In the News: Smart Living Ideas

Families and experts from across the globe are finding ingenious ways to enhance a home’s functionality and sustainability. Here are some of the most innovative smart living ideas found in recent news stories:

Washington, D.C. — The Concord Monitor reports that one couple transformed their 2,100-square-foot Capitol Hill row house from old and outdated to functional and inspired by using a neutral sisal rug to set the foundation for their new stylish décor. The homeowners, a 29-year-old designer and her husband, paired the rug with cream-colored walls to help create a subtle backdrop for their collection of bold and colorful artwork and furniture.

Crofton, Md. — In a recent Washington Post story, an interior designer helped homeowners Chris and Julie Danielewski minimize the effect of busy, marbled floor tiles in their living and dining rooms without spending thousands on a new floor installation. The expert suggested draping the tile floors with neutral sisal area rugs to connect the two rooms cohesively and to create a more muted appearance.

Washington, D.C. — Jeff Devlin, the host of HGTV’s hit show “I Hate My Bath” recently answered questions from Washington Post readers. Devlin advised a homeowner on how to unify a disjointed attic space by placing two matching dhurrie rugs in the space to help merge the separate rooms while still creating two distinct areas. Devlin said that dhurrie rugs are ideal because they’re affordable, reversible and available in many colors.

Port Aransas, Texas — The Corpus Christi Caller Times reports that Ross and Paula Buhrdorf purchased their beach-view home with the intention of hosting many family gatherings. The pair got design ideas from traveling across the globe and staying in others’ vacation homes as well as reading architecture and design books. The Buhrdorfs chose the home for its open main floor layout and desirable location and then reinvented its interior with beautiful mahogany steps, a floor-to-ceiling fireplace and a large kitchen equipped with industrial-grade appliances.


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Happy Earth Day from Natural Area Rugs!

In celebration of Earth Day and honoring our commitment to Eco-intelligence and responsible sourcing, Natural Area Rugs has assembled an incredible selection of earth-friendly carpets and rugs made with natural fibers by master artisans makers. There are so many different ways that people all over the world are helping contribute to the stability of our planet by making Eco-friendly choices. Natural Area Rugs and Carpets are made from rapidly renewable materials that come from plants. As fibers grow they can be harvested over and over again, causing no harm to our environment. Because of the materials that make up natural carpets, there is no Eco-damaging manufacturing involved.

Begin your journey towards a sustainable lifestyle with natural fiber carpets as the foundation of your home. Visit Natural Area Rugs and check out our newest rug collections. Happy Earth Day Earthlings!:)

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The Boom in Bamboo Room Décor

Earth-friendly bamboo is becoming the go-to choice of top interior designers. Intricate artwork for walls and handsome natural bamboo area rugs for floors are gracing more homes and offices. And if you think decorating with bamboo is restricted only to Asian-inspired rooms or beach bungalows, you’ll be surprised to see the ways contemporary interior designers are incorporating the material into chic, updated spaces. Well-loved for its natural durability, resilience and neutral, earthy aesthetic, bamboo is one of the best resources for homeowners and designers who want to create a stylish and eco-friendly space.

This flowering evergreen is one of the fastest renewing plants on Earth, meaning that when you choose to use it in your home, you’re not contributing to deforestation or overconsumption of water and energy. Think of it this way: When a 60-foot tree gets cut down, it takes — on average — 60 years to replace. On the other hand, when a 60-foot bamboo gets cut down, it takes just 59 days to replace.

There are many ways to enhance your home with the benefits of bamboo. Replace your synthetic carpeting with beautiful bamboo rugs finished with the plant’s natural golden hue. Ideal for earthy living spaces or rooms that strive to bring the outdoors in, bamboo rugs provide a stylish, inviting foundation for any home décor scheme. In addition to their desirable natural texture, sheen and color, bamboo fiber rugs are also exceptionally durable and stain-resistant, making them a fine choice for busy rooms.

Because bamboo is so strong and versatile, its shoots are often left whole to create truly unique décor art. Bamboo blinds, furniture, planters, room dividers, headboards and even light fixtures display the material’s appealing knots and natural grains for a one-of-a-kind way to turn a room into an inviting, inspired oasis. Live bamboos are also popular in home décor, as they’re easy to care for and enjoyable to look at. Bamboo house plants are said to be symbols of good luck, so it can never hurt to place a few around the house.




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