Should You Place Your Living Room Furniture on the Natural Area rug or Off of It?


If you have ever read any of the interior design blogs that are everywhere on the internet, you will notice that interior design has a plethora of rules that should be followed when it comes to decorating your home.  However, these rules basically serve as mere guidelines and have been created to help you as opposed to limiting you.  There are many exceptions to these rules.  At the very least, you have a variety of options to choose from.  For example, area rugs in your living room are able to be arranged in quite a few different ways depending on the size of the rug and the setup of the room.


There is a decorating rule about furniture needing to be placed on the area rug.  What does that really mean though?  Do you need to have your chairs and sofa all the way on the rug or is that rule meant for just the front legs of the furniture?  That will depend on the size of your area rug as well as on what look you are trying to achieve.  To begin with, let’s take a look at why this is even a rule.  For the most part, it has to do with the size of the rug.  A large rug will allow for furniture to be arranged on top of it as opposed to around it.  A rug that is smaller might can actually make a small space appear to be even smaller while making a larger room feel like it is missing something.  Putting your furniture on top of your rug will also keep people from tripping on the edges of the rug when they are walking around the space.

Now that you have an idea of why people put furniture on the area rugs, let’s talk a bit about your options.  You might choose to put entire pieces of furniture on the top of your area rug or you might choose to put just a part of your chairs and/or sofa on it.  If your floor plan is an open one, putting all of your furniture on the rug will assist in anchoring the space.  Aside from that, it all boils down to what you like.  Try it in a variety of ways to see which look appeals to you more.

Will there be situations when a living room will look best with only the coffee table on the area rug?  Yes, but there will also always be exceptions to the rule.  If the rug you currently own is one that is smallish, try this.  However, if the look doesn’t seem to be right, you will more than likely need a larger rug, like those that can be found at Natural Area Rugs.

Finding the Softest Natural Fiber Area Rug

An embracing, warm natural area rug can make all of the difference in the world after you come home from a long day at work and need to soothe your aching, tired feet.  Having a soft layer beneath your feet can be just the soothing touch that your body needs in order to rejuvenate and relax.  There is a myth about natural area rugs and it is that this type of area rug is too coarse to be of much use in the relaxation department.  This is simply not true.  In fact, many of the natural fiber area rugs on the market are incredibly soft, which makes them the ideal choice for your home.  Take a quick peek at some of them now.

Sisal Wool

This rug is made from a combination of wool and sisal.  It is one of the softest choices when it comes to area rugs that have been created from natural fibers.  Sisal wool rugs give you the best of both worlds.  They have the incredible durability and unique texture that comes with sisal and they also have the smooth feel that you get from wool.  You can choose from a variety of colors and even from a variety of different weaves, which means that you will always be able to find the ideal match for your interior design or floors.



When it comes to natural fibers that rugs are made from, Jute is one of the most durable and softest ones around.  This means that it is absolutely ideal for area rugs.  You can get jute area rugs in a variety of different weaves and even in a variety of different colors and shades.  The jute rugs are stunning and have a texture that is naturally soft.  Because of the softness and durability of jute area rugs, they are among the most sought after when it comes to area rugs that have been made from natural fibers.



Sisal rugs are also available in a variety of colors and weaves.  The weaves that are chunkier and larger tend to be the ones that are the softest.  Sisal rugs are great for use in most rooms in your home or office and will add a touch of class where ever you place them.  The shades that sisal rugs are available in range from light to dark so you will have no trouble finding just the shade you are looking for.


To get a closer look at all of the types of natural fiber area rugs that have been discussed here today, and more, head on over to Natural Area Rugs and see all of the options that you have.

Interior Designs that are Trending

Do you spend a lot of time on Instagram and Pinterest looking at pictures of gorgeous homes?  It might get to be a bit tempting to even imagine that you live in an era where trends are a thing of the past.  This is not reality though.  If you pay close attention, you will see that these pics all have a common theme.  Let’s take a peek at the décor trends for this season.

Patterns That are Bold

Abstract patterns, large scale graphic prints, floral prints and chevrons will stay in style this season and will impact your pieces and accessories that are upholstered.  That being said, there are times when even classic patterns can make a big difference… think fabrics with thin stripes for furniture upholstery or wall coverings.

Light it Up[Untitled]

Right now, there are great things happening when it comes to interior lighting.  The trend is actually a resurgence of pieces that are clean and simple.  There is also a trend for more modern looking pieces as well.  You can change the look of any space with a great lighting fixture.


We all know that a well – tailored skirt is a must for every woman’s wardrobe.  When it comes to upholstered furnishings though, it needs to have a bit of flourish in order to get that refined look.  Think pleats, gimps and fringe here.

