gold spread on your floors.

3. Chateau Custom Sisal Rug


The Chateau Custom Sisal rug can be the ultimate game-changer for your home with the powerful moss green shade and brown borders. With a fabulous finesse and eco-friendly nature, the Chateau Custom Sisal rug makes you feel like you have a piece of nature in your home.

4. Seattle Custom Sisal Rug

Seattle Custom Sisal Rug


Are you a fan of rugs that feature abstract patterns and dual shades blended with extra wide borders? If so, then the Seattle custom sisal rug is a win-win for you because of the beige and brown mixed with a contrasting shade of black as its borders.

5. Porto Custom Wool Sisal Rug


To make your delicate feet comfortable on the hardwood floors and to amaze eyes, the Porto Custom Sisal rug has blended wool in it. The off white shade, the diamond shaped patterns and the jet black edges give a premier vibe to your mundane floors while keeping your bare feet cozy.

6. Stanford Sisal Rug

Stanford Sisal Rug


The Stanford Sisal Rug is a complete harmony among the chaos in your living room. If you want something simple yet tasteful, trendy yet timeless, brilliant yet monochrome, then the Stanford Sisal rug is the match for your flooring. It looks good on both tiles as well as timbers and the simplicity is a treat to die for.

7. Heirloom Sisal Rug

 Heirloom Sisal Rug


We take privilege in our Heirloom Sisal Rug because of the premium feel and the oomph that it emits. You can use in for your bedroom, living room or any other space and it will ace your décor while turning heads!

8. Lugano Brown/Multi Sisal Rug

Lugano Brown/Multi Sisal Rug


Have you ever thought of having a swanky, beautiful marble appeal on your tiles or hardwood floor? If yes, then here’s your chance to do so with the Lugano Rug from Natural Area Rugs. Made by the finest artisans, this rug is one of our bestsellers. It comes with a great deal and the dark brown borders with the brown marble striped texture is simple bliss to look at!

9. Denali Dark Brown Sisal Rug


Inspired by the aura of traditional designs and fit for the needs of both contemporary as well as conventional homes, the Denali dark brown sisal rug, features a beautiful texture along with a bewitching appeal. You can have it in your dining space, your living room or anywhere you want because it is versatile, flexible and yes fire-retardant along with being unbelievably durable.

10. Westminster White Grey PET Rug


With a calming shade of white and grey the Westminster Rug is a treat for the eyes. The best part is along with looking decent and stunning, it is durable as well. So you can use the classy, intricately designed, sophisticated rug to add a polished look in your commercial space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Should I get Ready-made sisal rugs or custom sisal rugs for my living room?

That is totally your call. You can always get ready-made sisal rugs because they are made in a standard size to fit any space. But if you have a uniquely peculiar space in mind or your room preferences are a bit different, then you should always go for a custom-size rug. They are made according to your dimension preferences and sometimes the shades and the borders can be customized as well.

2. How long does it take to customize my rug? How can I determine the size of the rug that I need?

For the custom rugs, it takes somewhat around 3-7 business days for production. You can always order soon to get your order soon, or in the event of a delay, we will notify you soon by an e-mail. To determine the size of the rug that you need, look at your room, decide the area that you would like to cover. Then measure the dimensions in feet and inches to both length and width. Remember that in the dining room or living room, you would need to leave space for chair movement.

3. Why are natural fiber rugs better?

Natural fiber rugs are better because they have excellent durability for both residential as well as commercial applications. The intricately woven rugs are anti-static and non-toxic. The plant material from which they are built creates a healthy indoor humidity level while preventing the build-up static. They also have no gassing fumes that can irritate your eyes or throat. Natural fiber rugs are also biodegradable, so when your rug is worn off and you have to dispose of it, you won’t contribute to the piling up, non-recyclable landfill waste.

4. How can I keep my sisal rug in place?

Sisal rugs are slip-resistant, but if you are searching for some extra safety, then you can always go for the non-slip rug pads. The rug pads ensure that your rug doesn’t slide around on your tiles or hardwood floors and they prevent damage to the floors or injury to pets and people living in your home. They also resist curling and provide extra cushioning for walking on. You can use them for your typical rugs, or add them underneath your stair treads to make them extra safe.

5. Can you provide samples before I purchase a rug from you?

We do provide swatches before you buy your rug. There is a multitude of varieties for the Sisal rugs and thus we provide samples so that you can find out if the rug matches your flooring or not. For further information regarding samples, you can always reach us. We would be happy to hear from you.

Try to keep in mind the key pointers discussed in these blog when buying sisal rugs for your home. Do comment how you liked our effort and share with your friends and family. We will be back with more intriguing reads on home and office decor with rugs.

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