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Accent Area Rugs Add Charm, Warmth to Any Room

For those who are seeking to add charm and warmth to any room of their home, but that do not want to spend thousands of dollars to do so, accent area rugs are the way to go. Available in a wide variety of floral and tapestry designs, accent area rugs are smaller and more affordable than a standard, larger rug, and can really bring out the style of any room. Accent area rugs look great in smaller areas, like front entryways and bathrooms, or even corners of a room that you wish to add more charm to.

The look and feel of these popular accent rugs are inspired by rustic vintage trends and look great on tile, stone or even wood flooring. They can perfectly compliment smaller rooms like and office, guest bedroom or kitchen. Made from chenille fabric and hand woven, accent rugs are well priced and allow for a very affordable way to decorate the interior of any home. And because they are generally not so large, accent rugs can be easily acquired in a variety of patterns for a lot less money than buying a traditional, room-sized area rug.

Because they are constructed from high quality and hand woven materials, accent rugs tend to last a long time in any setting, they can absorb extra noise and they are all natural. They work best in indoor environments and can be easily cleaned using a home vacuum cleaner. The best part about rugs like this is their low cost and their high efficiency to add an extra flare to any room in the home, without costing a fortune.


Using Accent Rugs to Refresh a Room

When shifting furniture every other month gets old, an accent rug can give your living room an entirely new look with much less physical labor. The greatest thing about accent rugs is that they can be used on either hardwood floors or carpeted floors and an accent rug will still serve its purpose: to accentuate.

There are many ways to use an accent rug to accentuate a rooms´ décor. Placing an accent rug underneath a coffee table is a great way to make that table "pop out" and is a great idea if you use candles, books, or crystal on your coffee table as a decorative centerpiece.

On the other hand, smaller living rooms can benefit with an accent rug in place of a coffee table. While you would not use an accent rug the same way you would use a coffee table, this is a great way to make a small living room appear bigger than it is.

Another great decorative use for an accent rug is to place one in front of a fireplace, if you have one. Fireplaces should always be the focal point of a living room when they exist. (Decorative tip: a living room should not be set up in a way that focuses solely on the television set.)

Placing two single chairs facing a fireplace, with an accent rug centered directly before a fireplace offers an outstanding decorative focus. To top off this decorative style, place an odd number of candles on top of the fireplace mantle. Using 1, 3, 5, or 7 candles is more appealing visually and will create an ambiance in your home that visitors will marvel over.

Choosing an Accent Rug

Though it may seem like a great idea to match colors, this is not necessarily the case with an accent rug. Choosing an accent rug with rose colors, because it matches the colors of your wall paint, will cause the accent rug to fade into its setting instead of standing out.

The purpose of an accent rug is to accentuate, so it´s a better idea to choose colors in an accent rug that do not blend in with its surroundings in any way. So if your walls are painted a mild and neutral hue, you should choose an accent rug with bright and vibrant colors.

Ordering an Accent Rug Online

The internet is a great way to browse around and shop for items from the comfort of your own home. With the rising prices of gas, there is no better way to decide on and order an accent rug than by using the internet to your advantage.

Ordering an accent rug online will give you a broad range of accent rug styles, sizes, and colors to choose from. The best thing about shopping around online for an accent rug is that while stores which carry accent rugs may have a limited selection, you will have many accent rugs to choose from online. A majority of the accent rugs found in the internet are not available in stores.

When you do find an accent rug that is perfect for your home, ordering an accent rug can be done safely and securely. Accent rugs ordered online can be delivered right to your door, and very quickly. In fact, you may receive your accent rug quicker than if you ordered one from a store that had to place an order, as there are no 3rd or 4th parties involved.

Ordering an accent rug directly from the supplier ensures you are getting the best price and the best service for your purchase.


Contemporary Accent Area Rugs Add Panache, Style to Those Hard-to-Decorate Areas

The rooms in your home can have those odds and ends corners, and those empty areas that can sometimes seem oh so hard to decorate. When oddly shaped portions of the room that do not hold furniture-and that are not large enough for a standard-sized rug to be placed on to augment the decor-can sometimes leave homeowners and decorators at ends. Trying to figure out what to place in these empty areas is a commonly frustrating aspect for those who are really trying to tie in the charm of an interior in a particular room in the house.

This is where accent area rugs are able to really work their magic on a home interior and tie in the decorations of the entire room, without looking outlandish or obvious. Accent area rugs come in a few smaller sizes and are the perfect addition to any room that has those empty spaces that seem to stand out. Considering that accent area rugs are available in a variety of different patterns and colors, choosing the one that best compliments the interior of any room as rather easily done.

Different Types of Accent Area Rugs

  • Court and crown accent rugs are ideal for placement in rooms that have a warm and earthy tone. Living rooms that need runners in lower traffic areas are ideal for crown accent rugs. And the beautiful borders of the accent rug can really tie in the colors and warmth of any room they are placed in.
  • Veranda accent rugs come in a variety of plush patterns such as the warm beige, perfect for neutral tones, or the darker chocolate, brass, olive or rust, which are ideal for placement in homes that have darker contrasts and more vibrant tones.
  • French countryside accent rugs are the perfect compliment to a home interior that exhibits a rustic, country flare. The beautiful floral patterns are sure to bring out the best in the colors of rooms that are decorated in this style and they will easily shore up those odd areas where placement of furniture or other decorations is difficult.
  • Jute accent area rugs are made from some of the softest materials available and look great on tile, stone or wood flooring. Their high durability assures that they will last a long time, when properly cared for. Jute is a very popular material for accent area rugs and is able to be woven into a variety of attractive patterns that will fit into most rooms, regardless of the tone or color usages-generally there are jute patterns that fit every style of interior decor.

Don't leave those odd spaces looking oh so empty in your home. Easily decorate them to tie in the beautiful colors and harmony that you have spent so much time creating in your house by placing accent area rugs. Accent area rugs offer that hard-to-find final touch that will really bring elegance and sheen to any room you choose to place them within.


Rug Runners

Wooden stairs and hallways that need some decorative touches are prime candidates for rug runners. You can have rug runners custom made from all natural materials for a look and feel that gives your home style, warmth and individuality easily and inexpensively.

Benefits of Natural Materials

Using natural materials does not mean that your rug runners have to be stiff, unstylish or uncomfortable. Wool is an excellent natural material that is often used in rug runners, and is also a good addition to your home for extra comfort.

Other materials, such as Jute or sea grass, are also unique choices for rug runners that make excellent additions to empty hall and stairway floors.

