Best Custom Sisal Rugs

Best Custom Sisal Rugs

Mar 26th 2021

Table of Contents:

  1. Overview
  2. Why to get a custom rug for your space?
  3. Sisal rugs making your aesthetics delightful
  4. Cleaning a custom Sisal rug made easy
  5. Jute vs. Sisal: Which is the best option?
  6. Surfing through the best 10 custom sisal rug
  7. FAQs


Everyone wants to live in a home that is aesthetically pleasing and beautifully arranged. If you want to pull together every element in your scintillating space, then everything should be perfect from top to bottom. Talking about the very bottom, have you ever thought about amplifying the looks of your flooring? If so, then selecting a rug can be a great option. A captivating, comfy rug can effortlessly transform any room by changing the look and mood of the space while deciphering practical benefits. Rugs protect your delicate hardwood floors, keep your home warm, reduce noise and prove as a stunning addition to your décor. Especially when you get the best custom sisal rugs for your space, you can hide the imperfections of your floor in one chic fell swoop. So, let’s find out about custom sisal rugs and how you can get one for your home.

Why get a custom rug for your space?

If you are revamping your space or you are trying to make a change to your flooring within a restrained budget, then you might simply consider adding rugs to the floors in certain areas. Rugs feature a lot of advantages. In general, rugs can be a great addition, but custom rugs will make you feel like the rugs and floors are made for each other.

  • Throw light in the shady areas
  • If you have laminate or dark hardwood floors that are a staple for contemporary homes then you might need some light for your space. Yes, the floorings are stunning but they can also drain a lot of light from spaces and make them dull. But when you get custom natural area rugs in a lighter tone then they can give you the best mix of richness and airiness while brightening up your space in a jiffy.
  • Escalate your décor by changing the color theme
  • Custom rugs are also an instant way to change the color theme of your home while creating a soft, luxurious underfoot surface. The custom rugs can divide rooms into different areas and create the theme that you want for your space.
  • Get a theatrical feeling in your home
  • A readymade rug can enhance your home décor, but when you buy a custom rug you get the perfect whimsical addition that you can use to make a bold statement. You order custom rugs based on your décor requirements so the rugs may serve as the perfect complement for your room with the dimension, texture, pattern or contrast. Rugs can add warmth or a cool tone to your space, anchor a room and layer your overall décor.
  • An inviting appeal to your mundane home
  • A living room, foyer, entryway or anything between your great outdoors and your well-thought-out interiors is your first impression as a homemaker. Styling these spaces can be quite challenging because you have to tastefully merge the theme of your home and your persona with the outdoor natural elements. You cannot change the entire flooring whenever you decide to revamp your home according to your mood, but you can always get a custom rug to create a welcoming space for your visitors.

Sisal rugs making your aesthetics delightful

Recently, natural fiber rugs are seeing a tremendous surge in popularity because they are sustainable, renewable, and stunning. They provide a rustic, sophisticated appeal to your house while escalating the vibrancy of any space. Ranging from jute to wool there are several mind-blowing options when it comes to Natural area rugs, but Sisal is by far one of the most popular options among all.

Sisal is one of the most durable carpeting options that you can get and the look of sisal is something for which it is prized. Because of being a natural fiber carpeting material, it is good for people with asthma and allergies and unlike synthetic materials like nylon, it is flame-retardant. Sisal is biodegradable, anti-static, super absorbent for quick cleaning and low maintenance.

Carpeting can burn a hole in your pocket, but sisal rugs won’t do that for you. Sisal rugs are unbelievably gorgeous and they form a bewitching base to work from while decorating a room. They don’t show day-to-day dirt and dust and they are durable enough to last for years. There are several benefits of selecting Sisal rugs over the conventional factory-based ones, but a custom sisal rug is something different.

When you select the best custom sisal rugs for your astounding space, they add a personalized touch to your home. They can be your perfect rug for layering beneath and it will look like a masterpiece on its own. As personalized sisal rugs are bought according to the dimension preferences, they allow you the liberty to be creative with the other elements in your décor. Besides, custom sisal rugs will fit perfectly in your home because of their remarkable dimension-correctness. You can have a dimensionally correct rug that can match your interiors effortlessly. What else can anyone want?

Cleaning a custom Sisal rug made easy

Rugs are probably the most roughly used home improvement accessory. You trod over them, spillover them, and whatnot. Even sometimes your rugs have to go through pet hair, mud that you bring in, and whatnot. A shabby-looking rug isn’t just a major turn-off for the eyes but it can also be a carrier of a few diseases inside your neat and tidy homes. Especially if you have infants or pets at your place, then a dirty rug can cost them their health because it is the direct point of contact for them. However, you can keep your rugs clean with a bit of daily maintenance and once in a while cleaning. Here’s a guide on keeping your sisal rugs squeaky clean. Dive in!

