Best Jute Rugs of 2021

Best Jute Rugs of 2021

Mar 25th 2021

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. How to Decorate with Jute Rugs?
  3. Why Choose Natural Fibres?
  4. Factors to Consider while Choosing the Best Rug for Your Space?
  5. Know About Jute Rugs
  6. Usage of Jute for Rugs
  7. Cleaning Guide of Jute Rugs
  8. Jute vs. Seagrass Rugs - Which one to opt for?
  9. Choose the Ideal Rug from the Best Jute Rugs 2021
  10. Takeaway
  11. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


The overall appeal of your home comprises of all the elements from the flooring to the ceiling. However, as your flooring is the first thing that people notice when they step foot in your home, so, you should make it look impeccable and immaculate. While revamping your home or renovating your space, changing the flooring can burn a hole in your pocket. Luxurious flooring isn’t everyone’s piece of cake, but getting a brilliant rug to cover the flaws in your flooring can be a brilliant idea. Besides being extremely convenient, floor rugs tend to give an aesthetic appeal to your space. Especially, if your space looks way too mundane then adding a rug can lift the bland look, and escalate your décor game.

Rugs, nowadays, are stylish and quite versatile, and when paired rightly, they can bring forth a sense of coordination. With great texture and astounding beauty jute rugs add subtle color tones to your home.

Irrespective of whether you are looking a rug for your traditional homes, or you are searching for rugs for your contemporary space, natural fiber rugs can be your one-stop solution. Besides, they come in a versatile range of designs that make them flexible enough to fit in any space. These are not only elegant but are quite durable and comfortable as well. However, with a bewildering range of natural fiber rugs in the market, finding the ideal rug isn't easy. To make rug shopping easy for you, here are some suggestions for the best jute rugs 2021. Surf through the top-notch natural area rugs and the tips to pick them and select the ideal rug for your beautiful home!!

How to Decorate with Jute Rugs?

If you think selecting the right rug is difficult, then try fitting your rug in your décor. That might be overwhelming if you don’t do it right. The extraordinary texture, exquisitely woven designs, and warm-toned hues are something that makes the jute rugs stand out amongst all. To ensure that you pair them right, be it in your home or office, here’s a brief guide for you.

For Office

Do you want your office to look chic, sophisticated, and modern? Then, take a look at our decor suggestions with the best jute rugs 2021.

  • Make a statement with the flooring - Though choosing the jute rugs for their versatile features is always a yes, but did you know that you can make a statement with them? Especially if you are into the interiors and designing business, keeping an eye on the variety of floor rug designs and styling it right, might help you impress your clients right away.
  • Keep it minimal - For someone who doesn't like to add a lot of drama to their office space, keeping everything minimal and toned-down is an enticing alternative. For them, subtly-hued jute rugs can be an exceptional alternative. Just adding an original jute-colored rug would enhance its rustic look and feel, and contrast well with an all-white interior.
  • Add some colors - Just because you're opting for a jute rug, doesn't mean you cannot play with colors. If your office looks a little too bland, and you want it to look bright and contrasting, adding a jute rug having borders of red, black, blues or any vibrant shades, would amp up the decor instantly.

For Home

Home isn't just about a brick-and-wall structure, but the creativity you put in every corner, that makes a difference. While the western rugs and mats are good, the jute rugs bring in a homely touch, which isn't something you would want to miss. Here, we have some suggestions to decorate your home space with exquisite jute rugs.