Shag Runners

Shag rug runners are a wonderful addition to any home, especially when you can customize you colors and lengths to your specific needs. Bright colors make long hallways more appealing, while stair-sized rugs on steps help maintain comfort and safety.

These small stair-sized rug runners look and feel fabulous, and can be securely attached to your stairs using rug pads that are cut to fit under your rug runners perfectly. Rug runners are also a nice addition to living spaces, especially in front of high traffic areas such as the sofa. You can protect your flooring with the addition of a rug runner, while adding some additional color and style to your living space.

Ordering Rug Runners

If you want to try a new material, but are not sure which one, then you may want to have the company send you some samples. New materials, such as Sisal, sea grass and mountain grass, are still relatively new to most people, and it is often difficult to order rug runners online without first knowing, and feeling, what the materials are like.

Ordering samples will also give you an idea of the colors that are available, since each of these natural materials has a distinct coloring. For example, Sisal is naturally light brown, while mountain grass is available in a range of colors and wool can be ordered in practically limitless designs and colors.

Quality Rug Runners

The price for high quality rug runners varies depending on the material that you choose, but you can expect a wool rug runner to be approximately four dollars a square foot. If this price seems a little expensive to you, then you should also consider the benefits of purchasing a high quality rug runner.

High quality rug runners are made to last and the use of natural materials ensure easy care and durability that is not found among lower quality products. To care for a high quality rug runner, you simply need to vacuum regularly and, when needed, spot clean your rug runners with mild soap and water.

What to Look For

When you order rug runners, you want to look for a company that offers a variety of materials and sizes, as well as several colors and weaves. Having plenty of choices is the key to finding exactly what you want, especially when you want a high quality material that will last for several years or more.


Want to Accent Your Home Décor? Use a Round Rug!

When you think of rugs, it is likely that you think of traditional square area rugs. Utilizing round rugs to accent your home can create an even more inviting atmosphere. Depending on the location of your round rugs, the material, and the color you choose, you can create a different ambience for your home.

In addition, the use of round rugs helps create a focal point to your desired accent piece, for instance, the sofa or a coffee table. Round rugs are not only excellent in the living room; they can be used in any area of the home, including the bathroom. If a room in your house is lacking in décor, or just needs a little something extra, round rugs will probably do the trick.

Choosing Material for Round Rugs

The fantastic thing about round rugs is that no matter which material you choose, it will not detract from the appearance of your round rugs. When choosing a material for round rugs, it is important to know exactly where you are placing them. If they will be in high trafficked areas, it is best not to use easily worn materials such as jute round rugs.

If you are placing your round rugs on the stairs, you would want to avoid using sea grass round rugs. Or, if you are placing round rugs in an area where you will want to sit on the floor, it would be best not to use mountain grass round rugs, as they are beautiful for an accent, but not comfortable to sit on.

If your round rugs will be accenting your kitchen, dining area, or bathroom, wool, bamboo, or sisal will work well. Finally, if the round rugs will be in the bathroom or any other area where they may get wet, you will want to avoid moisture sensitive round rugs such as sea grass, jute, or mountain grass.

Placing Your Round Rugs

Depending on the size of the round rugs you choose, round rugs are an excellent accent anywhere in your home. Small round rugs work well in bathrooms, especially where there is a" his and hers sink" and you can place one round rug in front of each sink.

Another useful place for small round rugs is beneath side tables or other small accent pieces. Larger round rugs work well to draw the eye to the center of the room where the couch and coffee table traditionally sit. In addition, large round rugs look sharp beneath a bed frame or dining room table.

Ordering Round Rugs Online

Purchasing round rugs online is as easy as one, two, three.

One: measure the area where you wish to place your round rugs.

Two, choose the color, size, and style that best fits your living area.

Three, input your payment and shipping information and wait. Within a matter of days, you will receive your round rugs and get to see how fantastic they make your home look.

When you order round rugs online, you will rest assured that your information is kept safe and secure. And, best of all, you will find free online shipping of your round rugs, to make a good thing even better.


Buying Discount Rugs Online

When you want to add a little spice to your living space, natural carpet and rugs are an excellent and simple choice. But, if you´ve taken a stroll through a home furnishing store lately, you´ll know that this classy accent piece does not come cheap. One affordable solution is to buy your discount rugs online.

Buying discount rugs online is not only an easy and convenient way to shop, it saves you money. Instead of cruising from one home furnishing store to the next, wasting precious gas and time, when you buy discount rugs online you will have a plethora of options right at your fingertips.

Choosing Your Discount Rugs

No matter which avenue you choose to order your discount rugs, as long as you are on a reputable site, you will be assured of a secure transaction. When you order discount rugs online you will be able to view a large variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns without leaving your house. This will allow you to get a good picture of what discount rugs would best fit your living space.

It is important to choose a discount rug that accents the colors in your home and does not detract from the other accent pieces. In other words, you don´t want your guests´ eyes drawn straight to your discount rug, rather, it should be used to accentuate the couches, tables, and lighting already in place in your living area.

Ordering Discount Rugs from Natural Area Rugs

Although the discount rugs are not given the 30 day risk free trial that sale price rugs and new rugs come with, discount rugs are from Natural Area Rugs still come with free shipping. You can find discontinued rugs, or remnants, for a discounted price of up to 80% off, so ordering your discount rugs on Natural Area Rugs is the best place to save money when you are shopping for carpet on a budget.


Dorm Room Rugs

Everyone knows that leaving home for the first time and going off to college can be an unsettling experience for any young person. Chances are you'll feel homesick, but a good way to beat the blues is by sprucing up your dorm room in a way that makes you feel like you're home the second you open your door. Here at Natural Area Rugs it's our aim to bring comfort and style to any room, even the less than stellar living space that is a dorm. Have no worries though, our dorm room rugs will bring even the most bleak of dorm rooms the much needed warmth and style you crave. College students are known as being progressive and these days, the most progressive thing you can do is go green. Natural Area Rugs offer a wide array of all natural dorm room rugs made with sustainable materials. No matter which you prefer; jute, sisal, seagrass or mountain grass, or bamboo, we have it all. Here's a look at the various all natural dorm room rugs we offer and reasons why you're going to want them in your dorm:

Jute Dorm Room Rugs

Jute is a type of plant fiber used to create common household items such as rope, twine, chair coverings, curtains, sacks hessian cloth, carpets and even the backing used on linoleum. Our jute dorm room rugs are custom made and comprised of only the highest quality, natural material. We select only the finest natural jute fiber and blend modern technology with classic textile traditions to produce our high quality jute rugs. Jute naturally varies in color from light tan to brown, though we carry dyed jute rugs such as our Artesian dorm room rug in a combination of vibrant red, gold and gray. Jute braided rugs date back to earliest days of rug making and even the most contemporary of designs can be traced back to the ancient tradition of rug making.