Made in the USA

This trend is actually more of a movement.  Designers are supporting their local brands and even the workshops that are making their goods right here in the US.  Many designers prefer to use a piece that has been created by an artisan or artist right here in the States as opposed to going for pieces that have been mass produced.  Regardless of whether it is fabric on throw pillows that has been woven by hand or even a chair that has been upholstered or even a piece of hand – made pottery, these items are unique and will add a touch of unique style to any space.

Natural Area Rugs

Getting an area rug that has been made from natural fibers such as seagrass, sisal or jute can make an instant impact or whatever space you put it in.  These rugs can be found in a variety of different colors, sizes and shapes.  Rugs made from natural fibers are an ideal way to transform the feel and look of a room instantly.

If you are looking for a natural area rug or are curious about why you are hearing so much about them lately, head on over to Natural Area Rugs now and find out what all the fuss is about.  You won’t be disappointed with what you find.

Want to Spruce up Your Décor without Breaking the Bank?

Rugs that are made from natural fibers bring warmth and texture to any home.  Their versatile, earthy styles mean that they are appropriate for both casual and formal rooms.  It doesn’t matter if you use them to be the anchor point for a seating arrangement or a line of demarcation for an open space, these earth friendly rugs will be the ideal thing.

Natural Area Rugs
has a great selection of jute rugs that are made from jute that has been sustainably harvested.  These rugs come in two tone patterns or in monochromatic colors.  These rugs will give you a measure of softness and sophistication.  There are also rugs made from jute that have been braided before being stitched into a spiral pattern, and this will add a layer of texture regardless of which room you place it in.  When the jute fibers are woven together, they create a product that is inviting and playful and is best used in areas of a home or office that is low in foot traffic.

Jute is s natural fiber that comes from the stem of a plant.  This plant is found mainly in India and Bangladesh and it is also used in making twine and burlap.  The fibers from the jute plant are smooth and soft with an almost waxy sheen and this results in a material that is super soft for bare feet.

blg304262016 - 164123

The natural tonal variation and rich texture of jute rugs make this a great material for masking spills ad stains.  That being said, jute rugs are not quite as durable as seagrass or sisal rugs.  They are also quite affordably priced, which means that you can spruce up your décor without breaking the bank.

Now let’s take a look at seagrass rugs.  These rugs are perfect for high traffic areas because they give you a durability that is superior to many other natural fibers.  Seagrass rugs can be found bordered with fabrics that will give a little bit of color.  Sea grass is a marine plant that is fast growing and can be found in the Asian – Pacific area.  This plant grows in water and is reedy.  It gives you a non – porous yarn that is strong and will resist stains.

blg104262016 - 164030

Sisal rugs are made with the sisal fiber that is found in the agave plant.  This particular fiber will readily accept dye.  As a result, you can get these rugs in a vast array of colors.  These rugs are meant for low traffic areas and will give you a great way to soften the look of those vast hardwood floors.

blg204262016 - 164058

Each one of these rugs is a great way to change up your décor on a budget.

What You Need to Know About Jute Area Rugs


For those who might be unfamiliar with jute, it is a plant fiber that used to be used for older, hand – woven American rugs.  Now, you can find it in needlepoint rugs, embroidery and European latch hook rugs as well as in the gorgeous area rugs that you can find at Natural Area Rugs.

Jute Rugs

In fact, jute has become a favorite material to use in many rugs…including those coming from India.  This is because it is a plentiful and cheap fiber as much as it is because it is a renewable fiber.  In many of the most popular home stores, you will find rugs that are either faced or backed by jute.

The pros of using this material include the fact that it is a relatively inexpensive, it grows quickly and it is friendly to the environment because of the fact that it is a biodegradable material.

The cons of this particular material (to be fair and honest) are that if you don’t know much about it to start with, it can be difficult to handle and once you run into problems, they are not very easy to deal with.

Here are some drawbacks to jute – but these can also be looked at in a positive light, so please bear that in mind.

Jute will turn brown and yellow easily.

This might be a drawback for people who might have wall to wall carpet with jute as a backing.  If you get it even a tiny bit wet, it can turn brown or yellow.  This is because of the oils that are released from it when it gets wet.  If you happen to have white carpet with jute backing, this can be dangerous to your color scheme.

On the other hand, if you want a rug that looks better the older it is, go with a yellow or brown jute area rug.  You absolutely can’t go wrong there.


Jute holds smells.

This can be an issue for those of you who have indoor pets.  Of course, those of you who do have indoor pets are already familiar with all of their aromatic traits.  Now, that being said, if you always have incense or candles burning, it will also hold those aromas for a while.  This can increase the amount of time that your home smells delicious.

Contemporary Jute Rugs

The thing is, for every con about these rugs, there is also a pro.  Whether or not this is something that you want to add to your home is entirely up to you.  If you are looking for more information, please feel free to contact the professionals at Natural Area Rugs.  They will be more than happy to answer any and all questions you have about jute area rugs.