Best Seagrass Rugs in 2021

Best Seagrass Rugs in 2021

Mar 26th 2021

Table of Contents:

  1. Overview
  2. Why Seagrass rugs are an excellent alternative for carpets?
  3. Types of décor with which Seagrass rugs can go well
  4. Jute Vs. Seagrass
  5. Tips for cleaning and maintaining a Seagrass rug
  6. A list of the best Seagrass rugs in 2021
  7. FAQs


Remodeling your home or giving your space a completely different touch can be a pain for the pocket. People completely ignore the flooring while redecorating because it's expensive and time taking. Do you love your delicate hardwood floors or you are absolutely fond of your immaculate white tiles, and you don’t want them to get dusty or scratched? Do you want to add some drama to your floors with vibrant hues and soft fabric? Then, you can always go for natural fiber rugs. There are several options like Jute, seagrass, and sisal that you can get for your beautiful floors, but Seagrass is in the trend. Seagrass rugs are durable because of their natural fibers and they are easy to maintain. Having said that, let’s talk about the features of seagrass rugs and what are the best seagrass rugs 2021.

Why Seagrass rugs are an excellent alternative for rugs?

It might be hard to imagine that an inexpensive rug can be sustainable, durable, and stylish at the same time, but Seagrass rugs check all these criteria. The magic of the seagrass rug is all about bringing nature indoors while lending a designer look to your room. Unlike the synthetic alternatives, Seagrass rugs are easy to maintain and enticing to look at.

For people who are less familiar with the natural fiber, Seagrass fiber grows underwater in the wetlands or saltwater marshes, it’s nonporous and thus incredibly water-resistant. They are easy to harvest and the fiber is eco-friendly as well because the reeds grow back swiftly. The best part is that the fiber is highly stain and water-resistant and this makes the seagrass rugs an extraordinary alternative for the high-traffic areas, entryways, and porches. Besides, you must have the best seagrass rugs 2021 in your home because these natural fiber rugs are very easy to clean and all they need to sparkle is a bit of regular vacuuming every day.

Aesthetically speaking, seagrass rugs offer texture galore to your home. The natural look of a seagrass rug blends with all styles and escalates the décor of your home. Also, they feel better beneath bare feet while providing you the comfort and convenience to walk and rest. The seagrass fiber is also static-free that makes it difficult for dust and dirt to stick in the threads so they mostly keep your home neat and tidy. In a nutshell, seagrass is one of those exquisite natural fibers that are affordable, beautiful, durable, and comfy. Buy a seagrass rug and take your décor into a whole new dimension.

Types of décor with which Seagrass rugs can go well

Seagrass rugs are known for their versatility. You can name any décor theme, ask if any seagrass rug will complement your chosen theme and the answer will be in a yes nod. Irrespective of the look that you have in your mind, or the look that you want to achieve in your home or office space, seagrass rugs can complement every interior brilliantly without any speck of question.

For example, if you want a modern carpet for your contemporary living room or your classy office, then the neutral-toned, soft brown shades of seagrass rugs can be an exquisite match. Or if you are looking for a rug to mix with the rustic or vintage themes, even then a seagrass rug can do justice with the décor by bringing the country vibe in with a hint of casualness. For free-spirited, Nordic and bohemian homes or even Scandinavian themes, a seagrass rug can work like wonders because of its brilliant shade.

Jute vs. Seagrass

With the going green trend becoming more and more popular and people searching for natural fiber rugs as a sustainable alternative to synthetic rugs, jute and sisal have become extremely popular. Most homeowners go insane over finding the sheer difference between jute and seagrass rugs. However, you don’t have to because here’s a discerning difference between the two in terms of their different features:

  • Appearance
  • As you know, all-natural fiber rugs are known for their distinguished natural look. But, there is no dissenting from the fact that there are some significant differences in each as well. Jute is softer than seagrass and it tends to be slightly darker and browner. You can say that the texture of jute is quite similar to wool. On the other hand, seagrass is slightly lighter and sometimes you can see a tint of light green mix with beige in the seagrass rugs. They are very smooth and c omfortable as well.
  • Durability
  • Both seagrass and jute will last for a fair amount of time. But as seagrass tends to be more durable than jute, it is better for the high traffic areas like living room and foyers. Although jute is comfortable, but as it won't sustain the foot traffic better get a seagrass rug.
  • Maintenance
  • Both jute and seagrass rugs require minimal maintenance. You can vacuum them daily to keep the carpets looking as good as new. However, remember one thing that natural fiber rugs aren’t meant to be cleaned with shampoo or steam cleaned. So, never do so. If you want a deep cleaning, then follow the tips listed below or call for the professionals.
  • Cost
  • Jute is particularly easy in the budget, but Seagrass is a much long-lasting option. So don’t do cost-cutting because seagrass is kind of a long-term investment.

