8 Expert Home Staging Tips

8 Expert Home Staging Tips

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Jan 13th 2020

Once you’ve decided to sell your home, it’s your job to make it look as appealing as possible to potential buyers. A well-staged living space can be the deciding factor in a buyer’s decision to purchase your home over someone else’s. Even if your home contains plenty of attractive amenities and is situated in an optimal location, a poor staging job may cause a future buyer to overlook your living space in favor of a better staged one.

8 Expert Home Staging Tips

While there might seem to be a lot of pressure associated with staging your home perfectly, this goal can easily be achieved with the right strategies. By highlighting your home’s most distinctive features and allowing buyers to feel like they already live there, you can make a lasting impression on each visitor. Here are some of the most effective staging tips that you can utilize no matter what type of home you have.

1. Clean Up

An easy way to give buyers a negative impression of your home is to fail to clean it properly. The very first thing you should do when you have plans to stage your home is to clean the space from top to bottom. Keep in mind that this type of cleaning goes well beyond a routine vacuuming or sweeping. Every aspect of your home, from the countertops to the natural area rugs, should receive adequate attention so that your whole space can truly shine. Additionally, if there are any tasks that you’ve been putting off for too long, like cleaning your oven, your plans to stage your home should motivate you to finally check them off your list.

2. Eliminate Clutter

Once you’ve finished tidying up your home, it’s time to take inventory of your belongings. Any possessions that you don’t truly need should be discarded or donated as soon as possible. Not only does clutter make it difficult for potential homebuyers to navigate your space, but it also causes your home to appear smaller than it actually is. A clean and uncluttered house creates the illusion of extra space, which has the potential to allure a greater number of buyers.

When decluttering your home, be sure to pay particular attention to the closets, which should be completely clean and clutter-free to allow buyers to evaluate their size. Potential buyers may be much more likely to take an interest in your home if your closets show a significant amount of storage potential.

3. Invest in New Kitchen Appliances

An effective way to make your kitchen look brand new without planning an entire remodeling project is to invest in new appliances. Home sellers shouldn’t underestimate the impact that dated appliances can have on an otherwise well-staged kitchen. If you have an old-fashioned dishwasher situated right in the middle of a kitchen with modern décor, you instantly detract from the sleek style you aim to create.

However, the importance of updated kitchen appliances isn’t merely about style. Investing in new appliances can even boost your home’s resale value. Interested buyers tend to be attracted to stylish and high-end features, and updated appliances can help to create the fresh look that buyers crave. To further enhance the value and appeal of your living space, be sure to opt for energy-efficient appliances. These units are known to save money in the long run, which can help buyers view your home as a worthwhile investment.

4. Fix Up the Front Entrance

When potential buyers enter your home, the first thing they’ll notice is your front entrance. This is the perfect opportunity to capture each visitor’s attention right away and entice them to continue exploring your home. Take some time to clean up the entrance and decorate it attractively. Keep in mind that this area of your living space functions as a preview of the rest of your home, so stage the entrance in a way that allows visitors to get a taste of your style as well as the overall atmosphere of your space.

5. Brighten Up Each Room

A home that is well-lit automatically becomes more appealing to potential buyers. Try to incorporate as much light as possible into your home to create a more natural and inviting space. Position your lamps in a way that highlights the most notable features of your home, such as natural area rugs or accent chairs. It’s also a good idea to open up all of your shades during viewings. Not only does more light increase the attractiveness of a home, but it also helps it appear larger.

6. Create More Open Space

You want interested buyers to see everything your home has to offer. To make this possible, it’s important to ensure that they can easily navigate your space. Be sure to create as much open space as possible throughout your home, from the front entrance to the hallways. If you need to, try rearranging your furniture to open up more space in your house. Any items that are too large or that don’t fit in well with the rest of the room should be removed. Not only does rearranging your furniture help to create the illusion of more space, but it also makes it easier for buyers to picture the way they would decorate the room if it were their own.

7. Incorporate Plant Life

A plant or two instantly adds life to any room. Whether you place a vase of flowers on your coffee table or include a potted plant in the foyer, the splash of color can effortlessly brighten up your living space. To help your plants blend into the home more organically, you can even match them to your furniture. Choosing a plant that complements your jute area rugs or wool rugs can allow your home décor to come off as truly professional. No matter what your buyers’ personal tastes are, they can appreciate the beauty of nature in your living space.

8. Focus on the Exterior

The attractiveness of your home isn’t limited to its interior. To persuade buyers to have a look inside, you need to capture their attention as soon as they step foot on your property. Enhancing the exterior of your home also adds to its curb appeal, which directly influences a buyer’s decision to purchase it.

Be sure to thoroughly clean your windows and power-wash your home and walkways to help your property appear brighter and cleaner. Additionally, it’s a good idea to take proper care of your landscaping. Ensure that the lawn is freshly mowed and trim any overgrown greenery outside the house. If you have a porch, you can instantly make it appear more welcoming by strategically including outdoor furniture in the space. While you’re working on improving the curb appeal of your home, remember to put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and ask yourself if you would buy your own house.

Make a Strong First Impression

The process of staging your home like an expert requires a significant amount of careful thought and preparation. Remember to pay attention to every small detail and decorate your home in a way that would attract even casual visitors. Whether you decide to add bright plants or trendy seagrass rugs, every aspect of your home’s appearance counts. It’s up to you to leave a lasting impression on each buyer who visits your home.

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