10 Reasons to Own an Environmentally-Friendly (Natural Area Rug)

Posted by Natural Area Rugs on Dec 16th 2011

The warming of the earth is greatly affecting millions of once stable and now extremely delicate ecosystems around the world. It is up to each and every one of us to do our part to reduce these emissions and the disposal of toxic elements into our environment that causes greenhouse gases to be emitted.

Believe it or not, even the smallest thing that you buy can help change the tide of global warming that is plaguing our planet. When it comes to area rugs, there are some ways that you can do your part for the environment. What follows are the top ten reasons to buy environmentally-friendly area rugs and truly do your part.

- Natural area rugs will not harm the environment because they are made with natural materials. - There are no harmful chemicals, curing agents or dyes found in environmentally-friendly area rugs. - You are not laying waste to irreplaceable portions of foresting and vegetation when you buy natural area rugs; they come from easily and naturally renewable sources. - Environmentally friendly area rugs do not emit harmful indoor pollutions, otherwise known as volatile organic compounds. - Most natural area rugs materials are imported from other, poorer regions around the world. By purchasing these highly sought after, natural materials you are supporting growing economies. - Natural materials will decompose when discarded without harming the environment. - Purchasing a natural rug versus a synthetic rug that uses dangerous and harmful chemicals that can contribute to the decline of the environment, is just another way that you can do your part. - Natural material rugs tend to be more durable and reliable than synthetic material rugs. - Common natural materials, like sisal, mountaingrass and seagrass area rugs, are naturally anti-static, fire-retardant and stain-resistant. - Natural materials like New Zealand Wools repel odors from your home and are naturally anti-bacterial.

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