How to Shop for Antique Area Rugs

Modern décor is rife with neutral colors, creative layering and boundless symmetry. But there’s still something to be said for classic interior design. If you’re tired of looking at your living room and feeling like you’re in an IKEA showroom, maybe it’s time for a return to form. After all, style isn’t like technology. It doesn’t move forward; it only moves in cycles. With just a few classic area rugs, you can accent your home with a touch of archaic class that just might catch on and become the next big thing.

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Bold Colors – Staples of Classic Couture

Whether we’re talking about Persian, Oriental or general antique rugs, you can expect to see plenty of bold colors. Dark reds and browns typically dominate the pattern, with occasional yellows and dark greens thrown in for good measure. If you’re truly going for an antique flair, you’ll want to check your neutral colors at the door and give those gaudy dark shades the VIP treatment.

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Patterns Galore

Colors are easy, but they hardly paint a full picture. After all, if Leonardo had only a pale blue in his pallet, there would be no Mona Lisa. Likewise, there are no solid colors to be found in the realm of antique area rugs. If you want to project that classic Eastern vibe, you need plenty of contrast, and that means multiple colors, dancing off of one another in ways that are almost dizzying. Seek out floral patterns that are as symmetrical as they are chaotic, with standout borders and enough visual stimuli to keep your eyes busy for hours. After all, there is beauty in chaos, and it’s no coincidence that Persian rugs have remained at the forefront of style for centuries.

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Go Natural or Go Home

If you truly want to project a sophisticated sense of antique style, you’re going to want to use the same fibers that craftsman have relied upon for centuries. In the case of archaic area rugs, go with wool. Not only is it the preferred material of weavers throughout the ages, but it’s extremely soft and durable, guaranteed to provide you with years of enjoyment. Natural Area Rugs carries a wide selection of wool area rugs in both modern and antique styles, so if you’re looking for ideas, check out the inventory.

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Get Creative

Finally, don’t be afraid to combine the best of classic and modern sensibilities. For instance, you can offset modern furniture with antique rugs, and you can even contrast the rugs themselves. For instance, you might layer a Persian rug over a modern neutral rug for a unique marriage of styles. Get creative, and let your imagination rule the day.

How to Create a Cozy Room Using Natural Fiber Rugs

Winter is here, and a change of décor is in order. It’s time to cast out the autumn leaf rugs and harvest-themed accents and introduce something a bit more appropriate to the season. But if you’re at a loss to determine how to best accentuate your living space for the winter, you have come to the right place. The answer is actually quite simple, and it’s all about utilizing your creativity while honoring time-honored interior design traditions.

We could offer a lot of valuable tips, but the place to start is right beneath your feet. Your area rugs don’t just improve the look of your flooring. They bring the entire room together, from the aesthetics to the acoustics. Area rugs should be at the top of your list when it comes to winter redecorating. There are a lot of options to choose from, but there are a few specific rules that you’ll want to keep in mind above all else.

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Winterizing Your Home With Area Rugs

First, let’s look at the textures. To create a cozy winter living space, you’re going to want plenty of dense, soft fibers. Wool makes an excellent choice, and so does sisal. Best of all, these fibers are all-natural, so you can score one for the environment while you spruce up your bedroom, dining room or entry way. Shag also makes for an excellent, cost-effective choice.

Second, we must consider the color. I know it’s not the most stain friendly, but white really is the ideal winter color. It conjures up images of snowflakes, winter cottages, and most importantly, purity. And isn’t that what winter is all about? Winter is the first season of the year, a time for rebirth and second chances. What better way to signify this than with a collection of stunning white area rugs.

And then there are the patterns to consider. Fortunately, this is where you can let your creativity truly shine. You can of course go with traditional styles consisting of blizzard and snowflake designs, or you can go with simple uniform patterns that invoke feelings of winter without being overly ostentatious. Compare a variety of styles and find the one that works for you.


Getting the Best Deals on Winter Area Rugs

If you’re looking for some ideas, check out the selection at Natural Area Rugs. Your winter area rugs will be with you for a long time, so it’s important to choose variations that are durable and timeless. At Natural Area Rugs, you’ll find just that, and at extremely affordable prices. So start modifying your home for the winter, and take your interior design to the next level.

How to Situate a Living Room Area Rug

The living room is where people gather for fellowship and great conversation. It’s no mystery why home decorators spend the bulk of their time in this cozy, communal section of the home. When it comes to area rugs, you have a lot of freedom to be creative, and a number of arrangement options to bring the room together. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to area rug arrangement, and your own layout should reflect your personality and tastes. Here are just a few of the options you might consider.

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The Partial Furniture Approach

This classic arrangement remains popular in homes throughout the world. Basically, you have a centrally located area rug, with furniture partially covering the material on multiple sides of the room. For instance, on the north side of the room, you might have a sofa with the front legs on the rug and the back legs hanging off. Then, on the west side, perhaps you’ll have a love seat – also with front legs on the rug and back legs hanging off. To visualize it another way, the furniture surrounds the rug, without completely covering it.

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The Undisturbed Rug Arrangement

Just as you can situate your area rug with all of your furniture resting comfortably on the fibers, you can also take the opposite approach by centering your rug in the room, with all of your furniture gathered around it. For a bit of visual perspective, imagine a stage in the center of a theater, with seats that surround it from a few inches away. This is the kind of arrangement you’re going for here. The rug still complements the furniture, but with greater distance and openness. This is the uncluttered, feng shui approach.