  • Include dark borders - If you want a floor piece to blend well with the lounge area or sitting room, then getting a jute rug that has widened dark borders, would amp up the grace and charm of the space.
  • Make a statement with the pathway - The appeal of your entryway, hallway, foyer, or living room determines what impression you will have on your guests. Your decor needs to stand out, and your flooring in these areas need to make a statement while being durable if you want words of appreciation from your guests. As it's the most used area of your home, we suggest going for a hard, textured, and heavy-weight rug that is capable of withstanding the foot traffic dirt and keeping it clean.
  • Keep it simple with a herringbone pattern - For someone who doesn't like the rug to be over the top when it comes to the bedroom decor, a simple herringbone pattern jute rug seems to be the ideal one. Unlike other natural fiber rugs, this one is neither too overwhelming nor too dull and would bring comfort to your feet as well.
  • Personalize your corner - Not everyone is interested in revamping their entire home with jute rugs. If you're one of them, then personalizing a particular corner with smaller and circular, textured jute rugs can work right. Either make it your reading corner, or sit and sip on your morning coffee, and feel the ultimate comfort beneath your feet.
  • Contrast it well with the dining - Though wood and jute are in a similar color-tone, both can contrast each other well when paired rightly. If you have wooden dining chairs and tables, then pairing a neutral-colored and textured jute rug can blend very well with it.

Why Choose Natural Fibres?

To be honest, designers swoon over these gorgeous, earthy-toned rugs made of natural fibers. Besides being extraordinary in texture and colors, these are considered to be an extremely eco-friendly and sustainable option to go for. Being a glamorous centerpiece option for your space, these jute rugs enhance the rustic touch and enhance the vibe of your space in no time.

Though there are ample options from Sisal to Seagrass when it comes to natural fibers, yet, the best jute rugs 2021 stands out because of their versatility. Besides the gorgeousness of the Jute fiber, the comfort it gives to the feet due to its plant-based origin and wool-like softness; is undoubtedly out of the world.

Factors to Consider while Choosing the Best Rug for Your Space

Several factors come into play while choosing an area rug for your living space. Especially, if you like to add colors and textures to your space, and layer it up with different elements, then you need to go through some discerning apsects to bind everything in your décor together. Are you wondering how to do so? Then here are some ideas regarding best jute rugs 2021 that are inspired by the in-vogue décor trends. Dive in!

  • Include dark borders - If you want a floor piece to blend well with the lounge area or sitting room, then getting a jute rug that has widened dark borders, would amp up the grace and charm of the space.
  • Color - Before you focus on any other factors, the color of the rug must be primarily taken into consideration. How the rug complements your zone of interest, depends completely on the enthralling shade that it features. Make sure that the shades of the rug are contrasting and complementing with the color of the whole space. Instead, if you choose a color that is too warm-toned or way too bright, the whole interior of the space might go out of balance.
  • Size - The thumb rule for determining the dimension of the rug is to select one whose size is directly proportional to the size of the rug. This means that the rug’s size will become smaller or larger depending on how small or large is your space. However, if you want to experiment a bit, then go with layering. If your chosen space is way too big, then begin with a custom-trimmed, small-sized rug in a neutral color, and then layer it up with a similar one of contrasting colors. Layering or including contrasting borders to the rug would give it a certain definition of space, and add a modern touch as well.
  • Shape - The shape of rug that you pick for your home can also have a huge difference. Talking of the round ones, these bring in a playful and personal touch to the whole space, and can ideally be used under the center tables or at the reading corners. Whereas, the rectangular and square-shaped ones invite a formal and neat look to space, which makes them the perfect choices for the office spaces.
  • Patterns - One must never ignore patterns when it comes to the jute rugs. The hand-woven and intricate patterns look quite aesthetic and add depth and textures to them as well. While the abstract patterns seem quirky enough to give your home décor a fun twist. Find out what interests you by going through rug inventories and select one whose pattern seems aesthetically pleasing for you.
  • Areas - Where you place the rug and plan the final setting makes a great difference altogether. Depending on whether it's a lounge area, bedroom, or office space, the portrayal of the rug may vary. The coziness and the warmth of the space can be taken to a whole new level when you choose the right rug for the right space. Experiment and play with the settings a bit before you settle for the ideal setting because hit and trial is the only way to find out which alignment will suit the most for your space.

Features of Jute for Rugs

If you still aren't sure about your choice of the best jute rugs 2021, here are some typical features of jute rugs that might contribute to your decision-making process.

