5 Best Sisal Rugs for Interiors Designers

5 Best Sisal Rugs for Interiors Designers

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Jun 17th 2021

Being an interior designer is hard. It is one such industry where satisfying your client demands something special every time. Each customer wants every interior, every decor to be intricately designed according to them. To create an exclusive portfolio, you must have some impressive decor ideas and exclusive interior designs.

While designing any environment, the first thing which interior designers need to choose is the exclusive decor. Every space demands special attention to make them look authentic. There can be much stuff which is included in the decor section. The list can go on and on. Rug Runners is one special part of decor which you just can’t skip from your mind. After all, it’s the first thing that any person notices when he/she enters any environment. Sisal Rug Runners are in huge demand for both clients and interior designers. Let’s know why:

Why are Sisal rug runners so in for interior designers?

Sisal rugs are the go-to natural rug in any assortment. Interior designers look for certain features in a decor item before recommending it to their clients. They look for Beauty, versatility, durability, timelessness, and customization that somewhere also satisfies the other section of the people.

Natural sisal rugs carry all of these qualities that make them the first choice in flooring. Its earthy colors and arresting textures, and natural colors can enrich any design style, whether it’s traditional, modern, or minimalist. This is officially the sisal rug for designers due to its natural and nontoxic fabric.

Designers can test and try different ideas in sisal rugs to satisfy their clients. If you are the one who wants to satisfy your client then you can peek into these ideas:

Wool Sisal Rug

Handcrafted beautifully from 100% wool and sisal fibers, it’s a match for those who love comfort. Produced from completely renewable resources, it’s the perfect choice for interior designers. These wool sisal rugs are a sustainable and eco-friendly option for your home. Comes in virtually any shape or any size to ensure these are the perfect fit for your environment.

Natural Fiber Sisal Rug

Natural fiber Sisal Rug consists of materials that are grown and are harvested in nature that are further processed into fibers. This idea also consists of other natural fibers that are most commonly used. Designers can customize according to the needs of their clients. But for this, you need to have a thorough understanding of the environments and the needs of the client.

Woven Sisal Rug

These sisal rugs are handwoven to give the ultimate comfort and warmness to your flooring. You can easily customize according to the different sizes and numerous fibers according to the choice of your client. These are comparatively durable and suitable for high-traffic areas of the home. Different varieties are also available in this range.

Custom Sisal Rug

Every client has a different choice in sisal rugs as they offer a wide range of natural fabrics. You just need to know your client’s expectations even in natural fibers and you are good enough to design the sisal rug for any area.

Traditional Sisal Rug

This sisal rug is the most basic one which is mainly suitable for those who don’t like to experiment much. This is a simple yet classic sisal rug made with natural fibers which can suit almost any area of the house.

Don’t let your client waste their precious money on the wrong items! Natural Area Rugs highly recommend the use of exceptional quality sisal rugs which must be your perfect choice. We can say that sisal rugs for designers are here to offer exceptional quality. If you need more detail and inspiration, visit our website or contact us for further details. 

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