A Longstanding Tradition in Custom Rug Design

Looking for an area rug to match your octagonal room? Just can’t find a rug to fit your attic? With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing custom-made floor covering, Natural Area Rugs offers numerous solutions to meet all your flooring needs. Whether you’re in search of that unique carpet for your stairs or would just like a fancy shaped rug for your child’s playroom, simply visit our custom rug page and we’ll do the rest.

With a wide selection of materials ranging from seagrass, mountain grass, and jute, to sisal and wool, our team of highly skilled craftsmen can cut and bind your rug to just about any shape imaginable.  Equipped with the most modern equipment in the industry, Natural Area Rugs assures you of both excellence and affordability.

Since we use only natural materials, our products have proven safe for almost any environment. Natural Area Rugs’ impeccable reputation for manufacturing high quality custom-sized rugs has made us the preferred company of designers, event-coordinators nationwide.

Bamboo Shades Setting the Trend in Contemporary Window Design

Choosing the right set of window shades can be complicated and at times even frustrating. From PVC blinds, to Solar Screens, and Pleated Shades, the choices just seem to be endless nowadays. If you’re still at a loss on deciding which material best suits your needs, then you might just want to consider the new collection of Bamboo Shades, imported exclusively by Natural Area Rugs.

With the current trend of blending natural materials to contemporary architectural designs, bamboo comes as a popular choice. Extremely durable and naturally elegant, bamboo could just be one of the most versatile raw materials around. Opting to use Natural Area Rugs’ Bamboo Shades over other material offers numerous advantages.

Considerably less expensive than synthetic materials, bamboo can dramatically enhance your home without denting your budget. You can be very certain that no other product can give you more value for your money.

Available in basic natural colors, Natural Area Rugs’ bamboo shades can easily blend to just about any room design or motif, be it contemporary or even Victorian. The uneven pattern and slats of bamboo provides that inherent beauty unmatched by other materials.

Since bamboo is pliable and extremely durable, these blinds hold up extremely well even when subjected temperature and humidity changes. Unlike some PVC blinds, you don’t have worry about chipping when using bamboo.

With this rare combination of beauty, affordability, and durability, Natural Area Rugs’ Bamboo Shades could just very well be your best option.

Rug Remnants – Your Pet’s Best Friend

It’s a wonderful thing to purchase a brand new sisal or seagrass rug or carpet and finally get displayed in your living area for the first time. The smell and look of the natural fibers fills your home with a rustic yet contemporary atmosphere, and the feeling of the rug is luxurious. In fact, it even looks tempting to your pets. They will soon want to take over your new product, so why not get them their own rug? NaturalAreaRugs.com offers scrap sisal and seagrass remnants to be used for pet scratching posts and other pet furniture. If you ordered one of our sisal or seagrass rugs, you may even request the same weave of the rug you ordered—as long as we have it in stock. You can order a 10 or 20 pound box and even specify the width of the remnants that you would like. To order your sisal or seagrass remnants, please visit http://www.naturalarearugs.com/sisal-remnants.php.

Why Choose Seagrass?

Seagrass is the most versatile of the natural floor coverings. Light brown and beige hues with green tinges comprise the colors of naturally occurring seagrass that is grown in paddy fields. This allows the fibers to be died any variety of colors—or simply left to its own natural hues. As seagrass features neutral colors, seagrass rugs can accommodate many different styles and atmospheres.

The best part about seagrass rugs, is that they are the least expensive. Seagrass itself can be found easily and handled to create beautiful carpet weaves. If you’re looking for quality, durable flooring that’s good for the environment, look no further than Natural Area Rugs’ collection of seagrass rugs.

The Roots of Sisal

Adapted from wikipedia.org

Sisal has been used for many generations to create rugs and carpets. Sisal is commonly called sisal hemp, although it is not really hemp at all: this name was just associated with other fibrous materials. Sisal received its name from the port in Yucatan from which it was shipped. The ancestry and exact geographical origin is unknown, but is now grown worldwide. Sisal is second only to cotton as the most widely grown agro-based fiber in the world due to its outstanding durability.

Sisal fibers can be separated into three grades. The lowest grade sisal is mainly used for paper, the middle grade for ropes and twines, and the highest grade for yarns and carpets. The sisal fibers have a strong affinity for dyes—which makes them very useful in the rug and carpet industry. This versatility allows sisal rugs to be made in a number of color modes. Additionally, sisal does not trap dust since it is static free, which makes sisal carpet very easy to clean. Regular vacuuming will maintain a sisal rug very nicely.

NaturalAreaRugs.com has a great collection of sisal rugs and carpets that exemplify the outstanding qualities of sisal fabric. Since we don’t use any synthetics in our sisal carpets, you receive the highest quality products.