  • Include dark borders - If you want a floor piece to blend well with the lounge area or sitting room, then getting a jute rug that has widened dark borders, would amp up the grace and charm of the space.
  • Durable - Better investments call for better durability and Jute rugs are extremely durable options to take into consideration. Woven tight from thick fibers, these rugs can withstand greater foot traffic without getting loose and untidy overtime.
  • Eco-Friendly - Caring for the environment is everybody's duty, and investing in jute rugs contributes more to the fact. Being originated from the fiber of the plant, the jute rugs are quite sustainable and safe to opt for.
  • Texture - Being woven with hands, the jute rugs bring along a variety of textures. Such a raw texture and intricate detailing not only enhances the look and feel of the space but complements well with any type of interior decor of your space.

Cleaning Guide of Jute Rugs

As Jute rugs have managed to secure their share of popularity in the market, let's pay some attention to the cleaning guide of jute rugs. Here's all the information you need to know.

  • Tools required
  • Butter Knife
  • Vacuum
  • Fan or Hair Dryer
  • Soft Towel
  • Mild Detergent
  • Dry Extraction Kit
  • Spot Cleaning
  • Your jute rug might accumulate spots overtime and after regular usage. It can be anything from a spilled wine to curry. Be it any type of spot, letting it sit for longer would only worsen it. Make sure you are scrubbing the area with mild detergents, and not rubbing it off. If you can clean it instantly, then put a white cotton cloth on it so that it can soak the excess moisture from the rug, and wouldn't lead to a strong spot.

  • Pet Cleaning
  • If you have pets, you would know the difficulty it might lead to when your pets end up messing up with your jute rug. Instances when your pet vomits, poops, or urinates on the rug, require instant and time to time cleaning. The best thing would be to avoid spreading the dirt throughout the rug and cleaning it as soon as possible.

  • Regular Cleaning

Though jute rugs aren't quite high-maintenance, you must know how to clean them regularly to ensure great durability. You can do a daily vacuum if there isn't much dirt or spot cleaning is required for your rug. However, stick to the suction mode more than going for the beater brush as it might affect the texture of the rug.

Tips to Clean the Jute Rug

Having suggested all the cleaning tips, it's now time to give you some expert cleaning tips.

  • Do not rub the spill as it might make it spread wider.
  • Apply club soda on the stain for easy removal.
  • Vacuum regularly for easy maintenance.
  • Do not apply water otherwise it might shred the fiber.
  • Hire professional services once in a while.

Jute vs. Seagrass Rugs - Which one to opt for?

Though jute and seagrass stand out to be some of the best natural fibers, yet we can present you with certain points of differences that will help you make the right choice. Both Seagrass and Jute cater to the decorative choice of humans but there are quite some differences when it comes to the texture and decoration.

As Seagrass grows underwater, it is dried before using and tends to be very stiff, thus it might not be as comfortable as jute on your feet. On the other hand, as jute rugs are made of plant stalk with no trace of leaves in them, they give a wool-like finish and feel softer and comfortable to the feet.

Talking of texture as well, both seagrass and jute have ample of it; however, only jute can offer you ample pattern and design options to choose from. From simple to gorgeous, you can blend a jute rug as you wish to, while it’s comparatively tough given the coarse and rough texture of Seagrass.

Choose the Ideal Rug from the Best Jute Rugs 2021



Hand-woven with care and intricacy, the "CALVIN" CHUNKY BEIGE JUTE RUG by Natural Area Rugs comes as the ideal fit for every place, be it an office or home. The elegance and appeal of the eco-friendly jute natural area rug captivates you while being soft for your skin. Besides, the 100% natural fiber and exquisite hand-sewn details make the jute rug stand out amongst all.



From a wide variety of nine-size options to choose from, the braided jute rug is one of the most beautifully tailored options for your home. You can get it either in a circular shape or in a square shape accordingly. The exquisite texture of the rug blends really well with the tans, browns, and greens present in it. The best part about the rug is that it is reversible, and can be used alternatively on both sides.



