7 Ways to Decorate Your Home With Area Rugs

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Aug 28th 2012

If you are looking to furnish your new home or office or plan to quickly redecorate your space, you should consider shopping for area rugs. Area rugs are easily the most versatile element in interiors and home decoration. A simple piece of rug, or an elegant carpet, it will add instant charm, changing the personality of the room and the elements in it. It can be as inexpensive or as expensive you want. These days, area rugs come in so many different designs, colors, themes, shapes and combinations. If you are planning to decorate your home with area rugs, read below to find out 7 ways to do it easily.

1. Think of elements that can fit in

If your kitchen is too small, it is only natural that you want something that to open it up. Use a bright carpet in solid color or a light colored carpet with floral motif. If your elegant living room looks bland, get a rich Persian carpet which can become the focus.

2. Select area rugs to fit into a theme

Some people like to follow a theme for their rooms. If your room is already in a theme, it is probably the easiest to get a rug to match the theme. If you have Persian furniture, get a Persian carpet. Or add a country style rug to cane or bamboo furniture.

3. Work on colors

One of the easiest ways of sprucing up your rooms is to work on colors. Analyze the existing colors and pick a rug which compliments them. You can pick a rug which contrasts with the furniture. Pick a rug in light pastel colors to highlight the darker furniture, wall or artifacts. Pick a rug in bright color to unify all the scattered elements. Pick a rug in solid color if the scene is too busy with lots of furniture or display.

4. Compliment existing elements

Use existing elements in the line of vision to pick your rug. If you want certain artifact or display to be in focus, place it on a eye catching rug or place the rug in the line of vision. If there are too many elements in a line of vision, use one bright rug to unify the elements.

5. Experiment with textures

Textures help break the monotony of a space. In a room full of soft textures, you can try placing a bamboo rug in a corner to break the monotony. If your furniture and artifacts have a clean geometry, try a soft rug which makes the feet feel good.

6. Try different shapes

Squares and rectangles are not the only shapes to try. Try round for an attention grabbing center. Use an oval under the dining table to break the geometry.

7. Patterns can do the trick

While solids make an impact, carpets with lots of busy patterns are in focus. Place a carpet with lots of patterns under plain looking furniture or in the middle of the room for maximum attention.

The beauty of using area rugs in interiors is that they can be shifted around and a new look can be attained. Work on your home or office space to pick the rug which works for you.

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