There is a common misconception that rugs made of natural material have to be boring, lifeless earth tones. That's certainly not true and it's definitely not the case with our Aruba jute dorm room rug. This beautiful, trendy rug comes in a combination of three cool colors; blue, green and tan come together to form the perfect accessory for any boring dorm room.

If you're looking for something a little more homey and cozy, you may be interested in our hand woven Bristol jute dorm room rug. Despite being an incredibly tough and fibrous material, jute is also capable of looking delicate and being soft to the touch which is exactly the case with the Bristol rug. This checkered, stylish dorm room rug feels soft on bare feet and will prove to be a comforting and warming accessory to any dorm room.

As mentioned previously, jute rugs can be dyed any color of the rainbow, but they can also be printed with any number of pictures or images while still being all natural. A printed dorm room rug is an incredibly fun and festive way to add cheer and the feeling of familiarity to your new home away from home. The Symphony dorm room rug will prove to be a lively, cute addition to any room. Printed with various tea cups, leaves, flowers and tea pots, this dorm room rug is ideal for anyone trying to create a cozy atmosphere.

Lastly, our Santa Fe dorm room rug isn't just for those attending school in New Mexico. If you're looking for an authentic southwestern feel, this is the rug for you. Different shades of tan and gold come together to form this ethnic inspired dorm room rug that will bring a touch of culture to any room lucky enough to have it.

Sisal Rugs

Our sisal dorm room rugs are made entirely from the highest quality natural materials. Much of our Sisal fiber is produced in Kenya and Tanzania where it is extracted from the agave plant. Its long, fine, and fibrous qualities permit the Sisal to be spun into smooth textured yarn. Sisal contains tough fibers, which adds to its durability and its fiber's versatility offers a wide range of uses. This naturally anti-static, sound absorbing, flame retardant, long lasting fiber makes it an ideal product with enormous possibilities.

Our Small Boucle with black binding is an incredibly versatile dorm room rug that's perfect for any area that sees a lot of foot traffic. Despite being such a durable material, this sisal dorm room rug is stylish and the addition of a jet black border makes it that much more chic and sophisticated. This is definitely the dorm room rug for the college student looking to make a stylish statement their first time away from home.

If you're looking for a sisal dorm room rug a little less severe, you may want to consider the Studio rug. Its neutral color and textured look will act as an interesting centerpiece in any dorm room desperately in need of some character.

Our Tuscany sisal dorm room rug is the perfect choice for any new student who is seeking out a rug comprised of sustainable materials, but also wants a rug that expresses their sophisticated tastes. The Tuscany has a heavy boucle which leads to its beautifully textured, almost knotted appearance. With contrasting colors in gold and dark chocolate, this is the perfect illustration of dorm room sophistication. The Tropez sisal dorm room rug is yet another all natural option for a college student looking to stylishly spruce up the appearance of their dorm room. Often times rugs marketed toward college students are loud and abrasive, but the Tropez is a wonderfully grown up option for students looking for something more subtle. The small boucle weaving in various earth tones will prove to be the ultimate warming touch in any dorm room.

The Tropical sisal dorm room rug is a beautifully muted beige rug with extra wide top stitch binding and padded edges. Its quiet, calm appearance would be the perfect addition to a room whose design aesthetic is more simplistic and serene

The Summit dorm room rug is very similar to the Tropical in its simplicity and muted color, though the Summit has more of a golden hue. Once again, it is the perfect option for a college student looking for a dorm room rug with clean looking lines and an overall earthy appearance.

Seagrass Rugs

We at Natural Area Rugs take great pride in our product, though we are especially fond of our beautifully crafted seagrass dorm room rugs. Our seagrass rugs and carpets are made entirely from the highest quality natural materials. They feature 100% natural fibers with a latex backing. Seagrass rugs offer natural beauty combined with an inherent strength and stain resistance. This means that seagrass can be used in most situations. It comes in fine and a standard yarn, in a choice of original weave, basketweave or herringbone. Seagrass is obtained from a tall plant with grass-like stems found in wet lands. Seagrass can be recognized by its grassy, hay-like scent which dissipates with time. Colors range from sage green hues to olive. Seagrass has a non-porous surface that gives it a naturally smooth texture and sheen quality. Its rigidity gives it natural durability.

The Contemporary Half Panama seagrass dorm room rug features an extra wide blind stitch binding with padded edges. The colors, though subtle in their earth golden, tan earth tones, will really pop if placed over a darker colored carpet or hardwood floor with a dark finish.

The Beach Ibiza seagrass dorm room rug is yet another subtle rug whose beauty is illustrated in its textured appearance and subtle shine. Though light in color, this dorm room rug is ideal for a student looking to spruce up their dorm room with neutral, yet sophisticated accessories.

Bamboo Rugs

Bamboo rugs and carpets from Natural Area Rugs are made entirely from the highest quality natural materials. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet and one of the toughest. This inherent strength is combined with its natural beauty to create the delightfully contemporary look of our bamboo rugs. Experience our beautifully crafted bamboo dorm room rug collection. Busy students should find these dorm room rugs particularly ideal because they are built to last through heavy foot traffic and they are incredibly easy to clean. Our bamboo dorm room rugs are of the highest quality which you won't find anywhere else as they are exclusively imported for Natural Area Rugs.

The Oasis bamboo dorm room rug will be a very cool and contemporary looking addition to any dorm room. The rug has 100 percent tan, cotton binding giving it a rugged, sturdy yet smooth appearance.

For some reason or another, bamboo rugs look completely contemporary and fresh despite having an ancient history. A bamboo dorm room rug will not only give your dorm room a very modern, fresh feel, but you can also refine the look a bit with a different colored binding. The Bellagio bamboo dorm room rug does just that with a 100 percent dark chocolate colored cotton binding. This small bit of color in the trim makes a big difference in terms of the look of the rug and the feel it gives the room.

The Oxford bamboo dorm room rug is perfect for the student looking to make a subtle statement with a simplistic, yet elegant dorm room rug. The Oxford is muted in its border color and features a very pale, almost white bamboo.