Tips for cleaning and maintaining a Seagrass rug

As you know that seagrass rugs are made from sustainable grass grown in water. These rugs are durable but they give off water and so they need to be treated delicately. With regular vacuuming and immediate stain treatment, you can keep your rugs looking as good as new while extending their life span. To make cleaning seagrass rugs easier for you, here are some tips that you might follow. Have a look!

  • Vacuuming daily
  • Natural rugs are tough, but they are made from delicate natural fiber threads. You must not wash them regularly as they retain moisture. Instead of washing them daily with water or your liquid cleaner, you can vacuum your seagrass rug a few times a week by using a suction brush. To dislodge the dirt, pass your vacuum several times over the dirt and move it in a different direction each time. You can do vacuum cleaning on a regular basis to keep your rug clean or you can also do this before treating spots to keep your rug clean.
  • Treating Spots
  • Whether you are talking about the dessert spills or it’s just another mud spot that your pet made while bringing in the dirt inside, spots can be painful. Especially when you have a beautiful beige seagrass rug, spots can be heartbreaking. Are you trying to find ways to clean the spots on your seagrass rug? Then here’s a step-by-step guide for you!
    1. For one, you need to scrape up the solid spillage if the spot is caused by makeup, food, soot, chalk, or any such substance that is too solid to be blotted. You can use a nail file or a blunt knife to scrape the solid by holding the instrument against the rug. Make sure that you scrape the substance without spreading it on your favorite rug.

    2. If you have a stain of any food or liquid spill, then you need to absorb the spot immediately by using an undyed cloth or a paper towel, to prevent the spreading of the stain and discoloration of the rug. Then dab the area with the towel and you will be able to remove as much of the liquid as possible.

    3. After you blot the spot, you have to mix detergent and water in a fine proportion. Take a small bowl and add a small amount of neutral dish detergent with an equal amount of lukewarm water. Then stir the water and detergent mixture until it turns soapy. Never bleach and don’t use laundry soap or other cleaners because this can change the color of your seagrass rug. You can clean your seagrass rug by using a commercial cleaner or a mixture of vinegar, lemon, and water.

    4. After you make or decide what is going to be your cleaner, sponge the cleaner neatly onto the stain. Or this you must dip a brush or sponge into the detergent mixture. Then take that sponge or brush and apply small amounts of the cleaner on the outer side of the stain while gradually moving towards the center. This procedure can help you to get rid of some well-known stubborn stains such as drink, food, or pet stains.

    5. Then again repeat the blotting process as above. This will help you to remove the excess moisture before it gets absorbed into the rug. In case if the stain still persists, add more of your cleaner and repeat the above-mentioned stain cleaning process and follow it up with blotting with paper towels.

    6. Do the 5th step a few times and once the stain is treated, dry the rug quickly. The trick is to remove the moisture before the rug absorbs it again. Then apply a heat source like a hairdryer and then focus heat into the wet area to dry the spot quickly.

    7. You can also use a spray extraction for deep cleaning if your rug is deeply soiled. The machine has a spray-extraction setting and you need to set it to the lowest moisture setting where the liquid cleaner is applied and the stain is quickly removed from the rug.

    Pet cleaning

    If you have a pet in your house, then they might urinate, poop, drool, or leave fur on your rug. For the fur, you can always use a vacuum cleaner: for poop, you can repeat the spot-cleaning procedure. However, cleaning urine or drool is a bit tricky. To clean that:

    1. First of all, as soon as you spot such spots, you need to apply paper towels on the spill which can pick up as much moisture off the rug as possible.

    2. Then you need to prepare a mixture of ammonia and water. For that, take a bowl and combine 0.5 fl oz (15 mL) of ammonia and 4 fl oz (120 mL) of water.

    3. Take a paper towel or a cotton cloth and then dip it into the solution. Dab the solution onto the stain. Make sure that you wring out the excess moisture before patting the stain with the cloth. Then cover the spot with a small amount of cleaner.

    4. Get a clean cloth, dip it in clean water, wring out the excess moisture out of the cloth, and then use the cloth to blot the ammonia-treated area for retaining any ammonia left on the rug.

    5. Pet cleaning also involves removing the foul odor out of your rug. If the foul smell lingers after normal spot cleaning, then you need to prepare a mixture of vinegar and water. First, take a clean bowl and mix equal proportions of water and white vinegar in it. Then stir the mixture thoroughly and when the vinegar solutions are ready, use it to remove the smell of urine.

    6. After the vinegar treatment, use another dry cloth or paper towel, dip it in water, wring the excess water and then pat the stained area with it. If the smell or stain is retained, then repeat the above-listed steps until you get rid of the stain and smell completely. You can also go for the professionals if you want.

    7. Then, once the ammonia or vinegar is washed from the rug, blot the treated areas with undyed cloth. Use a hairdryer to dry the spot completely.