Stain cleaning

Most carpets have this eternal spot of the coffee spill, chocolate stain, or some fuzzy mud stain over them that simply refuse to come out. Have your guests ever asked you about what is that spot or have you been embarrassed by some dirty-looking stain on your carpet? Then it’s high time to switch to the procedure of stain cleaning to get those stubborn stain spots out of your rugs. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you out. Have a look!

  • At the very first sight when your carpet gets a stain, you must blot the rug at the place of the stain with any soft absorbent paper towel or cloth. You must make sure that you soak or bloat the spot long enough so that the stain should absorb enough liquid cleaner.

  • In case if there is any solid accumulation over the stain, then scrape it o by using any flat tool or a blunt knife and again follow the blotting process as listed above.

  • To clean the rug’s surface, you can use your own effective cleaning liquid, or you can create a solution of 1tsp white vinegar with 1tsp mild detergent and two quarts of tepid water. You can dip the rug in the solution or you can dab the solution on the carpet with a clean cloth. Then use a hairdryer or any cloth blow dryer to help your rug dry. You can use this to clean any stubborn stain ranging from wine and chocolate to tea and coffee and the process will leave your surface clean.

Daily cleaning

The best way to boost the lifespan of your sisal rugs is to clean them daily. Whether you are talking about the dust and dirt that accumulates on your carpet or you are talking about the minute debris that keeps piling up on the delicate threads of your captivating rugs, you can always vacuum your rugs daily or do regular dusting to keep them clean. Although deep cleaning isn’t always necessary, if you have professional help, then you can go for deep cleaning as well. This will make them look like they are new and your carpet will last longer with the same vibrancy and beauty that it carries in on the very first day in your home.

Pet Cleaning

Undoubtedly your pets will be your little sunshine, your little bundle of joy, and whatnot. But pets can be messy sometimes. Often they get in your home with their mud-ridden paws or bring in ticks and worms that get stuck in your home. Or sometimes their fur, urine, or feces produce a stinking smell that you cannot avoid. To clean mud and feces use a scrape to clean the solid waste and then repeat the process of spot cleaning. For pet urine, you can use a paper towel to absorb the liquid and then use your liquid cleaner with vinegar to get rid of the stain along with the foul odor.

Jute vs. Sisal: Which is the best option?

Jute and Sisal both are extraordinary options for Natural Fiber rugs in your home. They are durable, beautiful, and yes bio-degradable and eco-friendly. They can alleviate the overall look of your home without you having to lift a finger and provide a distinguished and sophisticated appeal to your space. But, in case if you have to select one, here’s a sheer difference between the two.


Jute is probably one of the most sought options when it comes to natural fiber area rugs. They are delicate, soft to touch, and the dream of every Nordic home decorator. Jute is generally woven from the stalks of jute plants and jute rugs have a natural soft brown hue that can be dyed and woven in several creative designs. Jute is one of the softest of all-natural fibers and so it is less durable. Therefore, jute rugs are perfect for areas with less foot traffic where your bare feet will like to enjoy the gentle weave and the soft touch of the fabric.


Sisal on the other hand comes from a cactus known as Agave Sisalana because of which they are far more tough and durable than jute. You can get the best custom sisal rugs for your delightful homes because they aren’t just stylish and swanky, they are eco-friendly as well. Sisal rugs add a rustic touch to your home and are a perfect fit for any sort of Bohemian or shabby chic décor. They add the element of mystique for you while protecting your beautiful flooring from wear and tear. Why just home? As sisal rugs are great for both heavy and light traffic, you can also pick them for your hotel lobby or commercial space. They will go great with every ambiance and can resist all the strain.

What to pick?

The clear comparison of both the natural fiber options suggests that you must always go for sisal when you are stuck between Jute and sisal. Sisal is less expensive and yes, it will last longer than jute while giving your home a more premium feel.

Surfing through the best 10 custom sisal rug

Just like any other varieties of rugs, there is a bewildering variety of Sisal rugs in the market as well. However, to make it easier for you, here’s a list of our best custom sisal rugs that can suit your beautifully designed homes. Have a look!

1. Osaka Custom Sisal Rug


Do you believe in simplicity and want something basic yet beautiful for your home? Then you should go for the Osaka Custom Sisal rug. It is specifically designed to suit the décor demands of both contemporary as well as conventional homes. The double-hued checks and the beautiful borders with finely bound edges make the custom rug a pure catch for your mundane floors. Plus, as they are custom you can order one according to your dimension requirements. Now that’s what we call a deal!