Thankfully, not all bamboo rugs have to be muted or subtle. For college students looking for something a little warmer, the Harvard bamboo dorm room rug is the perfect combination of rich texture and gorgeous hue. With a deeply stunning chocolate brown 100 percent cotton border and brown bamboo, this is the ultimate in contemporary, fashionable dorm room rugs.

Mountain Grass Rugs

Our mountain grass rugs and carpets are made entirely from the highest quality, natural materials. Mountain grass is native to high altitude slopes and is found nestled on the rim of the Pacific Continent. Our mountain grass dorm room rugs are rigid and take on a wood-like appearance. They are highly textured and durable. Its earth tones give any home or office a warm, calming atmosphere.

The Olympus mountain grass dorm room rug will prove to be a beautiful addition to any room as it is guaranteed to bring a great amount of texture and warmth. The Olympus features honey hued weaving and a beautiful caramel colored 100 percent cotton border. With an autumn inspired color palette, the Olympus is the ultimate dorm room rug for students looking to start fresh this fall.

The Estate mountain grass dorm room rug is similar to the Olympus, though this rug features a dusky rose colored 100 percent cotton border. Whether you want to give your new room warmth or you're simply in search of a gorgeous, sturdy rug made of sustainable materials, this is the dorm room rug for you.

Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

If you're in search of a dorm room rug more conventional or similar to the rugs in your parent's home, you may want to consider our line of indoor/outdoor rugs that are beautiful, yet strong enough to endure high foot traffic both indoors and out. Here's a look at some of our most popular looks:

The Colorado indoor/outdoor dorm room rug is made entirely from 100% polypropylene. The polypropylene weave and binding combination make these rugs resistant to mold, mildew, and stains. Our durable multi-purpose dorm room rugs provide warmth and protection during colder weather and relief from hot surfaces during those long hot summer days. Inspired by the natural look and feel of our ever-popular sisal rugs, you'll love the way these rugs complement both interior and exterior spaces.

Colorado Indoor/Outdoor rugs are versatile and attractive and will enhance any kitchen, bathroom, patio or sunroom decor. Easy to clean and reversible, these hardwearing rugs are a perfect choice for high traffic areas.

Our Washington indoor/outdoor dorm room rugs come in two beautiful hues; natural and sage. The beautifully textured and expert weaving coupled with the ivy-themed print will bring a touch of sophistication and warm to any dorm room in desperate need of a more mature look.

The Savannah indoor/outdoor dorm room rug is a gorgeous, beautifully printed rug with an interesting, intricate flower-themed border. This beautiful dorm room rug features surged edges with extra high density spun Polypropylene fibers, which will give the rug a cozy, ultra luxurious feel no matter where you place it.

The Palm Springs indoor/outdoor dorm room rug is a beautifully crafted, lightly colored rug perfect for any student looking to make an elegant, mature statement in their dorm room. This dorm room rug features a textured, honey-colored background and white leaf printed foreground and it's sure to get you a number of compliments.

Settling into your dorm room can be stressful, hectic and difficult, but decorating it shouldn't be. Make Natural Area Rugs your number one resource for beautiful, affordable and most importantly durable, dorm room rugs sure to stay attractive well beyond your college years.


Liven up the Playroom & Nursery with High-Traffic Rugs for Kids

Have you ever thought about decorating your kid's rooms with area rugs, but decided against it because you were worried about the rug becoming damaged or ruined? Well, you're not alone. Thankfully for you, and millions of other concerned parents, there are plenty of options at when it comes to decorating your child's room with area rugs that are durable, safe, and perfect for your little ones.

Good Rugs for Kids Rooms

The first thing that you want to look at is materials. Only consider easy-to-clean and "high-traffic" materials when choosing an area rug for your kids. Some good materials to consider are sisal, wool, mountaingrass and seagrass. Rugs made of these materials are are naturally stain-resistant, fire-retardant, and suitable for high-traffic. Additionally, wool rugs, like a wool shag rug, are good choices too because they are hypoallergenic, repel odors and bacteria and are easily cleaned using warm water and soap.

You Don´t Have to Spend a Fortune to get High Quality Rugs
The best part about decorating your children's rooms with high quality area rugs is that you can easily find the best deals to be had online. Look for merchants that have top online ratings, offer free shipping, a price-match guarantee and free return shipping. This way you can rest assured that you are getting the best deal for your money on a rug that can be enjoyed for years to come.


Add Some Spice to Your Dining Area with Natural Kitchen Rugs

If you´re looking for a little bit of pizzazz in your dining area, consider the addition of natural kitchen rugs. These accent pieces will add that extra pop that your dining area needs, without calling all attention to the natural kitchen rugs.

Natural kitchen rugs can be placed in your cooking area as a softer place to stand while preparing meals in addition to serving as an accent piece. Natural kitchen rugs can also be placed underneath your dining table to serve as a unique and welcoming addition to your dining area.

Durability of Natural Rugs

The most important factor to consider when choosing natural kitchen rugs is the material. Because the kitchen and dining area tend to be some of the highest traffic areas in your home, it is crucial to find Natural kitchen rugs that are made to last. Wool, one of nature´s most durable material; is a fantastic choice for your Natural kitchen rugs.

What makes wool so amazing is its ability to repel liquid. In addition, wool will catch fire, but will not continue to burn, which is another reason why wool is the perfect material for Natural kitchen rugs. Another interesting fact about wool is that it traps in the contaminants in the air, which in turn purifies the air you breathe. Wool makes for amazing Natural kitchen rugs.

The Appearance of Natural Rugs

Depending on which material your natural kitchen rugs is made from, you will find a style and design to suit your needs. Natural kitchen rugs can be dyed and created to show off a variety of unique designs or patterns, and may also be woven, depending on the look you hope to achieve. Natural kitchen rugs, though durable, will create a polished and comfortable look to your dining area.

Caring for Natural Rugs

It is likely (and recommended) that your natural kitchen rugs are made of a durable material such as wool and wool sisal. Therefore, you will need to clean your Natural kitchen rugs frequently by running a vacuum that does not utilize combs or teeth.

If you keep up with vacuuming, professional cleaning is only necessary for your natural kitchen rugs every few years. Natural kitchen rugs are also easily spot-cleaned when necessary using warm soap and water. Be sure, however, that the area is dried quickly. In addition, avoid bleaches and alkaline products on wool products as they will easily damage your natural kitchen rugs.

