All About Shag Rugs

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Feb 11th 2012

Shag rugs have been a popular addition to homes for several years, and are a great way to add some style and color to even the most neutrally colored spaces. There are several types of shag rugs available, including high quality wool and chenille.

Types of Shag Material

There are three main types of shag rugs: Synthetic shag rugs made from synthetic silk and rayon blends, wool shag rugs and chenille shag rugs. Depending on your personal tastes and the use you have planned for your rugs, each of these three choices has some advantages. Synthetic shag rugs can be used in high traffic areas with little damage from constant wear and tear. Synthetic rugs are also less costly than natural fiber rugs and chenille shag rugs. Chenille and wool shag rugs are more comfortable, however. Chenille is one of the softest materials available, and is a high quality material that will not shed as other types of shag rugs, especially synthetic rugs, are known to do. Chenille shag rugs also have a comfy one inch pile that makes it one of the softest, most comfortable rugs available. Wool shag rugs are also an excellent choice for comfort and durability. Wool shag rugs do shed, however, and are best for low traffic areas such as bedrooms or formal living rooms. Wool shag rugs are slightly deeper than chenille rugs, making them comfortable even after a long day of work.

Cleaning Your Shag Carpet

To clean your shag rugs, you will need to vacuum them regularly. If you have a spill on your shag rug, then you will need to remove the excess liquid and carefully wash the area with a mild soap and warm water. If you have a shag rug made from natural materials, you do not want to use any harsh chemicals on the material, since it can be damaged by chemicals. You can also have your chenille or wool shag rugs professionally cleaned once or twice a year. Wool can be cleaned professionally less frequently, since the material is naturally stain resistant and can be spot cleaned with warm water and mild detergent.

Sizes Available

Shag rugs are available in several standard sizes, including eight by ten and twelve by nine. You will find it hard to locate smaller shag rugs made from natural materials, since the demand for those sizes is relatively small. Chenille shag rugs are available in the six by nine size, which is perfect for a bedside rug that makes starting the day a wonderfully comfortable experience.

Ordering Your Shag Rugs Online

When you order you shag rugs, you should look for an online company that guarantees your satisfaction unconditionally. A high quality company will also provide excellent shipping details, with a short waiting time before delivery. Ordering natural fiber rugs online is an excellent way to take advantage of the lowest prices and the best quality available, as well.

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