Why You Should Buy Your Next Rug From NaturalAreaRugs.com– Our Price Guarantee

Buying a natural fiber rug over the Internet can be intimidating. Believe me, we know. Among other things, you find yourself asking questions like– “How do I know I’m getting the best price?”

We understand. And because we understand, we make sure you get the best value for your rug.

“How do I know I’m getting the best price?”

If you want the absolutely best price for a natural area rug, you need to know that we offer the BEST lowest price guarantee on the Web. Not only will we match anyone else’s price, we’ll lower the best price you find elsewhere by 10%. That’s a guarantee most businesses would never dare make.

Of course, to be totally honest, it’s very rare we find ourselves doing. Our prices are already so low, they’re already well below the prices you’ll find elsewhere. Want proof? Just visit our Testimonials page where you’ll find messages from people like Joyce Abram of Memphis, TN.

Joyce purchased a 9×12 seagrass basketweave rug from us for $289, including free shipping. The best price she could find elsewhere for a similar rug? $440.

That’s a savings of $151. Nearly 35% less than the pricing she had found elsewhere.

And that price was with the rug delivered directly to the door of her home. Had she purchased the rug elsewhere, she might have also had the cost of delivery piled on top of the cost of the rug.

So if you’re concerned about getting the best price and best value for your rug, Natural Area Rugs is the ONLY choice for you. Our price guarantee assures you can buy with the confidence that you won’t find a better deal anywhere else.

Why Wool Sets the Standards in Fine Rugs and Carpets

Why is wool considered by so many decorators and home owners as the standard in fine carpets?

For starters, wool is perhaps the softest and most luxurious carpeting material made. Walk barefoot on a wool rug and notice how the smooth, soft texture feels. Wool area rugs also hold their shape and fresh look longer than any other type of rug.

In fact, that durability makes them one of the best values in rugs over the long haul. Properly cared for, wool rugs can last well beyond 50 years, long after synthetic rugs have probably been replace three or four times.

Wool fibers are naturally elastic, so when they are crushed or stretched, they bounce back to their original shape and design. Synthetic fibers tend to be the opposite. They flatten, pull and wear easily, particularly in high traffic areas or beneath heavy furniture.

Nature has also given wool a few added bonuses: wool is naturally flame retardant and stain-resistant. Expose wool fibers to a flame, and they won’t ignite. They self-extinguish quickly, often leaving behind only a small patch of ash that can be brushed away. Expose synthetic carpets to a flame and you end up with a very ugly patch of melted carpet.

Moreover, as I mentioned wool is naturally stain-resistant as wool fibers tend to repel liquids, the cause of most carpet and rug stains. This doesn’t necessarily mean that a wool rug can’t be stained, but when a spill does get on a wool rug, it usually blots up easily.

Someone in your home suffering with allergies?

You definitely want wool. Wool has the unique ability to capture and hold dust particles in its fibers, cutting down on airborne dust and other particles in the air. A boon for anyone with allergies. There are studies that have shown that wool rugs may even help purify the air by absorbing common indoor contaminants like formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide.

And if the day ever comes that you decide to “retire” your wool rug, don’t worry, unlike synthetics, its biodegradable and won’t harm the environment.

Here at Natural Area Rugs, we offer some of the finest wool rugs available, at prices that make most of our competitors’ jaws drop. If you’re ready to try a wool rug, or would like to check out the styles available in wool rugs, just visit our website, or feel free to stop by our showroom in Beverly Hills.

Changing Rugs When the Mood Suits You

Occasionally, someone will come into our store and have a difficult time making up their mind as to what rug to buy for a particular room.

Sometimes they’re not sure if a particular rug is always going to suit the mood they want the room to project. Sometimes they’re uncertain as to whether a particular style will always blend in they way they want it to. And sometimes they just like to change their minds and do something different every few months.

If you’ve had the above problems, or if you have any other reason you might want to switch from sisal to bamboo, or from bamboo to seagrass or mountain grass, changing th e rugs in a room on occasion is a great idea.