Ordering Natural Kitchen Rugs Online

Shopping for natural kitchen rugs has never been easier. With the use of the internet, it is possible to find your perfect natural kitchen rugs, match colors, styles, and sizes, and order them without having to step foot outside your door. In addition, when you order your natural kitchen rugs online, you will rest assured that your satisfaction and safety are of utmost importance.

Therefore, your ordering and personal information will remain secure and you will quickly find your new natural kitchen rugs at your doorstep. When ordering natural kitchen rugs online, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for free shipping on natural kitchen rugs, to save you even more money.


Natural Area Rugs - New Rugs

They often go unnoticed, they sit on the floor and they literally get walked on all day every day, but it could be argued that area rugs can be some of the most charming design elements that truly make the difference between a space feeling like a house or a home. Not only do they have the unique ability to bring warmth to a room with little effort, but specific kinds of rugs, such as sisal or shags, can liven up the appearance of a space with color and texture, giving rooms a more cohesive, upscale and refined look.

Natural Area Rugs offers just that, beautiful, well crafted area rugs and carpeting made of natural fiber. Aside from the obvious reasons such as their attractive appearance and long-lasting quality, area rugs and carpeting made of natural materials are also known to be more stain resistant, which is ideal for home owners with small children.

We carry a variety of area rugs ranging from the contemporary and environmentally friendly, such as seagrass rugs, to the more traditional and classic, yet still earth friendly wool rugs. Area rugs have the ability to change the entire look and feel of a room and with a little know-how, you too can turn your boring living room into a cozy, intimate place for both family and friends. Here's a look at how you can utilize some of our new arrivals to best fit the needs of your home and personal style:

Shag Rugs

Our shag rugs come in a multitude of colors and styles. If you're looking for something more dramatic, perhaps our red Parisian shag rug or the new Victoria shag rug will give your room the pop you crave. Its vibrant color and ultra soft and luxurious feel comes from our high quality hand-tufted Synthetic Silk and Rayon mix and it's sure to add a very rich and decadent feel to any room. In terms of design, such defiant and outspoken shag rugs would be ideal in a room that's intent on making a bold statement. These types of vibrantly colored area rugs are sure to fit in well with bold prints and other very textured elements.

If you're looking for something a little more subdued and neutral, our new Sophia rug in white or our Euro shag area rug in marshmallow, cottage white or wheat will prove to be just the hint of refinement and texture you're seeking. Our Sophia shag rugs also come in a warm, deep chocolate color and a gorgeous light cream color, all of which are beautifully crafted and made exclusively for Natural Area Rugs. Once you've walked barefoot across one of these luxurious shag rugs, you'll never be able to go back to hard wood floors again.

Sisal Rugs

We have seven new Sisal rugs to add to our new arrivals section and they include the Boston, Concord, Echo and Embassy - all of which have 100% cotton binding. Lastly, there are the Pavillion, Legacy and Tribeca, all of which have a self-edge finish.

Though they are all sisal rugs, all of them have very distinct, new looks that you're sure to find attractive.

So, what are sisal rugs? They are area rugs woven from natural plant fibers that have properties of durability and resilience that many artificial, man-made materials can't provide. It is our guarantee that you will find our sisal rugs to be strong, beautiful and a lasting addition to any room in your home.

Thanks to their unique and demure look, our sisal rugs will be a stylish, durable accent to your living room, bedroom, office or hallway, all of which will benefit from its unique advantages. Much of our sisal fiber for this particular area rug is produced in Kenya and Tanzania where it is extracted from the agave plant. The long, fine and fibrous qualities of the agave plant are responsible for the sisal rugs many advantages including the fact that it is naturally anti-static, sound absorbing, flame retardant and meant to be long lasting. Our sisal rugs are yet another option for parents looking for stylish area rugs that will not only stand the test of time, but stand up to their children as well.

Accent Rugs

Accent rugs are an incredibly stylish and chic addition to any room and our new Court accent rug will prove to be just that. This specific accent rug is made entirely of 100% polypropylene and it is both modeled and inspired by the durability and the very natural look and feel or our sisal rugs. True to durable form, you will find that both the Court and our sisal rugs can compliment and withstand high traffic areas in both interior and exterior spaces.

Financially speaking, times are very tight for many families and it's understandable that they want quality pieces that will stand the test of time. You will find just that with our new court accent rugs. Not only are they attractive, but incredibly versatile. Whether you move into a new home or choose to redecorate your space, it is guaranteed that our Court accent rug will be a piece you will want to keep around as it looks beautiful over natural stone, tile or wooden floors.

The last addition to our new arrivals is the Crown accent rug, which is made entirely from 100% polypropylene. This beautiful and resilient rug will prove to be just as durable and long lasting as the Court area rug and our sisal rugs. It too will be a welcome addition to any exterior or interior space that needs something gorgeous that is also capable of withstanding a high volume of foot traffic.

Natural Area Rugs is dedicated to providing the best available area rugs and carpeting that are high quality and pleasing to both the eyes and touch. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us and it is our belief that our new arrivals feature quality products for every taste. Feel free to explore not only the new arrivals, but all we have to offer in luxurious area rugs- chances are you'll find something you love.


Room Rugs

Many home owners make the mistake of over-decorating their rooms and not paying enough attention to essential details like room rugs or color scheme. Being an expert and knowing the ins and outs of successful design isn't necessary to create a chic space, but interior designers will be the first to tell you that true style is subtle and can be expressed in quality, not quantity. It is because of this that Natural Area Rugs will prove to be a valuable resource for anyone who wants to create a sophisticated, stylish space in their home or office.

Similar to how accessories can completely change the appearance of an outfit, our room rugs can successfully transform the look of a room and turn it into something fantastic. It doesn't matter what your personal style is or what kind of look you're trying to create, we have a room rug for every taste and style.

If a contemporary look is what you're after, you may want to consider one of our shag room rugs. Aside from feeling incredibly good on bare feet, our shag rugs are luxurious and will prove to be an interesting and stylish addition to any room in your home. Our Sophia line of shag room rugs are comprised of hand tufted synthetic silk and rayon which lends to their naturally thick, feathery appearance that is also incredibly soft to the touch. Our Sophia line of shag room rugs comes in three very appealing colors; we carry white and the earth tones cocoa brown and light cream, which would be perfect for a room with a more warm color palette. If you're looking for a more dense shag room rug that isn't quite as feathery, you may want to consider our line of Victoria shag rugs. Much like our Sophia line, Victoria shag rugs are hand tufted from a combination of artificial silk and rayon and we carry a version in vibrant red and in the earth tones dark brown and light wheat. If our Sophia and Victoria lines are quite what you're looking for in terms of shag room rugs, you may want to consider our line of hand tufted Japanese Shag Decor room rugs. These elegant room rugs are comprised of a combination of two different sizes of acrylic yarn and synthetic silk, which lends to their contemporary yet stylish appearance. Our shag decor room rugs come in a beautiful shade of wheat, an incredibly chic malt and lastly, a deep and gorgeous red.

