All About Jute Rugs

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Aug 16th 2011

Choosing a rug for your home is a great idea if you want to liven up a room, or if you need to protect your hardwood floors from heavy traffic. There are several different types of rugs to choose from, but one of the most classically popular is the Jute rug, which features designs that include flowers and soft colors that fit into any room nicely.

All Natural Jute

Jute is an all natural fiber that comes from Asia. The fiber has been used, traditionally, to make cloth sacks. The Jute that is used to make rugs is soft and durable, and in its natural state, is a neutral color that works well in any area of your home. Jute is also an environmentally friendly option for your family. The plant is a renewable resource that is easily grown in the wild, and can be replaced easily in the environment. Plus, Jute rugs do not have the chemicals that are commonly found in traditional carpeting.

Jute Rug Styles

The style of Jute rug you choose can be very minimalist or as intricate as you would like. Some people prefer a Jute rug that features pastels or neutral colors, since these rugs look great for an extended period of time and with many different styles of furniture and wall decorations Others prefer to purchase their Jute rug with bold colors, which work especially well when you need to spice up the décor in a small space with limited decorations. For example, a small bathroom may not have enough room for wall decorations, but a lively rug can bring some color and style to the room, and can be order to fit the size of the room exactly. Jute rugs have the appearance of a beautiful tapestry when you purchase the printed options. If you prefer a patterned rug without pictures, then you will love the Jute rugs that employ the use of raised patterns in neutral colors that fit into any space.

Sizes of Jute Rugs

Printed Jute rugs are made for medium sized to large areas, and are available in both eight by ten and nine by twelve sizes that are perfect for your family room or living areas. The rug will not be an exact size, however, since they are made with entirely natural Jute materials. The size will be extremely close to the exact measurements, however. Neutral or solid color, as well as striped, Jute rugs are available in several sizes, including small three by five sizes and larger eight by ten or nine by twelve sizes.

Ordering Your Jute Rug

When you are ready to order your Jute rug, then you will need to know which colors, styles and sizes you want. You can easily find out which options appeal to you most by doing some research online, where you can find reputable dealers who have representative waiting to answer your questions using a toll free number. Once you have found a reputable dealer, and know what you want, then you can order your rug.

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