5 Creative Ways to Use Area Rugs

5 Creative Ways to Use Area Rugs

Oct 9th 2020

There are so many different ways to use area rugs, including quite a few that you might have never thought of before.

When it comes to how to style a rug, the most popular option—of course—is to lay it on your floor. Area rugs in particular are very well suited to serve as statement pieces in any room that you put them in, providing both comfort and a focal point that draws in the eye and centers the rest of your décor.

So what else is there? Throw out your rug placement rules and take a look at these five unexpected places to put an area rug for maximum effect and utility.

Creative Area Rug Placement Ideas

Want to mix it up with your area rug placement? Here are some great places to start.

1. Use an area rug to hide a TV

Love your TV or hate it, there’s no denying that it can stand out as a bit of an eyesore in relation to the rest of your interior décor. So why not hide it with a well placed area rug?

Choose a rug that’s just the right size and not too heavy, then hang a rod a few inches above your TV (a standard curtain rod will do, or you could use a simple dowel) and hang the area rug on the rod so it covers up your TV. Instead of a big black box, you’ll have a totally DIY piece of art that can simply be removed when you want to sit down and watch a show.

2. Use an area rug on a chair or settee

An area rug can be a great alternative to a throw blanket on a chair or settee. Opt for one in a fun pattern and soft fabric and drape it over your favorite seating spot. Just be sure to clean it thoroughly if it’s previously been walked on since you’ll want to be able to comfortably curl up under it on chilly days.

3. Use an area rug as a headboard

Turn any boring old headboard into a total showstopper by arranging a pretty area rug over it. This is a great way to make a quick update to your bedroom’s décor, and you can easily swap out the style if you change your bedding with the season.

4. Use an area rug on a bed or daybed

Similar to how a hotel includes a cover on the bed that serves purely as decoration, you can do the same on yours with a stylish area rug. Use one in the guest bedroom for a pop of color or texture, or include an area rug on your own bed as an unanticipated touch. This is especially great if you have pets who like to snooze on your bed since you’ll be able to easily vacuum up any fur that accumulates.

5. Use an area rug as a wall decoration

An area rug as art? You bet! Use sturdy hooks to hang an area rug up on the wall just like you would a tapestry. With so many different styles of rugs out there, you should have no trouble finding something that you love—and that blends in with the rest of your style.

Want More Area Rug Tips?

We’ve got tons more area rug tips on our blog, including tips on how to care for your area rugs and keep them looking their best—regardless of where you use them. So whether you’re looking for more unique ideas on area rug bedroom placement or just need help picking out your perfect rug (or designing a custom one), you’ll find them right here.

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