As environmental concerns become more and more prevalent in society, home owners and designers alike are trying to find an elegant way to incorporate sustainable materials into every day design. We here at Natural Area Rugs understand the importance of using natural or recycled fibers, which is why we carry many room rugs comprised of natural materials. If you're looking for an elegant way to go green, you may want to consider one of our 100 percent seagrass room rugs.

So, what is sea grass? It's a natural fiber obtained from a tall plant with grass-like stems found in wetlands. Colors naturally range from sage green hues to darker olive tones. Sea grass is naturally a non-porous surface which gives its products a smooth texture and high sheen. The grass' natural rigidity gives it natural durability and strength. These all natural room rugs are made entirely from the highest quality materials and aside from being naturally beautiful, they also come equipped with an inherent strength and strain resistance.

We carry two lines of sea grass rugs, the first being our Coastal line which features two room rugs. If you're looking for something more distinct perhaps you will find the Coastal sea grass room rug with a black binding the most appealing. If you're looking for a more subtle look that keeps with other earth tones, you may want to consider the Coastal sea grass room rug with a khaki binding. Our Harbor line of sea grass room rugs offers a more distinct look with basket weaving. Similar to our Coastal line, you can choose between our khaki binding or black binding.

Keeping with the natural theme, our line of sisal room rugs is yet another option any home owner or designer interested in utilizing natural, sustainable materials in their home or place of business. Our Sisal fiber is produced in Kenya and Tanzania where it is extracted from the agave plant. Its long, fine and fibrous qualities permit the sisal to be spun into smooth, textured yarn. The fiber's versatility offers a wide range of uses. This naturally anti-static, sound absorbing, flame retardant, long lasting fiber makes it an ideal product with enormous possibilities.

Room rugs are an incredibly easy way to make any space in your home more stylish, warm and inviting. Our sisal rugs are guaranteed to add much needed texture to any room you place them in. Two of our most hearty sisal room rugs complete with impeccable, thick binding are our tan Belmont sisal room rug and our Small Boucle sisal room rug, both of which are deeply textured, rich and inviting. If you're seeking a room rug with a less rugged look, you may want to look into our sisal room rugs with self edged, finished borders. The Malibu room rug comes in a beautiful brown hue and will act as a beautiful, natural barrier between your feet and the floor. Our other sisal rugs with self edged, finished borders include the golden hued Madison room rug and the beautifully warm and tan Stanford room rug.

As you can see, when it comes to room rugs you have countless options as Natural Area Rugs. Whether you're looking for something contemporary and colorful like our shag room rugs or for something all natural and sturdy like our sea grass rugs, we've got what you're looking for


What does free shipping on area rugs really mean?

Perhaps one of the most costly aspects of purchasing things from an online store is the shipping costs that are associated with that purchase. Sometimes the many great deals that can be offered for online purchases become not so great deals when you factor the cost of shipping into the equation. This is why a smart buyer should always look for the best deals on shipping when choosing which online vendor or merchant to make their purchases with. And, thanks to the massive size of the World Wide Web, finding plenty of merchants who carry the products that you desire, and that offer free shipping on those products is actually fairly easy to do.

Of course, in a perfect world, the consumer would never have to pay for shipping costs just to order something online, and unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world. But, that does not mean that the savvy consumer can not find great deals on hefty products, products that normally would costs hundreds to ship otherwise. Case and point: area rugs. These can weigh in excess of hundreds of pounds when they are bound and tied, boxed and sealed for shipping. Most shippers will charge in upwards of hundreds of dollars just to ship you the natural area rugs that you want to buy.

But, if you really take your time and look around enough to find the best deals, you can find free shipping on natural area rugs. Perhaps the fastest way that you will be able to find free shipping on area rugs is by conducting a search engine query online, using keywords like free shipping and area rugs, free shipping. You might be surprised at how many merchants are out there that will easily be able to meet your expectation. And, in the end, why pay hundreds for shipping when there are vendors out there who are offering it for free?


Comparison of Persian/Oriental Rugs to Natural Fiber Rugs

If you're shopping for a new area rug you may be wondering what the difference is between Persian/Oriental rugs and natural fiber rugs. Both rugs are used as area or throw rugs and will create a unique personality and atmosphere to the room you decide to use them in. Persian rugs compared to natural fiber rugs are much more colorful and busy with design, shapes and color. Most natural fiber rugs are one color and commonly are available primarily in neutral colors. Here are some of the major differences between the two:

Persian rugs speak to class and eloquence. They are used to add prestige in a simple way to any room. With whimsical colors, a blend of old-world technique and the comfort of walking on pure cotton will capture your heart. These rugs were created hundreds of years ago, giving them a dated look and rich character of historic tradition. Persian rugs are one of the most used rugs in formal dinning rooms or under a coffee table in a formal living room. They are full of design and color. The colors of most Oriental rugs are deep, rich reds and gold. These rugs once represented royalty and certain level of prestige. They still carry that message with them to this day.

The designs of Oriental rugs are what primarily make them different from other rugs. A true Oriental rug will be recognizable by its distinctive designs. Most are symmetrical, detailed and very precise designs. Some of the rugs will have Asian script on the sides giving it a uniquely Asian look and feel. The design is also almost always symmetrical. If the design isn't symmetrical you may want to question its true identity.

Natural fiber rugs on the other hand are more universal. Made from 100 percent natural sources, natural fiber rugs are in a class of their own. They capture the essence of nature and are commonly naturally stain resistant due to their natural properties.

Natural, area rugs use nothing but what nature has provided. With natural products there aren't any toxic chemicals to worry about leeching into the air quality of your home. They use only safe ways of gluing or maintaining a stain-free rug. Some natural rugs are made from materials that are naturally stain resistant which make for easy clean-up of spills and other accidents.

Whether you choose an Oriental rug or natural fiber rug, be sure to purchase a high-quality rug that will last you a lifetime. Many imitations are available for a fraction of the price, but they are machine made and typically don't last for more than a few years, depending on the amount of foot traffic. Area rugs are one aspect of home decor that you should not go cheap with. If you purchase the right rug from the right retailer, your area should last most of your adult life if properly taken care.