With a variety of colors and dimensions, the "VENICE" JUTE RUG is made with 100% natural fiber and eco-friendly material. The hand-woven rug looks quite elegant and comes as a great choice for every space. Whether you have a modern interior setting or not, it hardly matters because the jute rug is quite versatile and blends well with every setting.



If you want something vibrant and yet quite subtle to look at, then the "CHAMBERS" BEIGE JUTE RUG can be the ideal choice for you. Consisting of 100% natural rug fiber, the product features a natural charm and detailed texture to lift the ambiance of any space instantly. Considering the excellent detailing and innovative craftsmanship, you'll hardly find a second option for such a rug.



Who doesn't like some cool blend of colors? By choosing a jute rug, you wouldn't really compromise on the particular factor. Besides contributing as a central decor piece to the area, the multi-colored jute rug has an aesthetic touch for revitalizing any ambiance.



The Rialto braided Jute Chindi Rug is a celebration of hues. Available in a variety of sizes, the circular rainbow-colored jute rug can be an ideal choice for a luxury home. It has a chic and modern touch to it and offers a highly affordable price range. Being a combo of cotton and jute, maintaining the rug becomes quite easy, and it doesn't accumulate stains easily. The piece, however, is worth investing in because it is a reversible rug, and can be turned on either side while using thus adding to its durability.



Do you want to add a corporate touch to your workspace, but without including anything stark? Well, then the "LENORE" GRAY JUTE RUG is exactly the rug you've been waiting for. With 20% cotton and 80% Natural Jute, the chic and exquisite gray jute rug would complement every office decor ideally. Lastly, the lightest whites and bolder grays contribute to the rustic look of the space.



Adding some traditional touch to a corner of your home isn't easy, especially when the rest of it has a modern touch to it. However, adding such a naturally-styled jute rug can help you achieve the goal in no time. The neutral, earthy, and warm tones of the rug are meant to soothe the eye add charm to any space.

9. Claudia Beige Jute Rug


Discover finesse in simplicity with our Claudia beige rug. Made with the finest quality jute and hand loomed by artisan rug makers, this Claudia beige jute rug is elegant and feels soft on bare feet. Get one for your space and be the next interior trendsetter!

10. Jewel Beige Jute Rug


With an enthusiasm for making subtleness the next new trend, we launched the JEWEL Beige Jute rug as the gem of our inventory. Woven with care by taking every possible detail into consideration, this fine jute rug tells the tales of glorious artisans who put their blood and sweat in creating a masterpiece out of jute.


Your home decor reflects you, and so does your choice of rugs. How your rugs look speaks a lot about you and describes your taste. So, why take a chance? Take help from our suggestions regarding the best jute rugs 2021, and make your choice!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can I use Jute rugs for outdoor use?

Yes, Jute, made of natural fiber, can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes as it can withstand great foot traffic.

2. Do I get to swatches to match my flooring?

Yes, you can avail of swatches from our side. Moreover, you can also avail of custom-made rugs for your space.

3. Shall I take care of getting slipped away?

Though Jute rugs have enough friction to make your flooring slip resistant, but you can always use rug pads to add extra safety and avoid any unfortunate accidents.

4. Will these rugs be comfortable for my pets?

The rugs made by Natural Area Rugs are absolutely eco-friendly and safe for pets to use. You can even avail of customized pet rugs from us.

5. Are Jute fibers comfortable for hot and humid weather conditions?

Yes, Jute is a natural fiber and thus acts as a natural dehumidifier, and absorbs heat when placed on the floor. Undoubtedly, it is an ideal choice for every weather condition.

The great thing about jute rugs is that it is season neutral. It can keep you warm in the winters, and comfy during summers. Hope you liked this brief knowhow on jute rugs. We will be back with more informational and interactive posts about ways to enhance your indoors with area rugs.

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