5 Tips to Buy the Perfect Area Rug for any Room

5 Tips to Buy the Perfect Area Rug for any Room

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Mar 14th 2021

Home or office – getting the right interior design rus matters considering the time we spend, and the influence that the ambience has on our mental wellbeing, physical health and comfort, and the work we do. Here are 5 tips for buying the right type of area rug for any room.

Rugs Material

Sisal Rugs Durability and comfort depend upon the type of yarn used in the making of the rug. Broadly, there are two yarn types – natural and synthetic. Natural yarns are made out of plant-derivatives. Sisal, seagrass, jute, and hemp grass are some common plants that support the yarn manufacturing businesses. Polypropylene and poly silk are the popular synthetic materials used to weave rugs. Leather rugs are also getting popular nowadays.

Design and Color

Rugs Designs and Color The way yarns are formed and later the weaving pattern that is observed along with the color selection provide uniqueness to the rug design. A variety of rugs like braided rugs and oval braided rugs are produced using the same yarn or materials. It all depends upon the creativity of the rug makers. At Natural Area Rugs, experienced artisans leverage their imagination to make a variety of rugs. If you are staging a home, you must not ignore this factor.

Care and Maintenance

CUSTOM WOOL SISAL RUG Dining room, bedroom, drawing room or any other space – you expect cleanliness. While selecting an area rug for any room, pay attention to how easy it is to get rid of the dirt that accumulates on the rug’s design patterns or structure. It’s easier to clean sisal rugs and jute rugs than a seagrass one. Rugs based on synthetic yarns like polypropylene or poly silk are easily washable and they dry quick. Spillage of wine, tomato sauce, or anything over the rug is common. Make sure it’s easy to vacuum them or clean them using commonly available detergent or soda because every time, you can’t reach out to a dry cleaner service provider.


You can’t and you shouldn’t ignore this. Rugs based on synthetic raw materials may be cheaper than those based on the natural or eco-friendly materials but the real benefits of 100% natural and organic materials in terms of health and your responsibility towards the ecology far outweigh the synthetic ones. Complexity of the rug design pattern also affects the price. Find the best area rugs for sale online. Apply filters to select rugs by materials, style, pattern, color and size. You may also get deals offering discounts. However, discounts shouldn’t be illusive. See the net price you pay. Is it worth paying for the rug you choose? Think twice.


Reviews speak a lot about the shopper’s experience with their purchases, and may serve as a buyer’s guide. Against every product, we showcase reviews from verified customers. Our healthy Google reviews and ratings (4.5 out of 5.0) reveal the kind of product and service we deliver. We offer 30-day Risk and Hassle-Free Return to help you invest in what you really like, not what we offer.

Hope you found the tips useful in your rug purchase. Share your thoughts!

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