Hand-Made versus Machine-Made Area Rugs

When considering your options between hand-made rugs and machine-made rugs, there are some important factors that you should take into consideration. First and foremost, what is your budget? In most cases, hand-made rugs will be more costly than a machine-made rug because far more labor, and intensive labor, goes into the fabrication of that rug. Another thing to take into consideration is what design patterns you are looking for and whether or not a slight imperfection will be acceptable. Because hand-made rugs are woven by hand, on a large loom, they tend to have some minor imperfections in some places. Unlike hand-made rugs, machine-made rugs are created using large, machine-controlled looms, and tend to have little to no imperfections.

The Pros and Cons

There are some pros and cons to consider between these two types of rugs that can make a difference in which types you choose to purchase. With machine-made rugs, the fringe is not a part of the rug's foundation. Rather, it is sown on afterwards to the back of the rug. With hand-made rugs, the fringe is almost always sewn into the foundation of the rug, creating a more durable fringe. The coloring of the back of the rugs is generally not as colorful in machine-made rugs as they are in hand-made rugs. But, the consistency of machine-made rugs is greater than the consistency of hand-made rugs. Color patterns and weave patterns can vary greatly between both and are generally similar in many aspects, with hand weaving being more prone to natural imperfections than a machine woven rug.

Which are Best to Buy?

If you are looking for the finest quality and handcraftsmanship, your best bet may lay with a hand-made rug. However, be prepared to pay a bit more, as they are far more costly to produce. If you are looking for more affordability and a wider variety of patterns at a lower cost, then consider machine-made rugs.


Imported Exclusively for Natural Area Rugs Means One-of-a-Kind!

When you are looking for the finest rugs, you want to make sure that you are getting your money´s worth. This is why you should insist that your area rug provider offer you only the very best. At, we offer quality rugs you won´t find anywhere else. Why? Because, as the largest online seller of area rugs, we offer rugs that are imported exclusively just for us. You will not find the following area rugs anywhere else, except for at

Parisian: The Parisian shag rugs offer one-of-a-kind softness using artificial silk and rayon combinations. The makers of this imported rug have truly found a uniquely soft texture that looks great in any room.

Shag Décor: These exclusive shag decor rugs feature two different types of yarn for a unique style and look. They are created by using a combination of acrylic yarn and synthetic silk, which provides a lush, soft feel for your feet.

Harbor Seagrass: These all-natural seagrass rugs are ideal for placement in those high traffic areas of your home. The durability of seagrass assures that they can handle even the most demanding foot-traffic, but still look great at the same time.

Natural Beauty: The all-natural and earthy tones of these jute rugs, can handle extremely high foot traffic. These rugs can also provide a color-balancing effect with the other, contrasting colors of your home décor.

Premium Lock Rug Pad: Rug pads are accessories no area rug owner should go without. Thicker than most other rug pads, they can also be cut to size using scissors. These exclusive rug pads will hold your rug firmly in place and extend the lifetime of the rug.


Rug Restoration: To Restore or Not to Restore

When it comes to rug restoration, there are many different things to consider before deciding whether or not to proceed. First and foremost, determine the age and the value of the rug to decide whether or not restoration will help maintain rug's value and will be worth the money and the time spent. Second, consider what the current state of the rug is, and whether or not it will be worthwhile to actually restore that particular rug. In many cases it will be worth it to restore an antique or a vintage rug, these simple tips should help you figure out your plan of action.

What is the Current State of the Rug?

Take a good look at your rug to determine what the current state of it is. Is the backing loose and coming off, or is it intact? Has the rug sustained damage from molds or mildews, waters or stains that are set in too far to be removed? Is the border in decent shape, or is it frayed, knotted or decaying? Are there holes in the rug, and if so, can the same or very similar materials be found to repair those holes? Does the rug have moth or pet damage to it? Are there any portions of the rug that are rotting? These are but a few of the many aspects that a rug restoration professional will consider when writing you a quote.

Get the Right Quote

Make sure you take your rug to a rug restoration professional to get a written quote so you know what it will cost you to restore the rug. The professional will have an eye for some things that you may not have thought of. Make sure to get a quote in writing. The quote should specify the following: dimensions of the rug, damaged areas to be repaired, labor costs, material costs and any other additional service costs. Make sure you look into the rug restoration professional that you intend on using and ensure that they meet the requirements for the repairs that you seek.

Value of the Rug Versus Restoration Costs

Finally, you want to have the rug appraised and find out what its current value is, and what it might be worth when fully restored. Factor these values against the costs of restoring the rug and decide on whether or not it will be worth the time, money and efforts. You can restore any vintage or antique rug back to its original sheen, thanks to modern day technology, but you want to make sure that is a worthwhile effort.


How to find best deals on Area Rugs

For those who have shopped online for area rugs in the past, you are already in the know about how much money that a nice area rug can cost. But, in the same sense, those who have spent time shopping for deals on area rugs in the past also know that generally the best bargains are found online. Of course this can be dwarfed by other costs which can offset the price, like shipping and handling.

The first step in finding the best deals on natural area rugs is to find a reputable merchant. You want to make sure that the merchant you are using is top rated and registered with hacker testing websites so that your personal information is secured during the checkout process. You also want to make sure that you find a website that has plenty of customer reviews that you can read, so you can get a good idea of what they have to offer and the customer feedback overall.

When it comes to deals on rugs, the best deals that you will find online will tend to be through the larger companies. Businesses that have a vast inventory in stock and will sometimes add higher priced area rugs to their clearance center to make room for newly in coming inventories. The bigger the company is, generally the better the prices will be because they have a larger buying power than the little guys do.

No sales tax is a must. You can usually avoid having to tender sales tax with your area rug purchase if you use a company that has a website which is not based in your state. When making purchases over the internet, you only have to legally pay sales tax is the company is located in your home state. This can shave off a pile of money from the price, especially considering what area rugs can cost.

Look for free shipping. Finally, free shipping is the main theme you should shop under, aside from selection and quality. Where one online store that sells area rugs may not offer free shipping, there are several others that will. Shipping on heavy items, like area rugs, can be costly, in upwards of hundreds of dollars. Find this for free and you will save even more money on your next purchase.


What Does Your Taste in Modern Rugs Say About You?

Believe it or not, you can tell a lot about a person by their decorative styles. Selecting modern rugs is a great way to express your individual personality, while making your home look fresh and modern. Rugs and carpets are more than just floor covering. In fact, when you have a modern rug, this stands out more than anything!