Maybe the season’s changing, it’s getting cooler and you want to switch from jute to a warm wool area rug.

Whatever the mood, season or reason, switching out your natural area rugs on occasion is the perfect way to change the look, the feel or the mood of a room.

Many interior decorators are increasingly finding this to be a great way to give a room a “new” look from time-to-time, without having to completely redo the room.

So if you happen to be someone who likes to change things up from time-to-time, or just can’t make up your mind, try buying several different styles of our quality area rugs, and switch them out as the mood suits you.

Remember, you can view samples of all of our natural fiber rugs online, or, if you’re in the Beverly Hills area, stop by our store. We’re ready to help you and offer decorating suggestions.

Seagrass: An Especially Popular Option in Natural Fiber Rugs

Natural fiber rugs are increasing in popularity every day. Open nearly any decorator magazine and you’ll see articles, photo spreads and advertisements featuring natural fiber rugs.

An especially popular option in natural fiber rugs is seagrass. Seagrass comes from a flowering plant that grows underwater in the sea. It’s usually found in sandy or silty soil, although it sometimes actually grows right on top of rocks. Since it grows in large groups, it tends to resemble a fields of wheat or tall grass, which is how it came be called “seagrass.”

As a flowering plant, seagrass is unique in that it both grows and pollinates under water, although there is one species in the Pacific that pollinates right at the water’s surface.

And seagrass is readily abundant. There are over 2.5 million acres growing off the coast of Florida alone.

By the way, seagrass is not seaweed. The two aren’t even related. Seaweed is an algae. Seagrass is a plant that has flowers, seeds and fruit and creates oxygen, all traits seaweed lacks.

And did you know seagrass has been woven into rugs since antiquity? It’s even used to stuff pillows and mattresses by some companies.

A rug made from seagrass can be woven into a number of different patterns, including the popular basketweave and half panama patterns. It makes for an extremely durable rug and it has a quality many other natural rugs lack– it repels water.

A seagrass natural area is a great addition to any room in the house.

With our low price guarantees and wide variety of choices, including our latest style in seagrass — “Basketweave” Kenya Seagrass — there’s no better time than now to visit our store or shop our website for our superb values and offerings in natural area rugs.

Sisal and Seagrass Flooring for a Greener Environment

For decades, synthetic carpeting composed of nylon and other petroleum based fibers have dominated the floor covering market. Consumers have depended heavily on these mass-produced carpet and rug materials to decorate as well as provide cushioning and comfort to their abode. Artificial floor covering soon evolved into a necessity as carpeting was made available to virtually every home across the nation. As demand increased for wall to wall carpeting, nylon rugs proliferated while consumers ignored the detrimental effects that these materials had on our environment.

During production alone, the energy wastage in manufacturing nylon, olefin and other petroleum based substances is considerable. Emissions from factories also pose immediate harm to the environment. Composed of non-biodegradable substance, disposal also poses certain problems.

Soon environmental issues started to exert pressure in the floor covering industry, prompting consumers as well as some manufacturers to find alternative sources of floor covering materials.

This ushered the era of natural fiber floor covering whose popularity has far exceeded the expectations of manufacturers and consumer alike.

Just over a decade ago, the terms sisal and seagrass hardly meant anything to designers. Hemp had its uses but was somewhat limited to industrial purposes. Today, natural fiber area rugs and carpet can be found in furniture stores and home accent sections of just about every department store in the country. Consumers have grown to appreciate the intrinsic beauty of these products which simply cannot be replicated by artificial materials.

Natural Area Rugs, the country’s leading distributor of natural fiber floor covering products plays a vital role in educating consumers of the benefits of using bio-degradable and environmentally friendly natural fibers. Rugs made from sisal, wool, seagrass, and bamboo constitute their product line which has received high marks from both designers and customers. The exquisite weave patterns and rich colors of their rugs reflect their craftsmanship and high quality standards that have become their trademark.

Visit their store at www.NaturalAreaRugs.com and experience the convenience of purchasing affordable, designer quality floor covering products online.