The All-Encompassing Arrangement

If you’re fond of large area rugs, it’s perfectly acceptable to have your furniture sitting entirely on the rug, with nothing hanging off. For instance, you might have a sofa on one side and two chairs on the other side, with a coffee table in between. The rug covers the entire space, including all of the furniture. Your rug doesn’t necessarily cover your entire floor, but it is large enough to engulf an entire furniture arrangement, effectively separating the room into neatly organized sections.

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The Multi-Rug Arrangement

Who says you need to have one central area rug? Multiple rugs work great in large living rooms, as they allow you to divide your room into various decorative sections. Experiment with different colors, shapes and sizes to achieve just the right effect for your home. You can even layer rugs on top of one another for a modern touch. Just make sure that your base rug is slightly larger than your top rug, and that you have noticeable visual contrast between the two. Don’t be afraid to get creative with all aspects of your area rug arrangement, because ultimately, your personal sense of style should rule the day.

Round Rugs vs. Oval Rugs vs. Square Rugs

When it comes to area rugs, your choices aren’t just limited to color and pattern. On the contrary, the shape can have a tremendous impact on the aesthetics of the overall environment, so it’s important to choose carefully. But the big question is, how do you choose the ideal shape for a particular space? It’s a hot topic of debate for interior decorators, but ultimately your own taste should dictate your final decisions. Consider a few basic guidelines to get you started.

Where Will the Rug be Situated?


 For instance, common sense might dictate that a round rug would be suited for a round table, and that’s quite often true. But there are exceptions, of course. For instance, are you going for symmetry or contrast? If you want to emphasize uniformity, make sure that the shape of your chosen rug closely matches the shape of the object beneath which—or against which—it will be situated. On the contrary, if you like to experiment with non-traditional and eye-catching dichotomies, feel free to choose rugs that are directly contrary to the shapes around them.

 What Type of Space are you working with?

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Aside from the objects, consider the shape and arrangement of the room itself. A square or rectangular rug can look awkward in a round room, so try to imagine how your area rug will appear when contrasting against the larger environment. In addition, if you plan to incorporate multiple area rugs, you may want to choose a variety of similar or contrasting sizes based on the needs of your individual décor. The key takeaway here is to consider all of the big-picture design elements before shopping.

How Much Space Do You Need to Cover?


For instance, if you’re trying to cover the length of a sofa, a round rug is probably not in your best interest. Likewise, if you have a narrow table with a long rectangular rug, you may find yourself with too much additional rug space to the east and west, and no space to the north or south. This isn’t so much a comment about shape, but about dimensions. You can place a round rug beneath a square table, assuming that you maintain relatively even space on all sides. It only becomes problematic when you have too much rug spilling over in one direction, or not enough rugs to adequately cover the desired space.

Find Rugs in All Shapes and Sizes

If you’re still scrambling to find the perfect rug, check out the wide, affordable selection of eco-friendly area rugs at Natural Area Rugs. We specialize in affordable, custom-made rugs that look fantastic and stand up to the test of time. So get yours now, and achieve home decorating perfection without breaking the bank.

My Area Rugs are Riddled with Pet Stains – What Do I Do?

We love our pets. In fact, the American Pet Association estimates that Americans provide homes to more than 130 million animal companions. But with great companionship comes great responsibility (to borrow and amend a quote from the Spider Man film franchise), and our pets do have a way of leaving their mark on our homes. If you’ve noticed an unwanted “gift” on one of your area rugs, there is no need to worry. You just need to take a deep breath, give you pet a big hug, and then tackle the stain like a pro.


Locating Pet Stains

When it comes to pet urine, it’s important to act quickly, because the sooner you clean up the mess, the easier your job will be. Sometimes the stain is obvious, but sometimes it can be hard to detect, especially if you have an extremely dense or dark-colored rug. If you can smell the stain, but you can’t quite see it with your eyes, try shining a black light over it. The urine should emerge as a yellow or green shade.

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Cleaning Pet Stains

Locating the stain is easy. The real trick is getting rid of it. For this, you’re going to want to use a 50/50 solution of water and white vinegar. Use a soft cloth or sponge to dab the stain, and then use colorfast towels to dry the liquid. It’s important that you use a damp cloth, but not a dripping cloth, as you want to minimize your use of water. After you finish, place colorfast towels over the stain and weigh them down with heavy objects over night, in order to absorb all of the water.

clean stain

Of course, if the stain has had time to set and dry, you may find mere water and vinegar to be ineffective. If you need something a bit stronger, add a drop of mild household detergent to your homemade cleaning solution. This will help to loosen those older, stubborn stains, and make your cleaning efforts much easier.



Avoid using ammonia-based cleaning products on urine. Pet urine also consists largely of ammonia, and the smell may encourage your pet to relieve itself in the same spot again. Finally, never steam clean pet stains on an area rugs, as the excess heat will actually set the stain, leaving you with a truly frustrating situation on your hands.


The Joys of Area Rugs

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Area rugs can add an enormous touch of class to a room, and you shouldn’t allow pets to dissuade you from incorporating these gorgeous accents into your home décor. Just be proactive about keeping them clean, and remember that accidents will happen.