2. Divine Custom Sisal Rug


Featuring a premium golden undertone and jet black borders, the Divine Custom Sisal Rug will be nothing less than a divine addition for your home. The best part of this rug is the weave which is done considering all the minute details and intricacies. Because of the golden tone, the rug can pair perfectly with your hardwood floors or black tiles and the best part is that these are custom rugs so they will look like they are made for only your home. Hurry up, the stocks are limited!

3. Shanghai Custom Sisal Rug


Won’t it be great to own something that looks like it is straight from the lands of kings and queens? Well, if you are looking for one such piece, then the Shanghai Custom Sisal rug is your one-stop solution. The rug is one of our best sellers because it has a brilliant pattern along with a bewitching texture. It has a huge fan base because it brings in the posh effect into your typical home and escalates your décor without burning a hole in your pocket.

4. Oslo Custom Sisal Rug

Seattle Custom Sisal Rug


Inspired by the finest artisans, the Oslo Custom Sisal Rug is a consolidation of the talent of professional rug makers. With intricate weaves and a captivating shade, the Oslo Custom Sisal rug is one of its kind. It isn’t just fire-retardant, durable and 100% eco-friendly, it is also custom, so it fits the dimension of your space perfectly while morphing your flooring into a complete masterpiece. Buy one for your living room, bedroom, dining room or porch and show you classy side out!

5. Talas Custom Sisal Rug


Are you searching for perfection in a budget? I so, then the Talas Custom Sisal rug can be a real deal-maker to stun eyes. With a melange shade and a dramatic vibe, the rug binds all the elements of your décor without any setbacks. The custom Talas sisal rug will give your home a cultivated and dignified appeal while providing you a neat base to safeguard your precious flooring.

6. Dorset Custom Sisal Rug


Believe it or not, but the Dorset Sisal rugs is one of our best sellers because it particularly goes with any theme. With a textured beige surface and jet black borders, the Dorset Custom sisal rug is a creative boon that your interiors can indulge in. You can pair thee Dorset Custom rug in a Scandinavian theme, the black or white minimal interiors, or simply with a dash of Bohemian shades, and the rug will do justice to any kind of décor.

7. Barton Sisal Rug


Isn’t a shade of blue the best splash that your interiors can have? The blue shade is often related with peace and calmness and so we have brought you an aqua blue rug with black borders that will make you feel like you are straight by the ocean. Buy your Barton Custom Sisal rug and take a piece of tranquillity for your flooring.

8. Blair Custom Sisal Rug


Do you want to bring the country life into your home and feel like you are on a vacation every day? Then you should surely go for the Blair Custom Sisal rug that adds a touch of casualness yet style at your home.

9. Porto Custom Sisal Rug


We call it our Greek dream because it looks like the Greek gods have had their small get together over it! No kidding the Porto Custom Sisal rug is an absolute beauty and it looks like the eye candy of every décor enthusiast who wants to spice up their floor.

10. Vida Custom Sisal Rug


Have you had ever thought about bringing in the posh effect to your elegant homes? Do you love how the celebrity homes have a continual, flowy décor where every element matches with the other? Well, we can’t control all the elements but we do can provide you the Vida Custom Sisal rug that goes with every aspect of your space.


1. Will the Sisal rug complement the minimal theme of my home?

Yes, they will. Sisal rugs aren’t just comfortable and chic, they also add flairs to minimal decors because of having a neutral tone and swanky appeal. They are like a blank canvas with which you can experiment and sisal rugs also brighten up your space instantly.

2. Can the sisal rug be kept clean with regular vacuuming?

Yes they can be, but in case you get a stain, deeply stuck pet fur, or any other stubborn spot, then you can always make it clean with the steps mentioned above.

3. How long will it take for my customized rug to reach me?

We try to deliver your favorite rug as soon as possible. However, there might be some problems in logistics or manufacture. Generally speaking, the distance of your place from our shipment location decides how long your rug will take to reach you.

4. Can Sisal rug help in noise reduction?

A Sisal area rug can significantly decrease the noise in your space. As compared to other rugs or carpets, the Sisal area rugs are quieter to walk on and they absorb the sound from the air. The hard surface floor doesn’t absorb the sound and might cause an echo in your room, whereas the sisal rugs absorb sound while preventing its reflection.

5. I want a sisal rug for my stairs. Do I need to buy carpet accessories for that?

There are custom sisal stair treads that you can opt for, and they make your surface anti-slip as well. But when you go for carpet/rug accessories they add to the durability of your carpet and helps it to align properly without slipping or folding on the corners and edges.

Custom rugs come with flexibility for the buyers to choose the shape, size, and binding of their preference, which they can match with their home/office interior. Share and comment on our take regarding custom sisal rugs. Stay tuned for more interactive blogs on rugs and treads.

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