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You may choose from 14 colors and 9 standard sizes to match with your home decor and furniture.

About Seagrass / Mountain Grass Rugs

Sea grass is a type of fiber that grows naturally in water. It is easy to harvest and has fast growing properties, which is why it is one of the most sustainable flooring options. Sea grass is not dyed with any color, which makes the area rugs made of sea grass used in their most natural form. By maintaining its original form without adding any chemicals or toxins, it can prevent any allergies from occurring at home.

Sea Grass Rugs from Natural Area Rugs are available in different natural colors. The most popular ones are in the shades of neutral greens, which would include from olive green to the lighter color of sage. Combining shades of beiges and browns also creates unique shades of rugs. This creates a homey ambience at home or even at the office.

What makes these sea grass rugs truly unique is its beauty that can be drawn out from its colors and fine textures. The textures are weaved in different patterns. Weaves are available in original, basket weave, tight-knit weave or a herringbone weave. Whichever weave you select, you will surely have a flattering rug that will compliment your home.

Not all sea grass rugs are neutral colors. Some have color borders, which add pops of brightness to your area rugs. You can choose from an array of color borders of the sea grass rugs available, such as black, olive green or dark beige. These color schemes are easily matched in any home décor and will surely be a great addition to your pleasing home.

Sea grass rugs and carpets are resistant from stains and spills. You can easily wipe any water or drink spilled onto your rugs. For further cleaning, you may also use your vacuum to take out debris and dirt. The fibers used for these carpets are sturdy and tough, which means they are longwearing. This makes them a great option to place them in high traffic areas in your house, such as in hallways or entertaining rooms.

The unique textures and colors of the sea grass rugs make it a fine addition to every home or office. Buy your new sea grass rugs from Natural Area Rugs now!

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"I was very happy with my purchase with Natural Area Rugs. The floor mat was of very good quality at the lowest price at the time. Packing was done well for this item. Free shipping too! The merchant seemed out to please and I will look to them , hopefully soon, to buy from again."

R. Marks Roselle, NJ, Apr. 2014

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