Best Pet-Friendly Rugs Made of Natural Fibers

Best Pet-Friendly Rugs Made of Natural Fibers

Jul 15th 2020

Every house that has a pet could benefit from one or more pet-friendly rugs. Today, pets are just as much part of a household as any other family member, and for this reason, you probably want to equip your house with some pet-safe luxuries.

Pet-friendly rugs are not only comfortable, but also durable enough to handle scratching and occasional chewing, and are made from safe material that won’t cause or aggravate existing allergies.

The good news is, having pet-friendly rugs does not mean compromising on your style or overall decor. If you are looking to update your home with some amazing pet-friendly rugs, here are some great suggestions.

Jute Rugs

Jute is a natural fiber native to many regions within South India, and, with the exception of cotton, is the county’s most prominent vegetable fiber.

Jute rugs are among some of the best rugs for dogs. If you’re still in the process of training your dog, they might have a few accidents in the house. However, a jute rug can be cleaned easily with a dry carpet cleaning solution.

You can also use a spot cleaner to blot or when vacuuming to clean stains. The smell is also another concern you should consider when buying your rug. Thankfully, jute rugs can be treated by spraying baking soda on the rug before vacuuming in order to remove harmful odors

Sisal Rugs

When looking for the most durable carpet for pets, there isn’t much better than a sisal rug. Sisal adds warmth and comes in a wide array of designs, colors, and weaves to suit different personalities and complement your personal house décor. If you get your sisal rug from NaturalArea Rugs, it will also come fitted with a non-slip backing for extra safety.

Sisal provides a better choice to synthetic options as it’s not made using the harmful compounds that are used in manufacturing most synthetic rugs. Being from 100% natural fiber, sisal rugs are safe for both people and pets with allergies and respiratory problems.

To get the most of your sisal rug, try and keep it from getting wet as water has been known to cause stains. Just like jute, you can maintain its cleanliness with simple vacuuming and can be combined with baking soda to eliminate bad odors.

Contemporary Wool

Wool options offer very stylish and decorative pet-friendly area rugs. Aside from this, they also provide warmth and can keep your furry friend cozy during chilly evenings or winter months.

These rugs are typically made from wool derived from alpacas, goats, and sheep, meaning they are environmentally friendly and unlikely to cause or exacerbate any existing allergies.

If it stains, any usual wool stain remover can help take the stain right off. Vacuum it just as you do your other carpets and consider taking it for a professional wash once every year or so.

Grass Rugs

These are made from seagrass (or sometimes mountain grass) and are ideal for anyone with young pets that have yet to be house trained. As great options for stain resistant area rugs, these will keep your home looking nice in case of any accidents. In fact, most stains can be cleaned by simply wiping them off the rug's surface.

However, if you encounter stubborn stains on a seagrass rug, 2 quarts of water, one teaspoon of vinegar, and one teaspoon of detergent should do the trick. You can also take it to the dry cleaners for deep cleaning if necessary.

Seagrass is also highly durable and can take a lot of activity from your pets without showing any significant signs of damage.

At Natural Area Rugs, we understand how much you value both your pets and home! We strive to create rugs that are safe, comfortable, durable and fit seamlessly into your household decor. You can even create your own customized rug for your furry friends, too. If you want to learn more about the most durable rugs and carpet for pets, then reach out to us for more information.

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