Using Natural Jute Rugs to Accent Your Room

An ancient material with much history, jute is often used as the backing to carpets, instead of the surface. But, its versatility and unique appearance and texture make natural Jute Rugs a fantastic accent to any room.
Because the jute is grown in many Asian and Middle-Eastern countries, it can be successfully used to accentuate a similarly themed room. In addition, natural Jute Rugs, especially those with borders, add a natural, yet polished look to your home.

Colors of Natural Jute Rugs

The jute is traditionally a light brown color, although the hue ranges depending on where it was grown. Despite this fact, natural Jute Rugs can be dyed to many colors and woven into one-of-a-kind patterns and designs. These dyed Natural Jute Rugs add a more festive flair to any living space.

Durability of Natural Jute Rugs

Although they are known for being delicate and soft, Natural Jute Rugs are surprisingly durable as well. Woven tightly together by skilled hands or precise machinery, Natural Jute Rugs will be able to withstand spills, traffic, and pets. Because of its delicate nature, however, it is recommended that you clean your Natural Jute Rugs with a damp cloth, as opposed to steam cleaning them.

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Jute Rugs

Creating an environmentally friendly space is all the rage these days, and jute rugs are one of the many wonderful choices in natural fibers.  Jute rugs have a brightness and a silky sheen that illuminate and invigorate any area.  The soft feel of the jute rug makes it ideal for bedrooms and sitting rooms.  Because of the organic texture and unique appearance of a natural jute rug, it makes a superb addition to any room.

Jute is not recommended for areas with high moisture levels such as bathrooms or washrooms, however.   It is also best not to steam clean or wet-shampoo a jute rug.  While jute rugs are surprisingly long-wearing, quality floor coverings, they are not suggested for high-traffic areas.  Areas of low to moderate foot traffic are suitable for a jute rug.
Among the oldest known types of flooring, jute rugs are often used as backing to carpets.  Jute grows readily in Bangladesh and India.  It is a sustainable, environmentally friendly, and renewable resource, which makes it perfect for ecological design.  In fact, jute rugs are the perfect starting point for creating an organic setting in the home.  With a jute rug, a natural décor does not mean you have to sacrifice luxury.

Versatility is one of the great features of jute rugs.  They can inspire an earthy ambiance that makes a jute rug the perfect accessory in both Asian-themed rooms and casual modern spaces.

Whether you want to affordably brighten a child’s room with a striped jute rug in a lively color or produce a natural décor anywhere in your home, a jute rug is the ideal choice.

Decorating a Country Cottage

If you have a cottage in the woods or in the country and you want to decorate it with a country theme, jute rugs may be the perfect choice for you. Jute rugs are soft, all-natural and brownish in color. Using different sizes and types of jute rugs can add an elegant country feel to your getaway home or cottage.

For a living room, use a few different jute rug area rugs to separate the room. Covering a lot of floor with jute rugs can add a sense of cozy and homey feel to your cottage. You can separate the living into two sections buy using one large jute area rug for larger furniture and then create a separate sitting area with a few smaller jute area rugs. Position the smaller furniture in such a way that it blocks it from the other furniture, yet still is inviting for people to sit in.

In the bedroom of the cottage, use a darker colored jute rug to place under the bed. Use one large rug that will be the centerpiece of the room, highlighting the positioning of the bed. Using a large area jute rug will also provide comfort for your feet when you roll out of bed during your vacation. Especially if you’re using your cabin during the winter months, a jute rug can add warmth and comfort in the bedroom.

Jute rugs may also be used in your cabin’s bathroom, kitchen and dinning room to add a touch of class that matches the country feel. Jute rugs are versatile and may be used for various styles and purposes. Create the environment you’ve been looking for in your country cottage with jute rugs.

Fantastic new arrivals at Natural Area Rugs

If you’ve been looking for new and inspiring rugs, you should check out some of the new rugs at Natural Area Rugs. Some of my favorite rugs that I would highly recommend are the Essence Hemp Hand Knotted Jute Area Rug and the Fairford Hemp Hand Knotted Jute Area Rug. These rugs are beautifully handcrafted and stitched. Aside from being handcrafted they are also made from the best and softest materials available. These two carpets are made from 100% Jute (Hemp) which has an incredible softness on the feet and is twice as durable as cotton.

Another aspect of these new rugs that I really love is that they’re eco-friendly. Hemp has been a strong and durable material used by the green movement for many years before the trend hit the streets. All of these Jute Rugs are earth friendly and look great in any home or room. For the environmentally conscience consumer, Natural Area Rugs offers a huge selection of natural flooring for any room in your house. I love using these rugs throughout my house because I known they are the highest quality on the market and by purchasing them I’m helping the environment. These rugs are modern, chic and exclusive for the in-style consumer.

If you want to know my top choices for earth-friendly rugs at Natural Area Rugs check these out:

Florentine Hemp Hand Knotted Jute Area Rugs
Franklin Beige Hemp Hand Knotted Jute Area Rugs
Century Brown Hemp Hand Knotted Jute Area Rug
Century Natural Hemp Hand Knotted Jute Area Rug

These fine, earth-friendly rugs are guaranteed 100% hand-knotted Jute and are curling resistant. Due to their self-bound-binding, these rugs can be used for years on end without any curl developing around the edges. This is an excellent feature for the consumer who is shopping for high quality rugs that they will keep for years to come.

I love all these rugs because they’re made from 100% Jute and are hand made. There are no machines or cheap, synthetic materials to devalue the quality and skill. Artisan work needs to be celebrated and enjoyed. When you pick one of these natural rugs from Natural Area Rugs, you can rest assured that each rug was made by carpet specialists who treats their job as an art. These rugs are perfect to add to your home décor. They’re modern, eco-friendly and guaranteed 100% hand-knotted Jute.

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New Rugs at Natural Area Rugs

Check out some of the great new rugs that just arrived at Natural Area Rugs!

The Essence Hemp Jute Rug and the the Fairford Hemp Jute Rug are handcrafted and stiched and made of 100% Jute, one of the finest and softest floor covering materials on the market, which is twice as durable as cotton and feels soft on bare feet.

All of our Hemp Hand Knotted Jute Rugs are handcrafted and stitched to create a durable surface for any room, jute rugs are earth-friendly choices for any “green” home. Import Flooring provides a large selection of organic floor options for bedrooms, sitting rooms, foyers, dens, kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms and more. Whatever the need, a Jute rug is a sophisticated choice in modern day rug choices.

Also check out the Florentine Hemp Jute Rugs and the Franklin Beige Hemp Jute Rugs

The Century Brown Hemp Jute Rug and the Century Natural Hemp Jute Rug are both made of 100% hand-knotted Jute and feature Self Edge binding, which results in a rug that resists curling.

All of our Jute rugs are made of 100% Jute and are hand knotted by experienced Artisans working to make every rug a beautiful piece to be added to one’s home decor.

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