Seagrass: An Especially Popular Option in Natural Fiber Rugs

Natural fiber rugs are increasing in popularity every day. Open nearly any decorator magazine and you’ll see articles, photo spreads and advertisements featuring natural fiber rugs.

An especially popular option in natural fiber rugs is seagrass. Seagrass comes from a flowering plant that grows underwater in the sea. It’s usually found in sandy or silty soil, although it sometimes actually grows right on top of rocks. Since it grows in large groups, it tends to resemble a fields of wheat or tall grass, which is how it came be called “seagrass.”

As a flowering plant, seagrass is unique in that it both grows and pollinates under water, although there is one species in the Pacific that pollinates right at the water’s surface.

And seagrass is readily abundant. There are over 2.5 million acres growing off the coast of Florida alone.

By the way, seagrass is not seaweed. The two aren’t even related. Seaweed is an algae. Seagrass is a plant that has flowers, seeds and fruit and creates oxygen, all traits seaweed lacks.

And did you know seagrass has been woven into rugs since antiquity? It’s even used to stuff pillows and mattresses by some companies.

A rug made from seagrass can be woven into a number of different patterns, including the popular basketweave and half panama patterns. It makes for an extremely durable rug and it has a quality many other natural rugs lack– it repels water.

A seagrass natural area is a great addition to any room in the house.

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Sisal and Seagrass Flooring for a Greener Environment

For decades, synthetic carpeting composed of nylon and other petroleum based fibers have dominated the floor covering market. Consumers have depended heavily on these mass-produced carpet and rug materials to decorate as well as provide cushioning and comfort to their abode. Artificial floor covering soon evolved into a necessity as carpeting was made available to virtually every home across the nation. As demand increased for wall to wall carpeting, nylon rugs proliferated while consumers ignored the detrimental effects that these materials had on our environment.

During production alone, the energy wastage in manufacturing nylon, olefin and other petroleum based substances is considerable. Emissions from factories also pose immediate harm to the environment. Composed of non-biodegradable substance, disposal also poses certain problems.

Soon environmental issues started to exert pressure in the floor covering industry, prompting consumers as well as some manufacturers to find alternative sources of floor covering materials.

This ushered the era of natural fiber floor covering whose popularity has far exceeded the expectations of manufacturers and consumer alike.

Just over a decade ago, the terms sisal and seagrass hardly meant anything to designers. Hemp had its uses but was somewhat limited to industrial purposes. Today, natural fiber area rugs and carpet can be found in furniture stores and home accent sections of just about every department store in the country. Consumers have grown to appreciate the intrinsic beauty of these products which simply cannot be replicated by artificial materials.

Natural Area Rugs, the country’s leading distributor of natural fiber floor covering products plays a vital role in educating consumers of the benefits of using bio-degradable and environmentally friendly natural fibers. Rugs made from sisal, wool, seagrass, and bamboo constitute their product line which has received high marks from both designers and customers. The exquisite weave patterns and rich colors of their rugs reflect their craftsmanship and high quality standards that have become their trademark.

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The Sisal Rug Advantage

Looking for an area rug that’s easy to clean and durable? Try a Sisal Area Rug.

Made from the leaves and fibers of the sisal, it is one of the most easily cared for area rugs.

Sisal rugs are great for clearing the feet of dirt and grime. The fibers do not attract much dirt because they are naturally anti-static. Unlike synthetic fiber rugs where dirt can become trapped and difficult to remove, dirt in a sisal area rug is easily removed with the floor brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner.

Moreover, there’s no need to use a carpet cleaning company or expensive carpet cleaning equipment. Sisal area rugs are simple to clean using mild dishwashing detergent and water. To do this, take the rug outdoors. Dip a brush in a detergent solution to clean the entire surface, and rinse with a hose. Hang the rug up to dry in the sun.

But be sure it dries quickly and completely. Damp, natural fiber rugs will mildew and eventually disintegrate.

The sisal area rug’s natural beauty, durability and ease of cleaning make it a great addition to the home or office.

If You Want the Edge over the Competition, We are the Answer

Over the past decade, no rug materials have created a bigger impact in the industry than natural fibers. Their rich hues and unique tones which complement and décor or furniture, have made rug fibers such as sisal and seagrass an immediate favorite of interior designers since they were first introduced in the market.

To date, Natural Area Rugs’ roster of clients include five star hotels such as the Ritz Carlton as well as Resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico. Customers have grown to appreciate these rugs’ natural exquisite beauty that perfectly blends with elegant settings.

Natural Area Rugs also caters to the flooring needs of Department Stores that include Macy’s and Kohl’s. High-end boutiques along Rodeo Drive and Melrose like Club Monaco and Pacific Design Center are regular clients. Hollywood is also no exception. Natural Area Rugs has provided carpeting to prestigious events like the Academy Awards among other television programs around the country.

Despite their surging popularity, Natural Area Rugs has kept their prices within reach of all their customers. Their unwavering objective of proving quality products at affordable prices has made their natural fiber rugs the choice of establishments and households across America.

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