Area Rug Materials

Area Rug Materials

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Apr 26th 2019

The choice of materials or fibers that are used in the creation of a rug is one of the most important aspects of locating the ideal rug for your home and needs. Think about where the rug will be placed. Will it be in a high traffic area? If so, the best option might be a rug that is easy to care for and durable. On the other hand, your formal dining room might call for something a bit more delicate.

Here is a quick look at some of the natural fibers that are used in the rugs at Natural Area Rugs and some suggestions for their use.


Area Rug Materials

This is a natural fiber that we get from a plant that is naturally found in Bangladesh and India. You will also find this fiber in burlap and twine. The fibers tend to be soft and smooth and have a waxy sort of sheen, making it the softest option. Rugs made from jute have a rich texture combined with a tonal variation that is completely natural. This makes them great for hiding stains and/or spills. That being said, they are not quite as durable as rugs made from sisal or seagrass. These rugs are great for use in medium traffic areas such as dining rooms and bedrooms.


Area Rug MaterialsSisal 

fibers come from the agave plant. You can find these plants growing naturally in Brazil, East Africa and Central America. Of the three fibers discussed here today, this is the one that is the most durable and strongest. Due to this, it is also the one that tends to be the most expensive. Sisal rugs tend to be hardy enough to be able to stand up to even the pets that scratch the most. However, they can also have a tendency to fade when they are left for long periods of time in direct sunlight. Water can also discolor them. These are good for use in high traffic areas.


Area Rug Materials

If you were to look for where seagrass comes from, you would need to visit bodies of water in the Asian Pacific area. This is a reedy plant that grows in water. The yarn produced from it is non – porous and quite strong. This material is also resistant to stains of all types. When you spill water on it, the rug will appear to be discolored but don’t worry. As soon as it dries, the natural color will return. Seagrass rugs tend to be tightly woven which makes them great for areas that see a lot of traffic. They are durable enough to last you for many years to come too.

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