3 Reasons Why Jute is the Best Fiber for Bedroom Carpet

3 Reasons Why Jute is the Best Fiber for Bedroom Carpet

Mar 26th 2021

Comfort and allure; that’s the two most apt words to describe the role of a carpet in enhancing the décor of your home. While making the floor look pretty, it offers softness and warmth to your treads. In some ways, it even allows you to create a comfortable spot on the floor to sit and relax with friends and family. There are various ways to plan your floor furnishings. You can put an area rug on the carpet, in case you have a runner covering the length of the room. Otherwise, you can just put a carpet on the bare floor-space or under the table for that added coziness.

Many homeowners prefer to use bedroom carpet so that the feet do not meet the cold hard floor after leaving the warmth of the bed. There are so many ways and so many places to place a carpet however, the choice of fiber will differ depending on the area of the house.

If it is the living room or hallway which experiences more traffic and footfall, the carpet or area rug fiber has to be tougher like sisal or seagrass. But for a more comfy area like the bedroom, which has a moderate daily traffic fibers like jute are recommended. 

Reasons to Pick Jute for your Bedroom Carpet Material

The reasons why we are recommending spaces like the bedroom is mentioned below:

Warmth and Comfort

The bedroom is where you retire after a day’s worth of hard work. Hence, every element in your bedroom should evoke a sense of calm and comfort for a deep and peaceful slumber. Jute rugs being soft to the touch add warmth to space. Every morning your feet are met by the cushiness of the jute fibers, making for a cozy start to the day.

Has a Neutral Look

Although there are colors available, the most intricate jute carpet designs come in neutral shades, mostly in beige and golden undertones. Since bedroom colors are usually muted and somber, the neutral tone of the jute blends in perfectly giving enhancing the intimate décor.

Best for Places with Moderate Traffic

Compared to other natural plant fibers like sea grass and sisal, jute is a tad bit softer and delicate, making it more suitable for places with moderate traffic like the bedroom. While you can always place it in the living room and under the table or sofa, the high traffic might reduce its longevity. Hence, even interior decorators prefer jute above all other fibers when opting for a bedroom carpet. Since the footfall inside the bedroom is lesser than the other spaces, the jute carpet remains intact for years.

Cleaning and maintenance of jute carpets are easy compared to other indoor-outdoor carpet varieties. It adds softness to your bedroom décor, which is essential to create that restful ambiance. Natural Area Rugs has some of the best designs and hand woven patterns in jute bedroom carpet and area rugs. Browse the site link to find yourself a beautiful design to light up your living space.

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