A list of the best Seagrass rugs in 2021

You might think that Seagrass rugs lag in the décor trends because they lack variety, but this isn’t true. Seagrass rugs also come in an astounding range of varieties. There are different weave types, different shades, and different borders of course can jazz up your interiors within a second. Sometimes the versatility of the seagrass rugs is so breathtaking and baffling, that even the seasoned décor professionals fail to identify the best rug for their space. Well, if you are in the same boat as them, here are the best seagrass rugs 2021 that can draw your interest. Run through the list and find your ideal pick!

1. Mayfair Seagrass Rug


Have you ever thought about walking on something that resembles gold? Well, if you have then the Mayfair seagrass rugs can be your ultimate choice. With a jet black border and a gold-toned surface the Mayfair seagrass rug looks like a regal affair that needs no introduction. The extra wide border gives it a more defining stature with a deliberately aesthetic appeal.

2. Four Seasons Seagrass Rug


Perfect for every room and or every season in your space, the Four Seasons seagrass rug is designed for every mood. You can pair it up with your dark hardwood floors or light-toned timber flooring and will stun eyes along with enticing hearts.

3. Rainier Mountain Grass Rug


Bring a piece of tranquility in your part of concrete jungle. Conquer the world with tranquility and peace because the Rainier Mountain Grass rug is all set to include calmness in your ambiance with its beautiful appeal. With black borders and a light-beige surface, the Rainier Mountain Grass Rug looks no less than divinity laid on your plain floors.

4. Optimum Seagrass Rug

Seattle Custom Sisal Rug


Are you planning to execute a rustic theme that reflects modernization and conventionalism at the very same time? Then the Optimum Seagrass Rug is your ultimate option. With a detailed weave and captivating texture, the rug is plenty of pretty for the eyes and soft on the feet.

5. Reyna Seagrass Rug


This one is the epitome of simplicity wrapped in luxury. Imagine those posh celebrity homes where you see a beige carpet on the hardwood floors with a black border, well the Reyna Seagrass rug is the same. It is like a plain canvas that leaves you a lot of room for creativity. You can throw in some off the favorite elements of your décor or you can realign your existing pieces, the Reyna Seagrass Rug will beautifully complement everything either way.

6. Maritime Seagrass Rug


The maritime Seagrass Runner rug is one of our bestsellers because of an all-beige theme. The seagrass rug is a complete package of authentically designed weaves and finely sewn borders with a glimpse of trivial décor ideas. You can have the best features in one simple runner rug, because it is stylish, durable and yet cost-effective.

7. Ruby Cotton Seagrass Rug


Are you looking for something quirky, something bright yet subtle and something durable for your flooring? Then the Ruby Cotton seagrass rug is here to add up to all your requirements. With a beautiful shade of mélange brown and fine edges, the ruby cotton seagrass rug has a beautiful wave pattern. It is a fit for both modern as well as traditional homes and the shade is an absolute stunner to die for.

8. Alps Mountain Grass Rug


With extra wide brown binding and in the dimensions of 6’x9’, the Alps Mountain Seagrass rug is a complete treat for your eyes. It is soft to trod on and the pattern is simple with a contrasting shade of olive green borders to delaminate the rug from your flooring. The Alps Mountain Grass rug is a brilliant option to layer your décor and the best part is you can add charm to your flooring with this rug without burning a hole in your pocket.

9. Antolia Seagrass Rug


Featuring a red border and in the dimensions of 8’x10’, the Antolia Seagrass rug is a real head turner. The weave pattern and especially the earthy-tone gives a remarkable touch to the Antolia Seagrass rug. Buy it for your home and call your carpeting a masterpiece, because sometimes your floors deserve a little pampering as well.

10. Australia Seagrass Rug


Do you want to bring comfort for your bare feet while jazzing up your floors? Then the Australia Seagrass rug with extra wide binding is your best option to do so. The beige patterned surface with a moss-shaded border makes the rug look effortless on your flooring and the seagrass rugs are soft to touch as well.


1. How do I know if the readymade seagrass rugs will fit my home?

Mostly all our readymade rugs are made in a typical dimension to suit the needs of every space. But if you have a certain dimension in mind or you are looking for something more specific, you can always order custom seagrass rugs.

2. Won’t the beige seagrass rugs look boring on my flooring?

Not at all! In fact, it will spice your flooring up with a voguish shade of beige.

3. Will seagrass rugs last for a year if I use them in my foyer?

Seagrass rugs have a reckoned name in the rug industry because of their unrivaled durability. Yes, they can last them for a year, if you maintain them properly and you can definitely use them in your foyer, they will look stunning there and they can withstand the foot traffic as well.

4. Can the seagrass rugs withstand the weight of my end table?

Yes, they can. But our seagrass rugs are perfect for placing small coffee tables and ottomans because they look adorable like that. Try our suggestion or go for our rugs for your end table. You won’t be disappointed either way!

5. Are natural fiber rugs worth the price?

We will say yes, they are. They are eco-friendly, durable, and yes they bring this beautiful, calming earthy appeal to your home that everyone around can’t stop cherishing. You can pick one among our best sellers or select one among our best seagrass rugs 2021.

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