Selecting modern rugs is as simple as choosing which pattern suits your taste better. Do you like large abstract shapes or bright contrasting colors? Perhaps you are more drawn to modern rugs with patterns of squares or circles in basic hues? What does your taste in modern rugs say about you?

Modern Rug Shapes: Using a Modern Rug as an Accent Rug

The actual shape, not pattern, of a modern rug can be round, square, or rectangle. Or you can even have a modern rug for a full carpet. The options are endless.

However, modern rugs that are round, square or rectangular can be used underneath a single chair or table to accentuate that object.

No matter which modern rug pattern you choose, when you are drawn to a particular size and shape of a modern rug to use for a particular object in your home, it is that particular object that is of importance to you. Perhaps you have a favorite chair in your living room to watch television from? A modern rug used as an accent rug will draw attention to your favorite place in the home.

Did you know: If you use a modern rug for an accent rug underneath a coffee table, this tells guests (which you probably have over often) that you are a social person and a wonderful host or hostess!

Modern Rug Patterns: Picking Modern Rug Patterns that Pick You

Whether you are drawn to a modern rug pattern that is retro or a more quirky modern rug pattern, the modern rug you choose will express the "type of person" you are.

Now there really isn´t any general stereotype for any "type of people" who prefer one modern rug pattern over the other, however there is a general sense of self expression that taken place when a person chooses the perfect modern rug pattern.

Rather, the perfect modern rug pattern has chosen you.

There is an obvious difference between young and playful, and mature and sophisticated.

Modern rug patterns that are eccentric and exciting, either with the use of patterned shapes (like circles or squares) in mild colors, or by abstract designing with bright colors that contrast with one another, display a character of fun.

On the other hand, choosing patterns of mild colors (for example: an earth tone) combined with darker colors in a modern rug are a modern and chic way of expressing maturity combined with a great sense of style.

Ordering Modern Rugs Online: Save Money and Find the Perfect Modern Rug!

Whether you are drawn towards displaying a modern rug to accent a computer desk/chair area, or you long to have a vivid and lively modern carpet in your bedroom; choosing the perfect modern rug or carpet is easiest when you are searching for a modern carpet online.

With hundreds of modern carpet patterns to choose from, the hardest part will be deciding which pattern fits your unique and individual taste best. Shopping for a modern rug in a store limits you to the selection available in that store; and finding that perfect modern rug pattern can cost more in gas than the actual carpet itself!

The greatest part about ordering a modern rug online is receiving free shipping. Your modern rug will be delivered right to your door, and you´ll save money. Natural Area Rugs will give you free shipping both ways, and with the 30 day risk free trial if you are not completely satisfied with your modern rug you can return your purchase at no cost and receive a full refund. (Some exceptions may apply.)


Creating an Allergy-Free Home

The Mayo Clinic states that dust mites are the most common household allergen. This means that your home may be the most dangerous place for you or your family to be if you are allergic to dust mites. Dust mites cause adults to sneeze, develop irritated eyes and produce nasal congestion. These little mites love to live in humid and warm places such as wall-to-wall carpet. One of the most effective ways to rid your home of these allergens is to replace your wall-to-wall carpet with vinyl tiles with area rugs.

Vinyl tiles are an affordable way to replace your carpet. Vinyl tiles come in various sizes, looks and quantity. They look like real tile and are the perfect solution to a dust mite problem. Vinyl tiles are easy to clean and maintain, using a dust mop and cleaning with a floor cleaner once a week. Once you have the vinyl tiles installed, add class and style to your home using area rugs.

Area rugs are not as likely to host dust mites because of their size. Area rugs typically take up less than 25 percent of a room, so even if mites make a home in your area rug, they're not going to affect your family the way they would with wall-to-wall carpet. Besides, there are practical ways to prevent dust mites from entering your area rug.

A bamboo area rug makes a great selection for people who suffer from a dust mite allergy because they are not a good environment for mites to live in. Bamboo area rugs on vinyl flooring will create a chic, natural and modern feel in any room. Bamboo is very durable and soft on bare feet, making it the prefect selection for living spaces. If your vinyl tiles are dark in color, a lighter-colored bamboo would be more suiting and vice-a-versa.

If you choose to place a fiber-based area rug on top of your vinyl tile floor, keep your home cooler in the winter months to keep dust mites from colonizing. Dust mites like to live in temperatures above 70 degrees, in more humid conditions. Also keeping your area rug and vinyl floor clean and free of dust will also prevent mites from finding a home.

Keep all dust off your vinyl floor using a dust mop on a daily basis. Pay special attention to the corners of the room where dust balls can gather and create a feast for dust mites. Clean your area rug using a vacuum and shaking your rug out once a month. If you have animals, keep them away from your area rug as their dander can easily get caught in your rugs fibers, creating another potential allergen.

If your child is allergic to dust mites, it's even more important to replace the floor in his room. There are many vinyl tiles that are made for children and you can find the perfect area rug for the middle of the room.

Using a little innovation and not much money, you can turn a home that is inviting to dust mites into a dust mite-free environment using vinyl tiles and area rugs. Besides, using area rugs with vinyl tiles is trendy, classy and ultra-modern.



"I bought a jute rug for my living room. The rug arrived fairly quickly and it was exactly what I wanted. I would shop here again."

J. Bundrige Pittsburgh, PA, Jun. 2016

"I was concerned about ordering a custom rug online, but they were awesome and so was their customer service!"

L. Keighley Kettering, OH, Jun. 2016

"I bought a large pad and cut it into smaller sizes for my runner and small oriental rugs. Results in a lower price per square foot than buying individual pads. The premium felt pad provides good cushioning and holds the rugs in place."

B. Parker Bradenton, FL, Jun. 2016

"One corner of the rug is coming loose (the threads) already, but otherwise it looks good!!"

T. Bockstahler Toledo, OH, Jun. 2016

"The 11'x14' jute rug I ordered came quickly, was well packaged and was very well made. I ordered jute rather then sisal because I had read that it is softer to walk on. I was afraid it would be too orange or too dark but it is a nice neutral color that would work with any color scheme. It is soft for a natural grass rug. My grandchildren sit and play on the rug, my dog loves it. We are really happy with the purchase. The pricing is great and the quality much better then I could find elsewhere for the price. It is holding up well, some shedding, which I expected. I will definitely order again."

R. Rasmussen Sioux Falls, SD, Jun. 2016

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