Buy a Rug, Get a Rug FREE

In an effort to make room for more exciting new products, we are giving our customers a free area rug.  That’s right—a free rug!!  Now through July 5, Natural Area Rugs will be offering a free sisal, seagrass or mountaingrass rug with a top-stitch binding in a weave with almost every purchase.  We will also match your free rug with your purchase if we have it in stock.  Interested in receiving a specific weave?  No problem.  If we have it available we’ll send it to you—for free!!

These free rugs are going fast so order your natural area rug today!!

Need Help Choosing a Size for Your Area Rug?

So, you’ve finally found the perfect area rug that is sure to add an interesting design element to your space–but you don’t know what size it should be.  But don’t worry, the experts at Natural Area Rugs are here to help.  First and foremost, the size of the rug should always be determined by the look you are trying to achieve.  Each size rug creates a different effect so it is important to select the one that looks right to you.

However, in some situations there are guidelines that should be followed.  It is important that the chairs, when pulled out from the dining room table, remain on the rug.  This not only contributes to the design, but also helps reduce the wear on the rug caused from the pulling the chairs back. It is also a rule of thumb that the sofa should not be completely on the rug.

Find the perfect area rug for your room or order a custom-sized rug—either way your space will be a reflection of you!

Shop Confidently

Online shopping can be scary. With all the news about identity theft, credit card number thieves, computer hackers, fraudulent businesses, et cetera; it’s no wonder trust is a big issue in online marketplaces. And if that’s not enough, it takes quite a bit of faith to purchase an item that you can’t sense firsthand. Fortunately, there are many companies formulating ways to make online shopping more secure and more credible so online shoppers can buy at ease. Credit card encryption, Secure Socket Layers, Secure payment areas, and trusted processors are all steps that have been taken in the right direction.

When you shop at, your credit card is processed on a secure site monitored by Yahoo!, one of the biggest internet companies today. Their secure processing and handling of your personal information will allow you to shop at ease, and know that you won’t have to worry about site-instability.

To top it all off, Natural Area Rugs uses supreme business practices to make sure our customers are satisfied, and that they know we’re serious about our products.

Natural Area Rugs offers:

* The highest-quality materials and products

* A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee return policy
* Guaranteed lowest prices
* Free samples
* No risk online shopping
When you need quality area rugs, look no further than

Area Rugs Complement Wood Flooring

If you’re looking to increase the elegance of your wood flooring—look no more.  By adding a beautiful area rug to your space, you can create a more exciting and inviting environment.

There are many benefits to adding an area rug to a wood surface.  Area rugs have the amazing ability to accent the room’s décor, personalize the environment and soften the surface.  Let’s not forget that area rugs also provide warmth to an otherwise cold floor.

Here at Natural Area Rugs, there are many different kinds of area rugs to personalize any room in your home.  Whether you’re wanting to add comfort or ambience—there’s an affordable and durable area rug waiting just for you.

Protect Your Natural Area Rugs with a High Quality Rug Pad

You may not know this, but every rug should be accompanied by a high quality rug pad.  A rug pad keeps your rug properly positioned, preventing it from sliding and wrinkling.  Rug pads also extends the life of your rug by helping to reduce its wear and tear– which in turn protects your investment.

Natural Area Rugs offer rugs pads that:

-  Makes vacuuming easier

- Protects surface flooring from being scratched

- Adds comfort with its extra thick cushioning

Learn more about our non-slip rug pads and find a size that’s right for your durable area rug today!