Tips on Caring for your Natural Area Rug

It’s bound to happen—someone spills a drink on your natural fiber rug or dirt is accumulating causing a dark stain.  Here are a few tips that will help you keep your natural area rug in great condition for years to come.

Use a Doormat- Using a doormat at your front door will help protect your rugs/carpet from outside dirt.

Vacuum Regularly- You should vacuum your rugs or carpet often with an upright vacuum to get rid of dust and dirt. You should especially pay attention to those high traffic areas.  Vacuuming daily or at least once a week is highly recommended.

Clean Spots and Spills Immediately- With a liquid spill, blot as much as you can with a clean white absorbent cloth.  Use a small amount so you don’t saturate the fiber.  Do not rub because you can embed the spill deeper into the fiber. With solids, get up as much as possible with a spoon and then use a small amount of detergent or household solvent to clean.  Be sure to work from the outside of the spot towards the center.

More tips on caring for and cleaning your natural area rugs.

Natural Area Rugs Offers Unique Custom-Shaped Rugs

It happens all the time.  A customer needs a custom-sized rug made of our natural floor materials and isn’t able to find exactly what they’re looking for in our huge inventory.  Not a problem.  Here at Natural Area Rugs, we make it easy for our customers to obtain the perfect look at an affordable price.

We offer all kinds of custom shapes such as round, rectangular, oval and even octagonal!  So, if  you’re looking for the perfect natural rug to complement your floor plan–let us present you with a unique custom-sized area rug that is sure to tie your whole look together.

New Weekly Rug Giveaway

As of last week, Natural Area Rugs is now giving away a free rug every week or two. All one has to do to enter is fill in his/her email and mailing addresses, and we will notify the winner by email. We choose a winner at random, so even individuals who have never shopped with us are able to win. This is just another opportunity for us to pep up our website, add some excitement, and spread the news about our great rugs and carpets. So enter to win, and enjoy a free rug from us.  Everyone likes free giveaways!

Natural Floor Coverings Protect the Environment

With Earth Day coming up on Saturday, April 22—what better way to help protect the environment year-long than to make your home eco-friendly.

One of the most affordable ways to do this is to replace your synthetic carpet with natural area rugs or natural carpets.  You may be surprised at how many viruses, toxins, bacteria and dustmites synthetic carpets harbor.  It takes years for toxins to dissipate! Some of the chemicals used in the manufacture of synthetic carpets and rugs include ethylbenzene, methacrylate and tetrachloroethylene- just to name a few.  Some of the symptoms associated with chemicals used in these carpets include headaches, dizziness, high blood pressure and shortness of breath.

Here at Natural Area Rugs, we specialize in natural flooring materials that would add a pleasant and stylish change to your décor.  Our wool rugs are perfect for the environment and most importantly to your health.  This is because they purify indoor air—which makes it easier for you to breathe.

Have any of you added the eco-friendly wool rug to your home?  We would love to hear about your experiences with this durable yet all-natural and stylish floor covering.

Area Rugs Complement Wood Flooring

If you’re looking to increase the elegance of your wood flooring—look no more.  By adding a beautiful area rug to your space, you can create a more exciting and inviting environment.

There are many benefits to adding an area rug to a wood surface.  Area rugs have the amazing ability to accent the room’s décor, personalize the environment and soften the surface.  Let’s not forget that area rugs also provide warmth to an otherwise cold floor.

Here at Natural Area Rugs, there are many different kinds of area rugs to personalize any room in your home.  Whether you’re wanting to add comfort or ambience—there’s an affordable and durable area rug waiting just for you.